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  1. BB03

    Oxbow Supplements?

    I have a question! So, I've been using Oxbow digestive supplements for my bunnies since I first got them, and now I introduced the joint support supplements due to them getting older. But, I was wondering how often I should be switching them out. I would love to buy more supplements from them...
  2. elentari

    My bun is 5!

    Hey y'all. So my bun turned five in July, and from what I hear about mini rex rabbits, she's either middle aged, or old. Anyway, I was wanting to know what kind of changes any of your rabbits went through as they got older? There's little bits of gray popping up on her fur, and her teeth have...
  3. elentari

    Thing in Eye

    So I noticed this thing in Mabs eye late last night and I couldn't tell if was a hair or maybe the start of a cataract; but does this look familiar to anybody? I put an eyedrop in her eye but so far I can't tell if anything has happened because whatever is in her eye seems to move.. Hopefully...
  4. R

    Rabbit bonding Age Gap

    hello. I’m new here and I need help. Currently i have 2 bunnies. My first every pets and rabbits. R Female - April 2021 -> 11 months (spayed) S Female - April 2021 -> 4 months (waiting until around 6-7months to get spayed) Not siblings, no relations to each other. 1. I was wondering if it’s...
  5. BB03

    Does my rabbit have matting? Plz help!!

    I am concerned that my rabbit might have matting on her feet and I have no idea what to do... I was thinking that maybe this is just normal for rabbits to have, but I searched everywhere and found nothing!! I got her last year and still have a lot to learn, and would really appreciate it if you...
  6. elentari

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    So my rabbit has these two little bumps a few centimetres under both her eyes, and I don't know if they're new, or I just somehow never noticed them before and they're natural for rabbits to have. Anyway, they feel relatively similar in size/same placement, they're kind of like semi hard bumps...
  7. Morgan Mayon

    Can't figure out the problem!

    One of my bunnies isn't moving that much than usual lately. He is either just sitting alone or sleeping. His diet is okay though. I mean he is eating as usual, but he isn't playing or moving than before. What are the possibilities for this? And what can i do if it's a serious problem?
  8. bri <3

    molting + disgestion problems

    hi everybody! i have a 6 month old rabbit and she is currently shedding. 2 weeks ago, she had an upset stomach and was gassy, it scared the life out of me because she wasn’t eating and drinking from the pain. i gave her pineapple juice + baby gas drops and she was back to normal eating again...
  9. Floyd2019

    Soft Fecal Pellets photo attached please help!

    Hi, My bun has been having soft, moist fecal pellets for the last few days. He is prone to intermittent soft cecotropes as I've written about before. But he is eating his cecal pellets fine as I have watched him eat them and see none in his litter or pen. These are definitely fecal pellets but...
  10. Floyd2019

    Call to Cecal Dysbiosis or ISC rabbit Owners

    Hey! So my rabbit has cecal dysbiosis. And recently he had a random flare up, I'm blaming these new fruit treats that I thought I was giving sparingly but not sparingly enough so my fault. I have put him on a hay only diet now for 5 days so far and he is definitely producing and eating normal...
  11. Floyd2019

    Cecal Dysbiosis

    I'm so sad, Floyd's intermittent soft cecotropes have returned. He was doing so well for three months! I was so happy. Not sure what has caused the return, it could be the fruit treat I feed him every once in a while, or less likely, the fact that I had to feed him regular bok choy instead of...
  12. Floyd2019

    Moist Poops!

    Hey everyone! So Floyd has had digestive trouble in the past so I get really touchy and picky about his poops! Last night I got stuck in a storm and had to get my pet sitter to drop by the house to change his litter, give fresh hay, and let him run around for a very short (unfortunately)...
  13. allyxoxo

    Baby Bunnies Fur

    My doe had babies and she cannot nurse them because that caused her to get ill, which means I have been syringe feeding them formula. I use KMR milk with heavy cream for them, but for two of the babies they make a mess and the milk/formula gets all over their fur. I try to rinse it off but they...
  14. Floyd2019

    Lost litter habits, moved his xpen to a new room? Help??

    Hello again! I always have so many rabbit questions. Soooo, due to recent bed peeing habits i decided to move my bunnies xpen into another room to give him more space and keep my bed from being soiled all the time. Now that I've moved him he has lost all litter habbits! He isn't peeing just...
  15. Floyd2019

    A good VENTING sesh about my carpet eating bunny. Possible advice needed if you have it

    I didn't know which forum to post this in because it fits almost all of them. Really i just need to vent! I have posted about my unneutered rabbit who has started chewing the carpet before and didn't get much advice. I talked to a behaviourist who said beitering probably won't help that...
  16. Kat Lust

    Looking for Vets in Washington, US, That Also Have Vaccines For Rabbits

    Hello, I've been trying to find some vets to bring my bunnies to just for a wellness checkup, but I'm also trying to find a vet that has the vaccines for rabbits. I have called a bunch of places, most of which could do the checkup, but all of them said they didn't have the vaccines for rabbits...
  17. Kat Lust

    Should I Spay My Two Bunnies?

    Hi everyone, still a bit new and I was hoping for some advice. I have two buns and they are littermates, both female, and they are 3 months old. I know since they are female I don't have to worry about reproduction between them, but would you still recommend getting them spayed? I've heard that...
  18. Floyd2019

    Nervous about Neutering! Need advice

    So random question about neutering my male 8 month old rex/lionhead rabbit. He went through digestion and cecum disorders when he was younger and only just got back to a healthy state a few months ago. Now that he is healthy he has started eating my carpet and peeing on my bed, it's bad for his...
  19. A

    8 week old holland lop // Mucus with soft stool

    Just a week ago we took home an 8 week old holland lop. She's very reclusive and remains in the hideout we put for her in her pen practically all the time except to come out and eat for a bit or if we try to play with her and get her to socialize. The breeder we bought her from told us not to...
  20. Floyd2019


    Hi Floyd just learned how to brave the stairs literally YESTERDAY and this morning when i let him out he immediately whizzed up them all excited. I was like awe that's so cute and followed him up. I have 2 fights of stairs so he went back down 1 flight and was checking out my shoe rack. I...