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  1. M

    Rabbit Sneezing

    I have a 10 month old dwarf female rabbit. She has been sneezing since I got her home 6 months back. I have taken her to the vet multiple times and he has prescribed anti biotics and fibreplex. We have completed the dose but it hasn't helped. There is mucus discharge which is transparent or...
  2. arloiven

    rabbit ate chocolate

    rabbit ate some chocolate hi, let me know if this isnt allowed and i'll remove it its 2am here and ive just discovered that my rabbit has likely eaten some of this chocolate, it was placed up on the sofa but she jumped up there. im worried now, ive put my finger there for scale and the intact...
  3. M

    Rabbit Poop

    Hi. I have brought home a dwarf female baby bunny. She is only 4 months old. I noticed her producing pieces of poop stuck together along with normal poop. I have attached a picture. Should I be worried? Or is this normal.
  4. mollyisthecoolest

    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    My rabbit glen is around 8 months old and has had standing ears all his life, sometimes one of his ears flops when he is relaxed but it usually goes back to normal quickly. His left ear has flopped down and has stayed like that for a few days. I’m pretty sure this is normal as all of his 11...
  5. mollyisthecoolest

    Bunny in heat wave advice?

    On Monday and Tuesday, the met office has put out a red weather warning for the heat where i am (meaning extreme heat that can cause injury + illness to healthy people) and its suppose to get to 33 degrees c and in britain, its usually around 20c in the summer. My rabbit (short haired 6 month...
  6. B

    Weird white wart sticking out of bunny’s eye

    Hi this is my bunny he’s 1 years old he has this weird little wart like thing below his iris it started in the corner of his eye so I just assumed it was crust then it moved to the bottom of his iris and now it’s stuck there. I tried to go online to see if there is anyone with a similar...
  7. R

    Bunny head tilt much worse after Vet, now having seizures! Please help!

    So I noticed my bunny had a slight head tilt (barely noticeable)for a week or so (bunny is 2-3 months old) so I brought it to the vet yesterday. It got a an injection of antibiotic (I think penicillin) and now my bunny has an extreme head tilt & has had 4-5 seizures that I'm aware of in a few...
  8. DennisGracie

    Urgent advice please 🐰 poo issues

    Sorry if formatting is wrong - this is my first post here. so the last few weeks my rabbit Dennis has been leaving marks behind where he sits and eats his cecotropes (see pics below). We’ve been to the vet 3 times about this (Taylor vets), and saw 3 different vets who have all given different...
  9. L

    Swollen nasal passages since car trip, confused and worried.

    Hello everyone! I am a proud bunny mom of a mini lionhead mix and he is my everything. We spend a lot of time together and I lead a very quiet lifestyle. The only thing I’ve recently been doing often (to dally’s dismay) is long car trips. My friends and family are back in a different state and I...
  10. M

    Rabbit Diarrhea

    My mini lop has been suffering for some diarrhea. Its just that he is pooping normally as well. Most of the poop is normal but some is diarrhea. He is eating and drinking water. Is there anything I can try at home before taking him to the vet?
  11. M

    Looking for potential answers… (death related)

    My bun, Ainsley passed away yesterday and I just have no idea what happened. She was a 2 year old Lionhead mix (I suspect that she was mixed with mini lop.) She was really lethargic and stopped eating the early morning of December 21 (I noticed at around 3AM, and had brought her to her pen with...
  12. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    My rabbit YangYang has a brown wet spot on her chin. I noticed it yesterday night (10/12) and thought it was dry this morning but when I got back from class it was worse. The two pictures I added are from today (10/13). I am a fist time bunny owner and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get...
  13. M

    Rabbit sneezing

    Hello I have a Rex bunny and he started to sneeze sometimes is it normal or it’s a problem?
  14. A

    E Cuninculi

    Hi guys I’m hoping for a bit of help. I got a new bunny almost 4 weeks ago now. Today, the lady I got him off told me she had to put one of her bunnies down (today) as it had developed a head tilt that got progressively worse. The bunny is about 5 months old I believe. they believe she had EC I...
  15. Sweet Potato rabbit

    Is it ok to feed critical care even though bunny isn’t sick?

    My bun had an episode of stasis about 1.5months ago, during which I had to feed him the anise flavour critical care. He was resistant initially but I think I he fell in love with it after the 3rd feeding and licked up every single bit without being forced to. Since it’s such a big bag and...
  16. Bugie78

    My Rabbit has a Bacterial Ear Infection and I need some help

    Hi guys so my senior bunny has a bacterial ear infection and is on medication right now. And so I have her downstairs in my basement cause that is where I keep her. (it's a finished basement), and my brother is playing video games down stairs yelling at his game. Would this bother my rabbit more...
  17. pinobunny

    Wrong dose of Baytril (Please help)

    My 2.7 kg bunny has snuffles and we took him to the vet.The vet doesn’t know enough with rabbit health and he gave 5 days treatment with 0.18 ml of Baytril (which equals 3.3 mg/kg of enrofloxacin not 10 mg/kg).My bunny improved but not healed completely he still has runny eyes a bit.I now know...
  18. Sweet Potato rabbit

    Should I be worried about my bun?

    My bun hasn't been eating, drinking or pooping as much as usual today. He's still active, stretching and laying around like a happy bunny. I overslept today and only cleaned his litterbox at 10am instead of the usual 6am so I'm not too sure what time he started being like this. There were...
  19. b.tate

    Can bunny's drink tea?

    Hi all, I had a bunny pass away from gastro as he became dehydrated. I have seen one of my bunnies has a bit of a runny tummy and now I'm freaking out about her becoming dehydrated! She is drinking and eating fine, maybe I am just being over dramatic. I saw online that if you would like to get...
  20. L

    Rabbit running circles around my feet, biting and ‘oinking’

    hi, my rabbits about six/seven months old, hasn’t been neutered, and he’s been running circles around my feet the last few days, something he’s never really done. he’s also making a noise that can only be described as an ‘oinking’ noise and he’s become more aggressive, usually he’s pretty...