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  1. JazzPizzazz

    Desexing my rabbit

    Hi, I am going to be having my Netherland Dwarf who has just turned one desexed in July. I know where she is being done and all of that, but I just wanted to know any suggestions on preparation before and caring after the procedure. I would also like to know your experiences with getting...
  2. Kayla Martin

    Desexing my 4mth old

    I’m a first time rabbit owner, so I’m unsure on how to proceed. My sweet Buffy is 4 months old. I’ve know since planning on getting a rabbit that I’d get it/her desexed when they were old enough. Buffy has recently taken up digging as an increasing behaviour that has me thinking it might be...
  3. BonbonandJujubee

    To spay or not to spay

    I have been considering spaying my female rabbit when she turns 3, I was wondering if it is dangerous to do so. I have read about a risk of uterine cancer in 4 year old does. I am worried that the surgery for spaying a rabbit is risky and I don't want to lose her to that either.
  4. Alyshia

    Spaying recovery

    Hey guys, my rabbit is nearing 2yo and I’m planning on getting her spayed. I never thought about spaying because she’s never around other rabbits but I just learned about the high risk of cancer for unspayed rabbits so I’ve reluctantly decided to spay her (the thought of her having to go under...
  5. BunnyLuv27

    Need Help with finding spay/neuter clinics. ( Los Angeles, California )

    As l said I live In Los Angeles, California and I need help finding spay/neuter clinics here as my 1 Y.O female rabbit seems to be getting aggresive and is chewing everything. She started getting like this around this month so I wanna get her spayed/neutered Asap. Also because she is around a...
  6. Margarida Correia

    Is it safe to spay a rabbit before they become aggressive?

    My female rabbit is currently 3 months old. I've done research and found out that a female rabbit can be spayed at 4 months. I've also read that, when they reach that age, rabbits become aggressive and that that behavioral problem can be fixed by spaying. I have a few questions: - Do rabbits...
  7. bunnicula1

    Need to find rabbit friendly vets near NH

    I’ve only found two vets in the whole state who fix bunnies and the cost is I’m talking $600-$800 just for my momma bun and daddy bun! Plus now I have a litter of 2 boys and 3 girls who we have fallen totally in love with ( our bunnies Free roam) so separate areas are a must now it’s craziness...
  8. B


    hello everyone! I am have been ghosting this site for some time in preparation for my bunny and Saturday she finally came home! Doris is a 12 week old white blue eyed holland lop and I am absolutely in love! So for my questions, is there anyway to somewhat litter train before being spayed? I...
  9. M

    how long can i leave her alone?

    hello! i just adopted a new rabbit who is being spayed and i won’t get her till around wednesday to thursday. not even thinking about it we forgot about our 48 hour trip we will have away from the bunny. should i be concerned about leaving her alone so soon after being spayed?
  10. Fran & Gabriel

    Cryptorchid Bun (undescended testicles) spay or not spay?

    Hello everybody, my little netherland dwarf Gabriel (6 months old) has undescended testicles. I have no problem with his behaviour ( he doesn't hump or spray urine) and he is the only rabbit in the house. I was wondering if removing the testicles is still necessary, I'd rather not risk a complex...