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  1. B

    Fractures hind leg, recovery

    Hi, Yesterday my rabbit (Appa) had an accident running through some furniture, I'm not sure what happened but he broke his hind leg in 3 places. He was over at the emergency vet yesterday and the vet bandaged his leg and sent him with some anti-inflammatory medicine ( although its a very...
  2. blossombunbun

    Spay Recovery Questions

    Hi everyone :) My 5 month old english spot was spayed Tuesday morning. She seems to be recovering well, but I have a few questions as she is my first bunny. When will her appetite return to normal? She didn’t eat much of anything until yesterday morning about 24 hours after surgery. It is now...
  3. LillieCharliee

    Can I help my bunny recover from Paralysis (Parasite)?

    Hey! I'm new here, happy to join the community! :D So, my little lady Charlie caught a parasite last week and now suffers from hind-leg-paralysis. She's being treated for it and so far it's only gotten better so hopefully the parasite will be gone soon! She obviously has a hard time walking...
  4. Z

    Anyone has experience with recovery after choking?

    Background: My 2 y.o. girl choked two nights ago after eating some pellets. After a stasis episode this spring with another bunny, we decided to reduce their pellets to the bare minimum so they get enough fiber. However, that made them get really really excited when eventually they would get...
  5. Hartlea

    Slight pain still after surgery?

    Hi! My rabbit had hernia surgery one week ago today. He has an amazing appetite, and wants to play. However, yesterday I tried to go 100% without any pain meds..and I feel that he was still kind of sore. So, I went ahead and gave him some more metacam (not a full dose though). I’m worried about...
  6. Hartlea

    When can I let my Bun be more active after surgery?

    Hi, all! It’s been quite the 6 weeks with my bun. It all began with a Stasis scare, and it took him about 2 weeks to be 100% again. About a week and a half ago, I came home for lunch, and noticed that he wasn’t right again. Not eating, hunched up. I felt on his belly, and felt a little pea...
  7. Z

    Recovery from GI stasis?

    Hi! I have posted before about my bunny's GI stasis episode, but since then he has started eating and pooping so I made a separate question for this. How long does it usually take before a bunny recovers? Is it normal for his appetite to have ups and downs? Is it normal for his poops to be a...