Please help I'm concerned about my rabbits poo!

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Jun 14, 2022
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Hi so today my bunny is acting completely normal, I let him out of his pen and he popped twice in a more liquidy big consistency. I've been trying to find a photo that mat he's so that I know but cannot figure out what is wrong. I put him back in his pen and he has been laying on his stomach ever since. (I don't know if that's relevant)


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If it's all watery or mushy, with no normal fecal balls, that's considered true diarrhea, which is almost always an immediate emergency, and your rabbit should be seen by an experienced rabbit vet right away, and treated for enterotoxemia.

If there are normal fecal balls along with some mushy poop, if it's just this one occurrence, it could be from a new food or maybe a veggie that had spoiled. If there is some mushy poop daily, along with normal fecal balls still being produced, it's likely to be mushy cecotropes, which can happen from sudden diet changes, too much carbs, not enough fiber, dental issues, obesity, medications, other medical issues.
Like the others, I'd recommend a hay only diet until you see the mushy poops dissipate.
I have a double-mane lionhead who I've determined to have ISC. He gets it the most when he is given pellets, so after a year and a bit of trial and error, I have gotten him to a stage he rarely has flare-ups of ISC because I no longer offer pellets to my rabbits.

Instead they have their normal unlimited hay as well as some herbs like dill and parsley and some romaine lettuce. They get a piece of banana or apple for treat.

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