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  1. C

    Please help me! Could be GI stasis?

    Recently i got my bunny. He’s two months old. today he’s been awfully tired and didn’t do much. He started grinding his teeth. He also produced a lot of cecothropes (very smelly) He’s still eating fine. I need help.
  2. C

    Bunny has these specks on his fur

    The vet doesn’t know what they are and frankly he’s been useless. He did not administer revolution or advantage as he came to the conclusion it’s not fleas or fur mites. These bugs don’t move it looks like but I picked one up as small as they seem and they were moving! You can barely notice them...
  3. Lemony4

    Wet matted fur around one side of mouth

    Hi all, so I took one of my rabbits to the vet yesterday to get her teeth checked. The last couple days I've noticed that around one side of her mouth and chin she has perpetual wetness and it's causing her fur to mat. I brushed it out a few times and even cut a bit but it's still just very wet...
  4. cosmoluna

    Best Digestive Support Suplement?

    Hi everyone! For the past few days my buns have both randomly had very small droppings and don’t want to eat much early in the mornings. They eat hay and fresh veggies in the afternoon and evening perfectly fine, and are drinking water. They also act very normal and have been more active...
  5. P

    Please, I need help. Should I euthanize my poor baby

    Good evening everyone. I am currently crying the Niagara falls as I am having a horrible decision to make, allowing my 4 years old baby bunny to go to binky heaven or not. He had E. Cuniculi from birth which I tried treating, had several GI stasis to cure but recently, he has lost some weight...
  6. Allen Wrider

    Please help!!! What's the best way to get rid of sludge?

    My husband, unbeknownst to me, brought home a flake of alfalfa hay and promptly over-mixed it into the rabbits' Timothy hay bin about a week and a half ago. He's been feeding them lately, because of my demanding work schedule, and when I went to clean their boxes and living quarters today, I...
  7. P

    Bunny has a dirty mouth

    Hello everyone, I’m new here but I’m not coming alone, I’m coming with my lovely toy bunny named Patchouli but here is the deal. I recently brought him to the vet and had to force feed him because of a GI stasis. Ever since I had to force feed him his chin and the sides of his mouth have gotten...
  8. LillieCharliee

    Can I help my bunny recover from Paralysis (Parasite)?

    Hey! I'm new here, happy to join the community! :D So, my little lady Charlie caught a parasite last week and now suffers from hind-leg-paralysis. She's being treated for it and so far it's only gotten better so hopefully the parasite will be gone soon! She obviously has a hard time walking...
  9. T

    Hard bumps on rabbits back

    Hi I’m new to this site and I needed some help as I can’t find anything online about what my bunny has. My little girl is 8 weeks and I noticed she has quite a few hard bumps on her back that are under her skin. It like bone but it’s very sharp and I know it’s not her bones. There are two or...
  10. Miffythebun

    Bald spots please help:(

    Hey guys, My poor Wookiee has had these bald patches for 3/4 weeks now and they seem to be growing bigger- I would have normally taken him to the vets but I haven’t been able to due to being on lockdown and having to self isolate. A vet looked at it early on and said to bring him back as she was...
  11. T

    Rabbit toe possibly swollen

    My rabbit has got a swollen toe he isn't limping but lifts his hand while standing and licks his hand some times is this a severe problem or can it be home cured Also,currently all the vets around me are closed
  12. A

    Weird poop before cecotropes

    Hello, My rabbit is 4.5 months old. Here are pictures: one poop is normal and appears all the time, the second one appears only right before cecotropes. She produces like 5-6 this weird black moist poops and then she eats cecotropes. These poops look like they are mixed fecal and cecal poop...
  13. M

    Help! Baby bunnies dying

    I have two New Zealand rabbits and the mom just gave birth 12 days ago to 3 beautiful babies. Just yesterday my favorite one opened his eyes. That morning they were nursing and it was so strong. By the afternoon it couldn't even sit on its feet and was too weak to nurse and by night it was dead...
  14. Breezekoz

    G.I STASIS??!!

    Hello everyone, My rex bunny isn't acting himself. He did not come to his dish for dinner time, and I can't get him to eat anything. Even his favorite treats. He is normally very active and loves attention. He is just laying in one spot with his head low. I pet him but he isn't really...
  15. D


    I have a 6 year old male dutch rabbit. He is usually very calm and likes to play but since 2 days ago he has been sitting in his cage all day and not being his usual self. This morning he peed inside his cage which is new since he usually uses his litterbox. He has also been making very soft...
  16. A

    Problems with rabbit's poop

    I've noticed that my 4 months old bunny makes weird poop and it is not cecotropes. Here are two photos of 2 poops: one normal and the second one is bigger, darker, more wet and smells bad. She makes these weird ones rarely, but everyday. What are they? I gave her poop to the vet to look through...
  17. lola the lionhead

    Scabs & bald patches

    my female bunny is about a year old and lives with her brother (both neutered about 3 months ago) and i’ve recently noticed a few scabs/sores on her. the first was quite large, spreading from the bottom of her neck/top of her shoulder, down to the top of her leg, and seemed to appear quite...
  18. K

    Road Trip With Bunny?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on traveling with a bunny? My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to New York in about two weeks and it's about a ten hour drive. I really want to take my rabbit with us but I'm also hesitant. I don't really have anyone who I'd trust to...
  19. WildThumper2010

    Head tilt or a stroke?

    So I wanna preface this my saying I’m taking my little guy into a bunny vet later this afternoon...but I’d like to get some perspective from other rabbit owners. I have an 8 year old dwarf mix, and just the last day or so I’ve noticed is head is kind of tilting to one side and it looks like...
  20. Zeddy

    Sore hocks, advice please!

    Hey there! It seems my 2 year old, male, Netherland dwarf bun, has developed a case of sore hocks? His hocks are red, and has mild calluses as well. Though nothing seems infected, and no open sores either. He doesn't seem affected by it though, he's still as happy as he's always been. Thing...