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  1. L

    Red bald patch on back

    Hi I’m Hannah and my rabbit Lola recently has gotten a bald red like crusty almost spot on her back and she’s not irritated when I pet over it and I wet it and took some of the white things out they weren’t bugs but the bedding from in her cage but her spot looks like it’s been burnt and cut and...
  2. Ostracize

    Is this an infection?

    I‘m worried that this could be serious since ive read that medical problems in rabbits are pretty hard to spot behavior wise. I dont think hes been acting too differently, but he does eat about half of the food he should (going off his breed’s average weight and the food bag). Im not able to see...
  3. Pinkiepets

    Is my bunny cold?

    Hey! My dwarf rabbit was shaking when I held her is that normal or is she cold? My rabbits used to be inside but have to be in the garage now, they have a heat lamp and blankets but I’m worried that she’s cold? What is the coldest temperature a dwarf bunny can take?
  4. Lola56

    17 day old kit dragging back legs

    Hi, I have a 17 day old litter of buns and notice one of them is dragging his back legs. I did the pinch test and has feeling in one leg for definite, but I don’t think the other. He’s eating and drinking fine and still has bladder control. Is there any possibility of him regaining feeling in...
  5. AshleyM03

    Peeing after stasis

    hello! My rabbit boba is about 9 months old now. I got her spayed 2 months ago, she had a bout of GI stasis about 2 weeks ago, she has been recovering fine and the vet sent us home with cisapride and metacopramide. We were instructed to administer both until they were used up every 12 hours. The...
  6. Lola56

    4 day old kit bulging eye

    Anyone have this issue before? I have a 4 day old kit, when I checked the nest the day of birth there was a scratch close to the eye and I was advised that it would heal on its own and it has, but now one eye is visibly swollen and I’m concerned. Anything I can do? Thank you
  7. mollyisthecoolest

    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    My rabbit glen is around 8 months old and has had standing ears all his life, sometimes one of his ears flops when he is relaxed but it usually goes back to normal quickly. His left ear has flopped down and has stayed like that for a few days. I’m pretty sure this is normal as all of his 11...
  8. S

    Bunny on antibiotic and antitoxin has mismatched poops.

    Long story short, we had a plant (Madagascar Dragon Tree) that was growing in our yard that was toxic to my bunny because she ate the leafs of a growing bud. She's way better now, yesterday she wouldn't eat anything besides hay and water - but now she's eating her veggies again (still refusing...
  9. emmaskye

    Help, not sure what to do -- messy bottom

    Just saw my rabbit’s bottom today, never seen this before. Does anybody know what this is? And can you help on what to do
  10. Garett

    Reoccurring possible uti?

    Hey there! so my one rabbit Navi is 3 years old and has been having issues since last November with a UTI, we treated with baytril and she was good for a while. Then in January and February she had to be treated again. ( when I’ve taken her to the vet they have done a free catch urine analysis...
  11. L

    Swollen nasal passages since car trip, confused and worried.

    Hello everyone! I am a proud bunny mom of a mini lionhead mix and he is my everything. We spend a lot of time together and I lead a very quiet lifestyle. The only thing I’ve recently been doing often (to dally’s dismay) is long car trips. My friends and family are back in a different state and I...
  12. E

    Red blood vessels?

    Hello! I hope everybody is doing well today. I thought I would come on here to ask a question. I noticed that my rabbit’s eyes seemed a little bit more red than they usually are. Does this look like a normal to you guys? It wasn’t this red in the past, which is why I am a little worried. I...
  13. PeterDussan31

    Should I be going to a ER?

    My baby has been shaking/trembling most times he lies down since tuesday. Like when flops, or chills on his side..Ive called a couple vets offices but they tell me to just keep and eye out. That they dont have any available appointments until two weeks from now. Apart from this behavior we dont...
  14. M

    Looking for potential answers… (death related)

    My bun, Ainsley passed away yesterday and I just have no idea what happened. She was a 2 year old Lionhead mix (I suspect that she was mixed with mini lop.) She was really lethargic and stopped eating the early morning of December 21 (I noticed at around 3AM, and had brought her to her pen with...
  15. Emikuu

    Rabbit abscess

    So my rabbit had her abscesses treated via surgery and at the checkup after the vet said it had some puss in it so he drained it cleaned it.He didn’t seem to worried about it only that it just gets cleaned properly which I have been and giving her medicine.The thing I have a question on is that...
  16. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    My rabbit YangYang has a brown wet spot on her chin. I noticed it yesterday night (10/12) and thought it was dry this morning but when I got back from class it was worse. The two pictures I added are from today (10/13). I am a fist time bunny owner and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get...
  17. bunnypop

    bunny nibbled on twinkie

    my bunny snuck in my brother's room and started eating a twinkie he left on the floor. when i caught him and picked it up it only had a small chunk missing so i assume he only took a couple bites. i think he'll be okay as long as he eats his hay and drinks water, but i just want to make sure
  18. CircesOasis

    Rabbit Has Matted (Urine) Fur on His Butt

    Hello! I have currently been owning my two rabbits, Castor and Pollux, for a year now and I have some concerns about Pollux. He’s a 1 year old Holland Lop, and while grooming him today (I had flipped him over quickly just to make sure no eggs or maggots were down there because I am deathly...