Bunny third eyelid visible when grooming

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taylor anne

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Dec 2, 2023
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My bunny is 3 yr old male, and is healthy, he isn't neutered (yet, he's going to be for a "christmas present") I'm 16 yrs of age and his primary caretaker. We have a dog so he is only free roam in my room. I've noticed a few months ago that his third eyelid becomes visible when he grooms himself, in october he had an ear infection and I took him to the vet (for the first time), he was checked out and treated, they said he's a healthy bunny. This check up occured after I noticed his third eyelid being visible during grooming. It will usually only be visible when he grooms his cheeks, but is only visible for the first few seconds of grooming. I am concerned and unsure of what to do about this, I think it may be due to stress as my house is very loud, and I'm currently sharing a room so he isn't always in here. I aim to get him 3 hrs of running time a day, but the other hours he is often in a crate in the kitchen... My room is in the process of being built and so when it is finally finished, he will be completely free roam when I'm home. And will be separated from the dog. It is very possible that these are the reasons to his third eyelid being visible, which is why I've provided this context. Also he's constantly trying to hump my arm (even more reason why I NEED to get im neutered) so is sexual frustration also a probable cause?

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