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  1. BunnyLandia

    Help 3 rabbits with Really bad ear and fur mites

    Hey guys, so my 3 rabbits have ear and fur mites with have of them having severe ear mites with crust already sticking out of its ear. I just bought the horse wormer called Equimax with 1.87% ivermectin/ praziquantel 14.03%. Is it okay if I give a pea sized to my rabbits?? And if so, what are...
  2. BunnyLandia

    Fur and ear mites

    I’ve been having this problem for a few months now. I have a nursing Flemish giant rabbit that has ear mites on both of her ears (they look really bad/bloody and crusty) and has fur mites around her tail in which I noticed she got when she gave birth (which was 3 weeks ago). I also have a male...
  3. Liquidtravel

    New to Rabbits

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to rabbits. I just adopted a 4 month old Flemish rabbit. His name is Franklin and I have had him 2 days. So, yes, really new. I have read a great deal and watched a lot of videos about liter training rabbits. Granted, it has only been 2 days but...
  4. U

    Underweight show rabbits!

    Hi I have a few show rabbits that are under weight and they will be going to a how in a little over one week! What is a good way to put weight on rabbit fast??? Is it ok to switch from rabbit pellets to straight Alfalfa pellets to put some weight on? Thanks
  5. crepecrepes

    Will a English Mastiff be safe around my Flemish Giant?

    I've been wanting to get a dog for some time now, particularly an English Mastiff. Do you guys think it would be a good idea?
  6. MissActon08

    Does my rescue look like a White Flemish Giant?

    Hello Everyone, I rescued the rabbit below as I was told he is a Flemish Giant or Flemish mix. Now I've had 4 Flemish Giant rabbits one a mix, and he does not seem big enough nor have the right head shape. Can one of you help me to tell if he is a Flemish Giant or if he is an American or...
  7. Hoolia

    Bonding Giants

    I've been nervous about bonding my flemish giants because they're so big and one of them is rabbit aggressive. Mrs Brown (3.75y/spayed/10lbs) has been living next to her son Gobi (2y/neutered/17lbs) and Jackson (8y/neutered/4lbs/deaf and blind) for ~2 months now, separated by a baby gate. Mrs...
  8. C

    Flemish Giant Show Quality (Pedigree and Papers) 8 month old NEEDS HOME.

    Fatty Pants is an 8 mo old (12/25/18) neutered, male, pedigree Flemish Giant from TwistedOaks Flemish Giants Rabbitry. He is a "show quality" (with pedigree papers) litter box trained house rabbit. Just FYI: I never intended to show him. I just wanted a healthy, optimal genetics and reputable...
  9. Binkyed

    When is the right time for the unbearable?

    Our dear sweet 4 yo blue Flemish Giant had a tumor appear suddenly in November. Before the surgery they found another tumor on her back leg. They removed the rumors and she lost 3 pounds in one day. They biopsied the tumors which proved to be malignant. They consulted with U Penn exotics - they...
  10. Keradwyn Incarnadine

    Breeding bonded female? Need advice!!

    Hi. I have 6 rabbits, 5 of which are desexed. My intact female is a gorgeous Flemish Giant who i want to breed when she reaches closer to 1 year old (is currently 6-7 months old). However, she is bonded to a super sweet, relatively harmless male mini rex (only rabbit he has ever actually...
  11. Hoolia

    How Do I Feed My Fat Giant?

    Finally took Gobi to the vet to be weighed and ask for a diet recommendation. He's just a hair over 19lbs and has been free fed about a cup of food 2x daily with his very small mates. They have been maintaining pretty healthy weights, Gobi has just been getting fatter and fatter since he bonded...
  12. alexisjeanne13

    New Flemish Giant Pet Coming Home!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. In about a week or two I will be picking up my new flemish giant bunny! I have had several rabbits in the past, but never a larger breed like this one! He will be about 9-10 weeks old when I bring him home. The car ride to bring him home will be about an hour...
  13. Hoolia

    Healthy Flemish Giant Weight?

    I can't seem to find a guide for keeping my flemish giant at a healthy weight. There's no length to weight ratios anywhere that I can find. All I seem to find just says the bigger the better! But Gobi is FAT, that much I can tell. I can hardly feel his ribcage, shoulders, or hips. He just feels...
  14. Hoolia

    Mrs. Brown's Road To Rehabilitation!

    Recap: my boyfriend and I adopted a neglected flemish giant doe after she failed to produce a successful litter for her breeder. It's been about a week and a half since we moved Mrs. Brown (aka Mamba) into our room from the porch. The first thing I noticed is that she came out of her shell...