Flemish Giant Show Quality (Pedigree and Papers) 8 month old NEEDS HOME.

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Jan 29, 2019
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Boca Raton, FL
Fatty Pants is an 8 mo old (12/25/18) neutered, male, pedigree Flemish Giant from TwistedOaks Flemish Giants Rabbitry.
He is a "show quality" (with pedigree papers) litter box trained house rabbit.

Just FYI:
I never intended to show him. I just wanted a healthy, optimal genetics and reputable bloodline pet.

Anyway, the problem isn't Fatty Pants, its ME.
My back is wrecked...
I can’t bend, I can’t sit, & I can’t take care of myself, let alone him.
I must give him up.
I’m looking @ surgery, rehab & physical therapy.

My heart is broken & so is my back.

He is about 15 lbs now, he has never bitten me, he is "free roaming" in my bunny proofed home, he does not have any behavioral issues, he has good litterbox habits, he's healthy and relaxed.
I have a TON of accessories, so he is a “turn-key” house rabbit.
He is located in South Florida.

Carolyn & Fatty Pants

Ps. I have everything he needs to live a happy life... except the ability to tie my own shoes.


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