Does my rescue look like a White Flemish Giant?

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Is he a Flemish Giant?

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Oct 7, 2019
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Los Angeles, CA
Hello Everyone,

I rescued the rabbit below as I was told he is a Flemish Giant or Flemish mix. Now I've had 4 Flemish Giant rabbits one a mix, and he does not seem big enough nor have the right head shape. Can one of you help me to tell if he is a Flemish Giant or if he is an American or Florida White.

He is estimated to be 9-12 months and weighs 5.9lbs and has been neutered with larger than grape size testes. In one picture he is next to a paper towel roll and another next to a size 8 women's slipper for size comparison.

Thank you!!!

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Sep 2, 2018
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Southwest USA
Definitely not a flemish giant. Not only is the head shape wrong (he has a narrow, more feminine head than even a female flemish would have) and the ears too short, but he is just way, way too small. A Flemish should be at senior weight by that age (13+ lbs) though they still might be growing and filling out. He's not even the minimum weight for a baby baby flemish to show. I doubt he'd even be a flemish mix. Maybe a New Zealand White cross, but not flemish.

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