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  1. JerseyWooly

    How to get a lynx kit?

    Hey guys! I need some help on how can I get some lynx netherland dwarfs. I don’t have any rabbits in this color and just want to know if I can breed other colors to get to lynx (and what are they?) or if I have to get a buck or doe that is or carries lynx in order for the kits to be in this...
  2. i🤍hollands

    Kit Color - Cream vs Blue Tort?

    Hi! I had a Holland Lop litter born on September 8 - four healthy beautiful kits. One baby has me stumped on his color. Mama is a lilac tort VM out of a blue sable magpie VM and a lilac harlequin. Her known genotype is aabbC_ddee(j). Papa is a black/orange harlequin VM out of a blue/fawn...
  3. R

    New Holland Lop Color Help

    Hello!! I recently got back into holland lops, and picked up a pair of sisters from a breeder in PA. They are both pedigreed, but pet quality. I have had them going on two weeks now, and the pattern/color of one has changed drastically since purchasing, and I was wondering if you guys might be...
  4. L

    Black Chinchilla Doe x Blue Harlequin Buck

    What will the combination of a black chinchilla and blue harlequin rabbit with babies look like? I’m very curious to see what the babies will look like! The buck (blue harlequin) has many blue/fawn tricolors and orange/black tricolors. He also has a lot of creams and one broken cream. He has one...
  5. B

    Blood in urine or pigmentation?

    Hey guys! I'm new here. My bunny (1.5 yo male), is quite active and playful. I noticed, however, deep red coloration in his urine. Is this a cause for worry? He is on a diet of Fenugreek leaves, cabbage, celery, lettuce, sometimes tomatoes and rarely carrots. This happened 3 times today (the...
  6. L

    What Are These Babies’ Colors?

    I have seven 4 week old Mini Lops that are absolutely adorable! I’m going to be having reservations for them in one week, once they reach 5 weeks old. But of course their pickup date to go home won’t be until they’re at least 8 weeks. Want to verify on their colors before putting them up for...
  7. L

    What Does G and W Stand For In A Pedigree?

    I have a Blue Harlequin Mini Lop buck and am confused about the pedigree colors. Everything else makes sense except where it says something like: Tricolor - W/Blu/G-Fawn or Tricolor - W/Blk/G-Org. What does the W and G stand for? I’d really like to understand the pedigree a bit more. Any help...
  8. T

    what breeds could my rabbits be...

    I have a male rabbit that i got from a local pet store and a female that i got a couple months later from the same pet store. My male’s name is thumper and he started out pretty small but has grew pretty fast in the last 4 months that we’ve had him. he has pretty big ears and one is flopped over...
  9. M

    I don’t know the color???

    My holland lop gave birth almost 2 months ago and she has a baby that was pink with blue spots at birth and now he is what looks like an orange color but with blue markings on his nose and ears and I can’t tell his color at all. If he was orange he wouldn’t have blue I would think. He’s not dark...
  10. Allieh6790

    Best Color Bred to Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf

    I currently have a broken otter black buck and a solid blue buck, both are pedigree ND. I just put a deposit on a pedigreed Smoke Pearl ND doe and plan to bred her once she is old enough. Which buck would be the best to bred her too? If neither buck is the best match for her I can pick up...
  11. A

    Need help identifying these Holland Lop colors from an expert!

    What colors would these Holland Lops be classified under? Two pictures of each bunny below.
  12. S

    What colour is my mini lop

    I have two mini lop rabbits, Fifi and Pods. I would like to know what colours they are classified as and if they have a special coat or how to tell. They have bred before so I would like to know if I do sell babies so that they are classed and priced accordingly as I see some babies listed for...
  13. MistyBun25

    What's my rabbits color?

    So I just adopted this adorable Holland lop boy. I was told he is a broken blue but I'm not sure if that's what he is. I was thinking magpie? He has some very light creme on his ears and a little on his nose but the rest is a dark and light blue/grey color. What do y'all think. He is very...
  14. ashlea

    BEW Breeding

    Hi, I’m thinking of starting a BEW breeding program however are quite confused to start with. I will be getting a BEW male. What does do you recommend? i know that it is not recommended to get another BEW and lilac, chocolate. I was thinking of getting another VM doe to start with. I am...
  15. JazzPizzazz

    What colour?

    Hey there! I am new to this forum website, but I joined because I have been wondering about the colour of my Netherland Dwarf. I bought her from a breeder who bred very unique Netherland Dwarves. They have bred these rabbits since they bought a white doe with blue eyes. Here’s Jazz:
  16. B

    Can anyone tell what colour this Holland lop baby is?

    Would this be smoked pearl, blue point, smoked pearl marten? I pick him up on May 4th :)
  17. C

    Breeding Question

    Hi! I have been researching all about rabbits and I have one myself. I was thinking about breeding my rabbit. He is a chocolate Vienna. He has a great temperament and I love him to pieces. He doesn’t have the prefect Vienna markings but he is still pretty. I was wondering what a good doe would...
  18. ashlea

    Colour of bunnies?

    I have a white/black (seal point) male and I’m wondering if it would be better to breed him with a grey female or black female. Both of the females are from the same litter with dad being a white/black seal point and mum is grey. I am hoping for more of a solid coloured bunnies instead of...
  19. V

    Can anyone help figure out the color of this baby?

    One of my Mini Rexs had her first litter today! Sadly, only one baby and a peanut made it through delivery. The normal baby is doing great and nice and plump and warm! But, his/her color is interesting looking (see attached pics). The Mom is a Blue Vienna mark with a BEW and tri-color...
  20. gb1913

    Rabbit Colours? (Photos)

    I'm new to rabbits online and I never really got into the whole world of names breeders have to identify coat colours... Could anyone tell me what colour my Rabbit April is (photo attached). She also delivered 2 surprises the other day. They're about 5 days old now, super excited to see how...