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  1. R


    I was reviewing when suddenly, my electric fan turned off. I saw my rabbit chewing on the cord. The fan is now broken and cannot turn on. My bun is eating and drinking well. I am just worried if there is something to look out on?
  2. CrazyChickenGirl


    My Mom works at a furniture store and brings carpet samples (good size ones not tiny ones) home every once in a while to use around the house. I would love to put one in the bunny pens just so they can enjoy it if they want. I wouldn’t really care if it got peed on or torn up, but I would like...
  3. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Chew and scratching spray

    My male rabbit has recently started scratching at the corners of doors like he wants to get out the room, They have cardboard boxes and toys to chew and play with but doesn’t want them any home made sprays or shop brought spats that might help
  4. Lemony4

    Chew-safe hidey house

    Hi everyone, I want to give my lop a new and more stable hidey house than his current cardboard one. This one is very cute and I'd love to get it for him From the FAQ section it says it's made of MDF wood. Is that safe...
  5. Maki_p29

    Help I think my rabbit ate some treated willow basket

    I had gone out of the room for just one moment to come back and see my rabbit hanging out around a willow wicker basket in the room. They ran when I came closer. (Their Hay bag is also around this area of the room). But I noticed some bite marks on the willow wicker basket when I came close. My...
  6. jamsbuns

    My rabbit is chewing holes in her pee pad?

    I'll place a pee pad outside of her potty areas just in case. Recently she's started to chew holes in the pee pads? I'm wondering what I can do to help this behavior? She has quite a few chew toys that she's been using and seems to like, so I'm wondering what the issue might be? She's a...
  7. B

    Essential oils and carpet chewing

    I am having problems with my bunny and chewing carpet. First I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to stop this. I don’t have any extra money to spend on buying a gate to put around it or anything. Secondly I have seen people saying they have put essential oils on the problem areas...
  8. B

    Bunny likes chewing/eating paper towels - harmful?

    Hi everyone, My bunny loves chewing this bounty paper towel I dropped on the floor. He has plenty of chew toys (wood, cardboard, dig box, more sticks, etc). But, he's more into shredding the paper towel. Should I allow this to continue? I think it's more entertaining to him than any of the...
  9. caseita

    bunny chewing on wire mesh fence

    Hi everyone My rabbit was able to chew a big part of the wire mesh of his x pen cage, i was wondering if using cardboard would be better? i don't know what to do anymore. He's not spayed/neutered yet because it's still a young bunny, will he calm down when after that? i'd appreaciate some...
  10. B

    Rabbit digging/chewing carpet, and now towel?

    Hi there, My 3 month old new rabbit has been digging at the carpet so I placed some towels around the exercise pen. He is now digging/chewing up the towel. Is there any way to change this behavior? He has chew toys like a bundle of sticks, plushies, etc. And plenty of room to run around in...
  11. Hartlea

    Bunny proofing without it looking tacky?

    Hi! So I recently moved into a brand new townhouse, and I am looking into rabbit proofing it more so my bun can have more free range without my constant supervision. A big thing for me would be protecting my baseboards and possibly the legs of some wooden furniture. I know a lot of the common...
  12. B

    Post Neuter Questions

    Hi! This is my first post so hopefully this is the right area to be posting this. Backstory: Biscuit was neutered on October 28th. I was told she was a female until the surgery, so forgive the pronoun confusion. She has a spay incision and a neuter incision. The first week home she did not use...
  13. Binkis Mum

    Angry? Bored?

    Binki never chews anything except the cardboard and items we give her. We had to leave her alone for two nights and one day -- we returned home to find that she had totally chewed through the carpet, through the protective loom, and Through the electrical wires t our reclining couch. (We had...
  14. caseita

    Which wire is best for rabbit bunnies?

    My small lop rabbit was able to escape his pen, i've heard that they can chew on chicken wire pretty easily, which wire/mesh do you recommend?
  15. Lisa S

    Bunnies not chewing...

    I recently adopted two dwarf bunnies (10 days ago) and they have not chewed on anything. I do not know their age but they are likely about a year old. They seem very comfortable in their room and not too scared to come out and play. I have plenty of different wood/straw toys and apple sticks...
  16. C

    My bunny - depressed?

    Hello. I have a 1 year old lop which lives in a one bedroom apartment with me. I'm used to keeping her in the bathroom (where she likes it because it's dark) during the night because she would keep digging/chewing things in my room and i couldnt sleep. During the day i would let her roam...
  17. RumpledFae

    Behavioral problem with bonded pair: nail biting!!

    Hi rabbit lovers! My name is Laura and I just joined this site. I have two bunnies: a 2.5 years old female lion head mix who has been with me for little over two years, and an approximately 3.5 years old male Dutch bunny who I adopted two almost three months ago. The two of them have bonded...
  18. Floyd2019

    A good VENTING sesh about my carpet eating bunny. Possible advice needed if you have it

    I didn't know which forum to post this in because it fits almost all of them. Really i just need to vent! I have posted about my unneutered rabbit who has started chewing the carpet before and didn't get much advice. I talked to a behaviourist who said beitering probably won't help that...
  19. nat1234

    Carpet suggestions

    hello so i used to have a fuzzy carpet in my room but my rabbit decided it was actually his chew toy he also peed and pooped quite a lot on it (he's not fixed) does anyone have any affordable carpet suggestions that are tightly woven to prevent my bun from ruining it it'd also be even better...
  20. AsianDiva

    Chewing on Walls

    Hello everyone, I have a 5 month old neither land dwarf and she is amazing, she is just very curious with everything. Her new thing to do is chew the walls and it is scaring me because she is eating the paint. How bad is this for my rabbits health? I'm just worried as I don't want this to be a...