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  1. N


    I have a 3 year buck, he’s a silver fox. He has always lived by himself in a 6ft x 6ft enclosure. Is it too late to breed him?
  2. L

    One stillborn and one live tiny lionhead baby

    I tried breeding my lionheads at all at once. The first doe had two stillborns and 1 peanut. I unsuccessfully tried doing feedings with his first time mom and hand feeding. He lasted longer than expected, but lost the battle. The does milk dried up completely and he didn't seem to absorb any...
  3. Simochi

    Lionhead breeding colour question! Help picking a sire.

    Hey, everyone. Totally new here, but I was looking around trying to figure out what lionhead colour(s) are best for breeding with my fawn lionhead, Penelope What the possible outcomes are and what are strong choices, I was hoping to lean away from trying to breed just fawn bunnies. I want a...
  4. Allieh6790

    Best Color Bred to Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf

    I currently have a broken otter black buck and a solid blue buck, both are pedigree ND. I just put a deposit on a pedigreed Smoke Pearl ND doe and plan to bred her once she is old enough. Which buck would be the best to bred her too? If neither buck is the best match for her I can pick up...
  5. L

    Identifying true dwarfs

    A question to those much more experienced breeders out there who work with holland lops and other dwarf breeds. After scouring the internet I haven't found much help on learning how to identify your true dwarf kits from your false. I've even contacted other local breeders in my area and was...
  6. M

    Doe aggressive after first session of breeding

    Last night the doe and buck had a successful session where the buck fell off once. I waited 12 hours and tried to do the next session. To my surprise the doe started being aggressive and attacking the buck. What is wrong and what can I do? Thank you!
  7. Jilly

    Hi, does anyone know if my rabbits are both true dwarfs, just wondering if my doe will produce peanuts.

    Pls let me know if you have any idea:)🐰 They are pure bread Netherlands dwarfs
  8. Sarah rabbitry

    Lavender For Overdue Bunnies?

    Hi! My doe is 33 days pregnant, not even showing any kindling signs, but I am almost certain she is pregnant. Should I try giving her lavender? Is that safe?! I already tried tums and letting her be with the male for a little bit. But I watched them carefully. I’m worried the kits are stuck and...
  9. Lukehatton16

    Californian Doe going on 32 days pregnant

    Hello, I bred my californian doe last month on the 28th. It’s is currently September 30th and still no buns. Before anyone asks, yes, she is pregnant. She has a nest built and pulled fur for it around day 25ish. The reason this concerns me is that I’ve had a palomino doe that retained her...
  10. R

    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    Hey! So I took my bunny to the vet about a week and a half ago, suspecting she was pregnant. The vet said she is not although I was certain she was. Well, the past couple of days she’s been gathering so much hay in her mouth and making a little nest in the corner of her cage. Today she has been...
  11. StaceyCreese

    Holland Lop Pregnancy

    My Holland Lop turned one in March 2020. I bred her for the first time on March 25, 2020. She wasn’t very receptive to the idea and was getting agitated so we pulled her from the Buck. I had taken her to a breeder and we tried over a hour. On April 1, 2020 took her back to the breeder to...
  12. ashlea

    BEW Breeding

    Hi, I’m thinking of starting a BEW breeding program however are quite confused to start with. I will be getting a BEW male. What does do you recommend? i know that it is not recommended to get another BEW and lilac, chocolate. I was thinking of getting another VM doe to start with. I am...
  13. cupcakexo

    How can I save the 3rd litter of babies?

    Hey All.. My bunny is now 6 months old, and has had two previous unsuccessful litters. The first time, she was too young and didn’t know what to do. She gave birth to them all over the cage, and they all eventually died as I tried to hand feed them with KMR as advised by vet. They died within 3...
  14. C

    Breeding Question

    Hi! I have been researching all about rabbits and I have one myself. I was thinking about breeding my rabbit. He is a chocolate Vienna. He has a great temperament and I love him to pieces. He doesn’t have the prefect Vienna markings but he is still pretty. I was wondering what a good doe would...
  15. Aroomie

    First time Bunny mom

    Here's a question... My Angora recently had her first littler, it was a bit of a rough start because I had NO idea she was pregnant. (Her fur made it so hard to tell). She is 8-9 months in age. She was moved into a burrow house that I have, and everything was going very well! Her babies were...
  16. Mimi Bunny

    Does Rabbit Nest Box Require Hay?

    Hi! I was just wondering if a rabbit nest box must hay hay for some reason or would other material work such as a softer material (like the carefresh pet bedding). They are indoors with a heater on so the cold is not a problem :) I use a blanket as a base and using hay just seems very messy...
  17. Mimi Bunnies

    How would the babies look like?

    Hi everyone~ I have a black eye otter blue buck and a red eye pointed white doe (with black on her nose, ears and paws) how would their baby look like? They are netherland dwarfs. Thank you~
  18. Toffeeismyrabbit

    My Mom Wants Me to breed my rabbit

    My mom wants me to breed my rabbit with her friend's rabbit. I know it is not good because of all the overpopulation and health problems. I keep telling her but she does not listen. She wants to because she can make money. All she wants is money. So someone please help me convince her not to...
  19. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry

    Chinchilla Dutch Variety

    Hello, I have a question. In all of the shows, I have been to in my area I have never seen Chinchilla Dutch. I breed dutch, Specifically Black, Blue, and Tort. I am looking into Chincilla dutch and can't really find out how they are breed. Does anyone know what two varieties you breed or how you...
  20. Kate7654

    Could I breed a chestnut to black tort holland lop?

    I am starting to get in to breeding Holland’s for 4h and show and I was wondering if I could get showable babies breeding black tort and chestnut Holland’s. would breeding these 2 wreck the color of either. The black tort’s parents and grandparents are all black tort as well and I don’t know...