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  1. caliwoolies

    Breeding question- jersey wooly x mini lop result?

    hi so i have a jersey wooly buck and my friend has a mini lop doe. i have only ever bred jersey to jersey; never crossed breeds. he is wanting to breed his mini lop to my jersey and says that in theory it will come out as an american fuzzy lop and i’m a little iffy on trying. i know that french...
  2. S

    Nesting help!

    So my doe will be having her first litter I’m guessing next week like on Tuesday or Wednesday. Caught her picking up hay and and nesting in the litter box. How do I prevent that? I gave her the nesting box with hay to see what she would do. After investigating she seemed to start to nest in it...
  3. Bob_and_Luna

    Breeding mini rex: broken tricolor + blue = color kits?

    Good morning, We have two young rex rabbits we purchased at a fair. We would like them to have kits once and then spay/neuter them. The male is a broken tricolor: white, tan, and dark brown, and the doe is blue. What outcome can we expect in terms of color? We do not have their pedigrees...
  4. M

    Keeping intact males together

    I’m planning to start breeding rabbits and I’m worried about keeping the males alone. I’ve never had problems keeping intact does together and I’ve seen how well they do together and how much they benefit from socializing and I don’t want to deprive my bucks of that. Could I keep two intact...
  5. PXL_20220713_204452965.jpg


    Penny (California mix/ new Zealand white femail) copper (male giant Flemming) does anyone know if it's ok for these two to mate. They were together yesterday accidently and mated her babies should be due August 13th if pregnant
  6. S

    Weight gain for pregnant lionhead.

    What is the normal wait gain for a pregnant lionhead? I just recently started weighing one of my mommas after she had a lost litter last time. She had one healthy litter, then a lost litter and now she is 18 days pregnant. Within a few days after breeding she weighed 85.2oz ( 5.325lb) now at day...
  7. Bee's Beautiful Bunnies

    Do these rabbits have good Type?

    Hello everybunny! I have a 4 month old Cream Harlequin colored Holland Lop doe and am trying to find a buck to pair her with. I'm mostly going to be selling the kits as pets but want them to have good type as well. So far, I found one 4 week old Holland Lop buck but am trying to figure out if I...
  8. C

    New bunny owner, question on breeding

    I just picked up a few buns the other day and had a question. These I told are Netherland Dwarf Rabbits so I am wondering what color type would you call these? Also, in the future if we were to breed them, would these be good choices? Thanks!
  9. Toniko

    Mini rex considering breeding/showing

    We are considering breeding our mini rex with a local stud. She will be 1yo May 3. She doesn't have any pedigree papers or tattoos. The stud family shows theirs with 4H at fairs so I am interested in finding out any additional Info on my doe’s pattern. If she wouldn’t qualify to show for some...
  10. Pufflebuns

    Should I buy a breeding pair of 3yr old Netherland dwarfs?

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a breeding pair of Netherland Dwarfs but I’m trying to be as wise/cautious as possible about it so I don’t fall victim to a bad purchase. I found them through Craigslist and they’re the only ones near me so I got excited but I figured I should see if the...
  11. L

    How to Get a Nervous Doe to Breed

    Hello! I have a 2 year old Mini Lop doe who I’m trying to get bred. She’s never been bred or had babies before. She has been getting ACV and BOSS for the past week now. She’s also in our heated shop where it stays 55-60 F. She also gets 12 hours of light each day to help her be more willing for...
  12. N


    I have a 3 year buck, he’s a silver fox. He has always lived by himself in a 6ft x 6ft enclosure. Is it too late to breed him?
  13. L

    One stillborn and one live tiny lionhead baby

    I tried breeding my lionheads at all at once. The first doe had two stillborns and 1 peanut. I unsuccessfully tried doing feedings with his first time mom and hand feeding. He lasted longer than expected, but lost the battle. The does milk dried up completely and he didn't seem to absorb any...
  14. Simochi

    Lionhead breeding colour question! Help picking a sire.

    Hey, everyone. Totally new here, but I was looking around trying to figure out what lionhead colour(s) are best for breeding with my fawn lionhead, Penelope What the possible outcomes are and what are strong choices, I was hoping to lean away from trying to breed just fawn bunnies. I want a...
  15. Allieh6790

    Best Color Bred to Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf

    I currently have a broken otter black buck and a solid blue buck, both are pedigree ND. I just put a deposit on a pedigreed Smoke Pearl ND doe and plan to bred her once she is old enough. Which buck would be the best to bred her too? If neither buck is the best match for her I can pick up...
  16. LadyGrey

    Identifying true dwarfs

    A question to those much more experienced breeders out there who work with holland lops and other dwarf breeds. After scouring the internet I haven't found much help on learning how to identify your true dwarf kits from your false. I've even contacted other local breeders in my area and was...
  17. M

    Doe aggressive after first session of breeding

    Last night the doe and buck had a successful session where the buck fell off once. I waited 12 hours and tried to do the next session. To my surprise the doe started being aggressive and attacking the buck. What is wrong and what can I do? Thank you!
  18. Jilly

    Hi, does anyone know if my rabbits are both true dwarfs, just wondering if my doe will produce peanuts.

    Pls let me know if you have any idea:)🐰 They are pure bread Netherlands dwarfs
  19. Sarah rabbitry

    Lavender For Overdue Bunnies?

    Hi! My doe is 33 days pregnant, not even showing any kindling signs, but I am almost certain she is pregnant. Should I try giving her lavender? Is that safe?! I already tried tums and letting her be with the male for a little bit. But I watched them carefully. I’m worried the kits are stuck and...
  20. Lukehatton16

    Californian Doe going on 32 days pregnant

    Hello, I bred my californian doe last month on the 28th. It’s is currently September 30th and still no buns. Before anyone asks, yes, she is pregnant. She has a nest built and pulled fur for it around day 25ish. The reason this concerns me is that I’ve had a palomino doe that retained her...