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  1. Laur

    Rabbit labor and birth concerns.

    I have a lovely Holland Lop doe (profile picture) who is about 16 months old, and a buck who is about 6 months. He was selected specifically for her, as his best traits are her lower ones and vice versa. Both are from great show lines and pedigreed. We first let them have " play dates"October...
  2. Grace12345

    Smaller buck with larger doe?

    I recently purchased a new Florida white buck not realizing the considerable size differences between him (5-7lbs) and my New Zealand X California does. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if I will be able to successfully breed them?
  3. eliasjoy

    Breeding with different colors Help!

    What color baby bunnies will I get I have a girl Netherland dwarf Opal VM and I match with a boy Chocolate Holland lop.. will I get variety of colors like brokens or will they be self darker black colors or possibly lilac ? please lmk and thank you
  4. L

    What coloring is my buck? And what should I breed him with?

    This is Mr. Hyde. I’m looking for a doe and am going to be breeding him soon, and I’m curious what color he is called and what colors he would go best with. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve researched I believe he’s called a Chinchilla, but I don’t know for sure. I know some color...
  5. Katelyn

    Will these colors work?

    hi I have raised rabbits since I was about 10 but have always done castor mini Rex. Recently I got into broken tort and I purchased one broken otter buck. He ended up winning several shows and I wanted to use him for breeding. I have a GC broken tort doe, but am worried the colors will conflict...
  6. A

    Questions for Breeding Rabbits

    My buck and doe have just bonded (at least I'm pretty sure they have) and I wanted to know if my buck would breed with another doe even if he is bonded to the doe I have now. (I had no intention of bonding them, I just wanted to let them play together since they're still not adults. I didn't...
  7. F

    Breeding Rabbits as pets?

    So ever since I got my bunny after the first vet visit, where they asked if we were going to neuter her and I saw an estimate and heard the statistic that they have a highth chance of uterine cancer if they aren't neutered, I started to do alot of research. What I found was alot of different...
  8. Reemy

    Breeding Problem

    Hi, I have my two Angora rabbits Norman and Kiko and they are about 5-6 months. Two days ago I saw Norman try to mate Kiko but she kepf refusing and running away. I thought maybe she will agree eventually, but she still doesnt stay put. She keeps running away from him every timw he tried. I...
  9. Abby B


    I'm trying to breed my buns MALE : Mikey Age 6 1/2 months Breed holland lop 70% and lionhead 30ish% Never bred before Small FEMALE :Topper Age 1 1/2 yrs old (is she too old ?) Breed Holland lop 100% (false dwarf ) Medium Never bred before Not fat healthy Outdoor buns , cage is in the...