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  1. Shannon Watson

    First Time Breeder Looking For Tips!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to RabbitsOnline and to breeding as well. I've been around rabbits all my life, and I currently have a 14 week old mini Rex buck. Our vet has told us he is perfect for breeding when he's a little older, but I've never bred rabbits before. My boyfriend is super excited to...
  2. Cookie-Truffles

    New to breeding. Please help me colour Gene's...soo confused

    So my mini lop doe gave birth yesterday to 7 healthy kits. All doing amazing so far including my doe. We rehomed our rabbits from someone who apparently bonded the doe with her netherland dwarf which has resulted in a litter of 7. Cookie our doe is a mini lop which I will attach a photo of...
  3. Bumble Bunny

    How did you start breeding rabbits?

    I'm honestly just curious on how some of you went about setting up a breeding practice, either for a hobby or income or other. I'd love to start my own some day, of course when I have the space, money, and time to do so. How did some of you start? What's your story? Any legal routes you had to...
  4. H

    Buck stops mounting halfway through breeding.

    So I’m trying to breed my two holland lops and it started well but my buck stops mounting the doe when he has already started going. I’ve checked both of my rabbits ahead of time and they are both in fine health, also the doe’s vulva is dark pink so she should be at the right time to breed...
  5. L

    Does anyone know any good books for Lionhead breeders?

    There was a really good book I heard of a while ago that helped explain the genetics of Lionhead rabbits and how to breed them successfully, but I forgot it’s name. I believe it was by the ARBA, but I’m not sure. It was supposedly really informative for beginners. Does this sound familiar to...
  6. Clara W

    Breeding Advice and Litter Genes (Peanuts)

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could provide some help in identifying how lucky/unlucky I will be with my doe's next litter by providing information on the previous litter (unfortunately unsuccessful) :( And if anyone can let me know if i'm on the right track this time as I now have time to...
  7. Laur

    Our first kindling

    In November I posted about my Holland Lop Reva, who was having difficult labor and finally gave birth to one kit, DOA. Later I posted when we rebred and our nest box dilemma. Well we finally have our kits - two little Hollands. Here they are, a few minutes old. I was not expecting them until...
  8. Laur

    Nest box timing?

    I know they say to put the nest box into the cage a day or two before due date. My daughter is eager to do it soon, although we are only halfway through. Are there reasons other than cleanliness to wait? Will she be less likely to recognize it as a place to build nest if it goes in sooner? Last...
  9. Keradwyn Incarnadine

    Breeding bonded female? Need advice!!

    Hi. I have 6 rabbits, 5 of which are desexed. My intact female is a gorgeous Flemish Giant who i want to breed when she reaches closer to 1 year old (is currently 6-7 months old). However, she is bonded to a super sweet, relatively harmless male mini rex (only rabbit he has ever actually...
  10. Terri Healey

    Mom and son

    I know that it's ok to breed mother to son. My question is; if they are never separated, will she go into heat? I'm guessing yes, but there are no signs yet. There is a gap between their sides of the cage where he jumps through. He is approximately 5 months old and they still curl up together at...
  11. Laur

    Trying breeding again.

    I told you about my Holland Lop Reva last month. She had a stuck baby for several hours, which was born dead. No other kits were born We bred her again a few days ago. Our Buck, Bambi, is now 6 months and quite the...
  12. Gaby Gomez

    Bunny Built a Nest Outside of Nesting Box

    Hello! About a month ago I was given a bunny from someone looking to re home her. A few days ago she started to pull her fur and after some research we figured she was pregnant. Last night I quickly drove to my local pet shot and the owner graciously gave me one of his nesting boxes. I placed it...
  13. Laur

    Rabbit labor and birth concerns.

    I have a lovely Holland Lop doe (profile picture) who is about 16 months old, and a buck who is about 6 months. He was selected specifically for her, as his best traits are her lower ones and vice versa. Both are from great show lines and pedigreed. We first let them have " play dates"October...
  14. Grace12345

    Smaller buck with larger doe?

    I recently purchased a new Florida white buck not realizing the considerable size differences between him (5-7lbs) and my New Zealand X California does. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if I will be able to successfully breed them?
  15. eliasjoy

    Breeding with different colors Help!

    What color baby bunnies will I get I have a girl Netherland dwarf Opal VM and I match with a boy Chocolate Holland lop.. will I get variety of colors like brokens or will they be self darker black colors or possibly lilac ? please lmk and thank you
  16. L

    What coloring is my buck? And what should I breed him with?

    This is Mr. Hyde. I’m looking for a doe and am going to be breeding him soon, and I’m curious what color he is called and what colors he would go best with. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve researched I believe he’s called a Chinchilla, but I don’t know for sure. I know some color...
  17. Katelyn

    Will these colors work?

    hi I have raised rabbits since I was about 10 but have always done castor mini Rex. Recently I got into broken tort and I purchased one broken otter buck. He ended up winning several shows and I wanted to use him for breeding. I have a GC broken tort doe, but am worried the colors will conflict...
  18. A

    Questions for Breeding Rabbits

    My buck and doe have just bonded (at least I'm pretty sure they have) and I wanted to know if my buck would breed with another doe even if he is bonded to the doe I have now. (I had no intention of bonding them, I just wanted to let them play together since they're still not adults. I didn't...
  19. F

    Breeding Rabbits as pets?

    So ever since I got my bunny after the first vet visit, where they asked if we were going to neuter her and I saw an estimate and heard the statistic that they have a highth chance of uterine cancer if they aren't neutered, I started to do alot of research. What I found was alot of different...
  20. Reemy

    Breeding Problem

    Hi, I have my two Angora rabbits Norman and Kiko and they are about 5-6 months. Two days ago I saw Norman try to mate Kiko but she kepf refusing and running away. I thought maybe she will agree eventually, but she still doesnt stay put. She keeps running away from him every timw he tried. I...