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  1. notkrimi

    please give advice! (housing two rabbits of different ages)

    i adopted a rabbit a little over two years ago, and since then, we've become the best of friends. i had always wanted to find him a companion because i knew that once covid restrictions would loosen up, i wouldn't have as much time with him. plus, it would just be nicer for him to have a special...
  2. D

    Rabbit bonding help

    Hi. I’m in the process of bonding my rabbits. It all seemed to be going well. They groom each other, share food and water happily, sleep next to each other. However the younger one who is the dominant one doesn’t allow the other rabbit in the litter tray if she is in there. She bullies her away...
  3. S

    Angry bunny after interacting with bonding bunny

    My bunny Cosmo I guess jumped over his pen in the other room because he was out and I hadn’t let him out for the day at this point. And when I opened the door he slipped through and out into the area where I was letting Stella my other bunny run. The two interacted for a moment and she tried to...
  4. S

    Bonding my bunnies and not sure if this is normal

    I just picked up my new bunny Cosmo, he's about five. And my current bunny who's a female Stella is about seven. I got him home and set his Carrier outside of her cage so they could see each other and then moved Cosmo into his pen. I let Stella out and she went to the enclosure Cosmo was in and...
  5. R

    1 Rabbit Stressed during Rebonding

    Hi everyone, So I am rebonding my two male rabbits after needing to seperate them for about 2 weeks (Rory had GI Stasis and ear infection) and their bond got broken. I am beginning by putting them in a tall bin for about 5-15 minutes twice a day. I cover the bin so there is still open space for...
  6. R

    Re-Bonding Rabbits

    Hey everyone, so I have two 8-year-old lionhead rabbits (male, neutered) who were bonded, but the last month one of them (Rory) got GI stasis and a possible ear infection, so they had to be separated while Rory recovered since the other bunny (Brim) was more stressful that comforting for Rory...
  7. R

    Seperated "bonded" pair and rebonding?

    Hi all! I have 2 neutered male lionheads (both 7-8 years old) who are semi-bonded in that one (Brim) still occassionally tries mounting, in which the other (Ro)will chase them off, but otherwise no fighting, they live and eat and cuddle together and groom eachother. Recently one of them (Ro)...
  8. Smokeyskenzie

    Found rabbit

    Hey there everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted… Georgia and Smokey’s surgeries went GREAT and they are totally bonded and happier than ever now. Today, life decided to throw us a little curve ball… my husband saw this guy in our back yard. I went outside and he came right up to me. He...
  9. S

    3rd bunny bonding

    Hello, i recently just got a gorgeous lil bunny called maple. She is so sweet & chilled & loves cuddles which we love. i have 2 other rabbits who are bonded and are about 1.5 and have been together for almost that amount of time. the first night we put maple in a play pen in my other bunnies...
  10. C

    Bonding unspayed male and spayed female?

    Hey guys, so my partner and I are moving in together and would really like to bond our bunnies, a spayed female and an unspayed male, together. Obviously i am aware that it’s usually risky to put an unspayed rabbit with a spayed one but i wanted to post this here since we have kind of an unusual...
  11. i🤍hollands


    Hey! Just seeking some advice regarding trios. The situation is this- someone reached out who already has 2 bunnies who are 13weeks old right now. They're interested in adopting a 3rd, but my next litters wont be ready to go until July. Is it best to go ahead and bond the 2 they have currently...
  12. Y

    Bonding rabbits, need help. They are suddenly fighting.

    Hello, i have two rabbits, zuko (male, about 6 months) and Yuumi (female, about 1 year). They are both spayed/neutered. I’ve been bonding them since end of January. last week, I tried having them live together in a small area in my room. I was home for my 2 day weekend so I was able to keep a...
  13. Smokeyskenzie

    New Bunny in home, old bunny upset?

    Hey there! I recently brought in a new rabbit, a female, not yet spayed and my male rabbit is going bananas. Actually they both are. Just looking for some insight or tips on how I might navigate this situation. I’ve had my rabbit Smokey for a few months not and he has an appoint for his neuter...
  14. B

    Weird bonding behaviour

    I'm trying to bond a neutered male and unspayed female. (I know that's not ideal, she's not quite old enough yet). So the female keeps putting her head under the male's butt or middle, sometimes putting her whole head under him and even out the other side! What does it mean?
  15. allenstacy74

    Love at first sight?

    I have a neutered male and spayed female who have “shared” my room in separate cages next to each other since late December therefore they are very awake of each others presence. I introduced them on Tuesday and in the beginning there was a bit of chasing and nipping but it only happened once or...
  16. S

    Struggling to bond with chronically ill buns (herpes)

    My bonded pair both have herpes virus, confirmed by vet. As I'm sure you know, this is a lifelong ailment. Their lives are filled with oral and topical medications for weeks during flareups and I, of course, have to be the bad guy chasing them, catching them and holding them down to give them...
  17. jess 1993

    need help to re bond grumpy buns!!

    after a trip to the vets our 2 girl bunnies fell out with each other - they use to love each other very much and were best friends but now i can’t get them to be like that again! poppy - who had the illness and was kept inside until she was better again, is now extremely scared of pumpkin...
  18. S

    Sibling Rebonding

    We have two rabbits , Momo and Sana (7 months). We recently started rebonding them after they were fixed, with some good progress. We moved them to the kitchen yesterday and they spent the night together with no fights! But, Momo is quite anxious. Whenever Sana runs up to her to fast, she runs...
  19. T

    Newly bonded rabbits excessively humping

    Hi, mid august I adopted a beautiful new lion Holland cross to bond with my Holland lop. she had only just been fixed so I had to wait until 24th August before starting the bonding process but started the scent swapping etc during that time. Fast forward to last Saturday (11th September)...
  20. Morchall

    Help with late bonding giant rabbits?

    My roommate and I have two 2 year old giant rabbits. We have had them since they were around 3-4 months old. We originally brought our female home with another litter mate and they got along really well. Unfortunately, the male passed away after a few weeks. For about a month, our female did not...