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  1. Allen Wrider

    Bunny Bonding - First Time!

    So I have this beautiful Florida white bunny named Quinn that I've raised from a baby, and she's been with me for a year and a half. She's my first bunny, and she's very attached to me so I didn't plan on getting another rabbit. But Easter came around, and one of my colleagues got his kids an...
  2. T

    I have some bun ?’ owner here

    So I am a new bunny parent, and i have some questions on housing and bonding. My girlfriend got me 4 bunnies, a mini rex, holland lop, dwarf hot hot, and a silver fox....which being an animal lover i have done a ton of research to make sure all of them were taken care of properly and had all of...
  3. Redrabbit

    New to bonding

    First introduction/ bonding session... We put the cages close together, our rex (neutered buck) was thumping and burrowing and our lop (spayed doe) flopped and groomed herself. Eventually they both flopped. In each cage (they are each in a dog pen) we have water, food, towel and litter tray with...
  4. T

    Bonding Bunnies - when is bonding completed?

    Hi guys, I have been bonding my male lion head mix, Simba, to my female lop mix, Munch, for the past week and a half in a neutral space. I was just wondering when you guys would consider rabbits fully bonded? I am quite nervous about officially putting my two bunnies together in case they end...
  5. L

    Bonded Bucks?

    My family just adopted 2 rabbits. One is a 3 year old mini-lop and the other is a 1.5 year old holland lop. They are both males and they are not neutered yet they were considered a 'bonded pair' at the rescue. We have plans to get them neutered but with the cost and the limited vets in our area...
  6. fizzy and ollie

    bonding with my bunny

    hi! so i have two rabbits, female and male, both neutered/spayed and bonded. i've had the male for almost a year and a half and i got the female in april. i'm very well bonded with my male rabbit, he loves to cuddle with me and he's very curious. the female on the other hand, is scared of me and...
  7. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    Greetings! I come today with a need for advice. I recently adopted a bunny - Moppy, 11 months old now, Mini-Lop - who needed to desperately be rehomed from a craigslist ad. He is very sweet and I love him very much. This was about 3 months ago.Fast forward to about 1 month ago and my girlfriend...
  8. Hoolia

    Bonding Giants

    I've been nervous about bonding my flemish giants because they're so big and one of them is rabbit aggressive. Mrs Brown (3.75y/spayed/10lbs) has been living next to her son Gobi (2y/neutered/17lbs) and Jackson (8y/neutered/4lbs/deaf and blind) for ~2 months now, separated by a baby gate. Mrs...
  9. cosmoluna

    Will my baby female rabbit fight my neutered male once she reaches sexual maturity?

    So around 3 weeks ago I adopted an 8 week old female holland lop as a companion for my 9 month old neutered male holland lop. I tried everything I heard about bonding, and for some reason it was love at first sight and the 2 are inseparable. my male grooms her, they cuddle, eat together, and he...
  10. B

    Rabbits not humping in bonding

    Hi! I've been bonding my buns (male lop and female Netherlands) for a few months now. I started with them living next to each other, then neutral territory, switched toys and litter ect. They got on great straight away and have never fought. At most they get into tiny headbutt competitions for...
  11. sunbutterbuns

    Bonding Rabbits: Will Fight AND Groom Eachother?

    Hello everybun! I am at a bit of a loss... About 4 months ago, I started bonding my Himalayan (Tofu M) with an English Spot (Midway F) I adopted! Both have been fixed. Things started off great, I performed bonding sessions in a neutral space, and not even a couple of weeks in, they had their...
  12. tayler

    just a question about playing with my rabbit

    is it okay/good/healthy to play with your bun? for example my 3 month old bun acts like a puppy i let him run on my bed and he popcorns all over the place and comes up asking for attention like he wants something, how do i interact with him in this instance
  13. L

    Bonding Rabbits With Two Different Eating Habits

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of bonding two female rabbits. I've noticed that one of them, the more dominant one, eats a lot quicker than the other one does. This leads to her trying to steal the other bunny's food after she finishes hers. I'm not sure how I will be able to house...
  14. Bonnie96

    Rabbit behaviour help male and female - mounting

    Hi all I would really appreciate some advice please. I have two rabbits (brother and sister) I have had them both since they were 8 weeks. The male has been neutered and the female is booked to be neutered next week (they're both 6 months). Over the last few days she has been mounting him and...
  15. TwoBunsInAPod

    Bonding Males

    Hi! I'm the current owner of four beautiful rabbits. My small collection contains two mixed dwarfs (both 1 year old) , one lop ear lionhead Holland mix (1 year), and a giant Flemish (turning a year the end of August). They are all de-sexed/altered. I'm currently having a bonding issue. ...
  16. Alisha

    Bonding question

    I have a 1.5 year old mini rex spayed female (Luna) and we finally got an additional rabbit (Mooncake, neutered 7 month old male) and because we haven't bonded them yet, he's actually in an NIC enclosure and Luna is free roam because she has always been. A note to add because I'm not sure if...
  17. S

    Rabbits hate each other after spay, impossible to bond??

    I have two free-roam female lion-head mix rabbits, about 11 months old. They are from the same litter and were very close until 2 months ago when they were spayed. They immediately nip and begin to brawl, which ultimately ends in me sweeping up clumps of hair. I currently have them in separate...
  18. Griffin Elfant

    Are they Bonded Already?

    Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I adopted the lovely Romeo! I already had my bun Daisy for over a year and thought she would love a partner, (both are fixed). We did speed dating at our local rabbit shelter narrowed it down to two bunnies and Romeo truly did win Daisy over with loads of grooming...
  19. K

    New Bun help (Diet and Bonding)

    Hello! So I recently adopted a non-neutered male bun named Spot on the 4th of July and I already had a female rabbit, Ipa, which i got spayed last year. Unfortunately Spots previously family had him in a small chicken wire cage and only fed him pellets. Now he has a whole room but is confined to...
  20. cavebun

    Is it worth re-bonding my pair or should i keep them separated forever?

    So to put a long story short, i would appreciate any advice on my current situation with my buns, i got my male about year ago and he was such a confident boy and we where really close, we would cuddle and he would sleep on me etc, about 6 months ago i decided to get him a friend so i adopted a...
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