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  1. C

    Help! Inbred bunnies! Should I cull?

    Hello everyone! I am new here, and so grateful for this community. So....I have a bit of a problem. A year ago i got my kids two Holland Lops for pets. They were both siblings, and both females. Well, it turns out, one was a boy, because we had a surprise litter in the hutch! Our female did a...
  2. C

    Baby bunnies genders and father behaviour towards them

    Hi I have 8 healthy baby rabbits they are 6 and a half weeks old and I cannot tell which are females and which are males. Also some are small enough to go threw the fencing of the fathers enclosure and when they do the father mounts them is that normal??
  3. G

    Pls help with month and a half old bunny care

    Hello I was gifted a new 1 & 1/2 month old bunny. This is my first time taking care of a bunny so I need your help. Listed are the things I do and know about rabbits so please give suggestions or correct anything. I take him to my room everyday to roam around but at night i keep him caged in...
  4. Peewee sus

    Peewee sus

  5. Peewee Jail

    Peewee Jail

    He crawled underneath the door of their pen and just sat there LOL
  6. Kiss


    Kreme kissing Oreo
  7. Peewee Cuddles

    Peewee Cuddles

    Peewee cuddles Oreo
  8. F

    Deciding on Dwarf Angora - Holland lop mix rabbit

    Hello, please help me decide I came across an ad for a baby white rabbit who is advertised as an Dwarf Angora - Holland Lop Mix. The breeder is a small scale rabbit breeder it seems from their Facebook page. The breeder told me the father is Broken Cream Holland Lop, and while the mom is the...
  9. b.tate

    Can bunny's drink tea?

    Hi all, I had a bunny pass away from gastro as he became dehydrated. I have seen one of my bunnies has a bit of a runny tummy and now I'm freaking out about her becoming dehydrated! She is drinking and eating fine, maybe I am just being over dramatic. I saw online that if you would like to get...
  10. R

    Three does giving birth in the same space

    Hi, I would love if some of you could help me solve a doubt of mine The thing is I have three does living in the same space, they’re free roamed and share everything, I have never had any sort of problem like them fighting over food or anything, they have been together for more than 7 months...
  11. apryl

    My Bonded Rabbits Suddenly Fight at Night?

    I have two bunnies (about 4-5 months) who were well bonded but twice now, my female has attacked my male, but only at night. I separated them and hesitantly introduced them again the following morning and they were fine. They cuddle and groom each other but once night hits, I’ll wake up at 6 in...
  12. C

    Marathon bonding boys

    Hello, I am working on a bonding process that does not seem to have much in the way of advice online or through my research. I hope folks could share their insight with me. I have a 5 year old neutered rabbit named Wendell and I decided to try to get him a companion. I contacted a local rescue...
  13. 22666800-CFE8-43D3-9D47-31676DCF3FC1.jpeg


    Bunny with Carrot Toy
  14. 7AAB6CBC-4880-4BE1-B3F5-F3686051E729.jpeg


    Bunny under deck chair
  15. F6068B38-24CA-4BDD-BF9F-37BB4533525A.jpeg


    Holland Lop
  16. V

    Malnourished baby rabbit

    So i have 6 day old baby rabbits, 5 of them, but one is much smaller than the others,i gave him a millilitre of goat milk yesterday which is around 0.03 oz i think,and i gave him another today. He looks like what people refer to as a peanut,but niether of his parents are dwarves. Any suggestions...
  17. S

    What methods to use to distinguish boy and girl bunnies

    My baby bunnies are going to be sexed tomorrow and need something to label the boys and girls separately. Do I tie a ribbon around their neck or hand? Draw with marker on their ear? What are people methods that are most effective as they all look very similar .
  18. Rosy

    newborn baby bleeding? stuck! help pls!

    one of my newborn babies (about 17 hours old) has a sticky dark colored thing (blood?) on his bottom causing him to become stuck! he got fur and hay attached to him and now he is stuck to the blanket that i put into the nestbox! he is also a bit cold and i need to warm him up. how can i detach...
  19. S


    I have just found a baby bunny out of the nest, I picked it up and put it back in but it is just moving and breathing. There are 4 others in the nest which are active and swirling around. I’m not sure what to do. When would I decide to feed it by hand? If I have to what do I feed it and how...
  20. pingoose

    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    Hi all, I recently took in a rabbit who was dumped at my local park (keeping her separate from my other rabbit for now, intending on bonding them eventually), and I’m sort of bewildered on what her breed and age are. Pictures are attached. Her coat is completely white and she has blue eyes...