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  1. apryl

    My Bonded Rabbits Suddenly Fight at Night?

    I have two bunnies (about 4-5 months) who were well bonded but twice now, my female has attacked my male, but only at night. I separated them and hesitantly introduced them again the following morning and they were fine. They cuddle and groom each other but once night hits, I’ll wake up at 6 in...
  2. C

    Marathon bonding boys

    Hello, I am working on a bonding process that does not seem to have much in the way of advice online or through my research. I hope folks could share their insight with me. I have a 5 year old neutered rabbit named Wendell and I decided to try to get him a companion. I contacted a local rescue...
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    Bunny with Carrot Toy
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    Bunny under deck chair
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    Holland Lop
  6. V

    Malnourished baby rabbit

    So i have 6 day old baby rabbits, 5 of them, but one is much smaller than the others,i gave him a millilitre of goat milk yesterday which is around 0.03 oz i think,and i gave him another today. He looks like what people refer to as a peanut,but niether of his parents are dwarves. Any suggestions...
  7. S

    What methods to use to distinguish boy and girl bunnies

    My baby bunnies are going to be sexed tomorrow and need something to label the boys and girls separately. Do I tie a ribbon around their neck or hand? Draw with marker on their ear? What are people methods that are most effective as they all look very similar .
  8. Rosy

    newborn baby bleeding? stuck! help pls!

    one of my newborn babies (about 17 hours old) has a sticky dark colored thing (blood?) on his bottom causing him to become stuck! he got fur and hay attached to him and now he is stuck to the blanket that i put into the nestbox! he is also a bit cold and i need to warm him up. how can i detach...
  9. S


    I have just found a baby bunny out of the nest, I picked it up and put it back in but it is just moving and breathing. There are 4 others in the nest which are active and swirling around. I’m not sure what to do. When would I decide to feed it by hand? If I have to what do I feed it and how...
  10. pingoose

    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    Hi all, I recently took in a rabbit who was dumped at my local park (keeping her separate from my other rabbit for now, intending on bonding them eventually), and I’m sort of bewildered on what her breed and age are. Pictures are attached. Her coat is completely white and she has blue eyes...
  11. Kora

    Young rabbit diet?

    I’m getting a young (I think 2 months old) rabbit soon, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to need to feed her, as everything I see or read tells me different things. I’m going to be feeding her Oxbow Young Rabbit pellets for sure, as those seem to be the most highly recommended. But how much...
  12. cosmoluna

    How old should my bunny be to start feeding treats?

    Hi all (: I just was wondering when I can start feeding my young bunny treats! I have oxbow baked treats (strawberry and banana) made with hay. How long should I wait before giving her any? She’s 3 month old right now.
  13. S

    White solid thing sticking out of butt of a baby rabbit.

    1 of the 5 babies has this white dried out thing sticking out of his butt since 4 days. It was a bit soft and white at first but now it looks dried and yellowish. It also increased in size like its coming outside even more. The baby is 13 days old. His behaviour mostly seems normal although he...
  14. B

    Severely dehydrated Bunny help pls

    I have 3 kits that will be 4 weeks on the 19th. I've had alot of trouble with the runt off and on this whole time. She will eat really good for a few days to a week and then will not want to barely eat. I'm feeding them goats milk with KMR added. The other 2 are gaining weight regularly and...
  15. bellathebouncingbun

    False pregnancy advice needed !

    My beautiful baby Bella is now fully matured and she’s had her first (what I think is) false-pregnancy. Was cleaning out the hutch today and noticed a huge wad of her fur in the corner of the ‘hidden room’ in the hutch. It’s the darkest area in the hutch and is sheltered from light and very...
  16. allyxoxo

    Baby Bunnies Fur

    My doe had babies and she cannot nurse them because that caused her to get ill, which means I have been syringe feeding them formula. I use KMR milk with heavy cream for them, but for two of the babies they make a mess and the milk/formula gets all over their fur. I try to rinse it off but they...
  17. A

    Baby Rabbit Screaming

    I have five baby rabbits that are fourteen days old now, and while the mom was feeding them one of the babies started screaming so I took the mom away and checked all of them and they were all okay and moving fine. One baby opened their eyes for the first time at that moment too, so I’m not sure...
  18. R

    Baby rabbit twitching

    Hi my name is Raymond I have two baby rabbit there like the size of your palm one of them is running in circle like crazy, twitching and licking my finger what do I do? Is something wrong? It running like crazy. Ugh I don’t want it to die at all I gave it water and put it in its cage I’m worried...
  19. Joanne Armstrong

    3 week old kits

    My baby kits were 3 weeks old this past Sunday 17th March and only one out of 5 has their eyes open. Should I leave them a week or so longer or try clean them to see if they open, there is not gunk, mucus etc but most kits Stevie has had before open their eyes at about 10-14 days. Please help
  20. R

    Baby Bun Not Pooping.

    I’m going to start this off by saying, I know that the best chances of this babies survival would be with a rehabber but I simply can’t get to the only one that is in my area. It’s way to far. I have experience with baby animals of many species and that is why I took this on. My little Honey is...