Three does giving birth in the same space

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Apr 17, 2021
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Hi, I would love if some of you could help me solve a doubt of mine

The thing is I have three does living in the same space, they’re free roamed and share everything, I have never had any sort of problem like them fighting over food or anything, they have been together for more than 7 months and looks like they appreciate each other company, but the thing is all three are pregnant and my question is if I should separate them due to the fact that they’ll have their babies the same day, or if they could share that space for the litters (the space is very big and they have a nest box for each other) thanks !


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I have a breeding doe duo sharing a hutch. The following is what I came up with, what works for me, but I reckon other people do things different:
When the second is due I put in a divider for 1-3 days to make sure she uses the right nest box, and not the one with a litter in it. Does spend garden time together though. Works fine for me.
If they kindle the same day I would still keep the dividers in until they have fed their litters at least once.
But in colony setups that isn't done, and obviously it does work even if 2 does happen to use the same nest.

If the litters are more than a few days apart another problem pops up 2 weeks later, with bigger kits venturing into a fresh nest ,trampling and soiling it, and raiding the milk buffet. Low barriers, high enough to block the kits but not the does help here.

Last year one doe started to feed the wrong, more convinient to reach nest at about 2 weeks, I just removed the first nestbox and put all kits in that second nest, they were nursed by both does and it worked out.
It can also happen that kits accumulate in one nest, with few or none left in another, so redistributing them before feeding time might be helpful for a week or so after they got mobile.

So, checking if all kits get feed imo needs to be done more regularily in a setup like this. Also, the does might appreciate a high shelf to escape the kits, or time out, with that many they would have not much rest.

About breeding, I hope you are aware what you're getting yourself into, apart from rabbits being addictive. It's a great experience and hobby, and so many good moments, but right now I'm waiting for the emergency vet to call if the doe makes it through surgery, surprise pregnancy, kit got stuck, doesn't look too good.
And have a real good plan on what to do with the kits, and some standards and goals regarding quality.

Good luck :)

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