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Jul 31, 2021
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Hello, please help me decide
I came across an ad for a baby white rabbit who is advertised as an Dwarf Angora - Holland Lop Mix. The breeder is a small scale rabbit breeder it seems from their Facebook page. The breeder told me the father is Broken Cream Holland Lop, and while the mom is the Angora(could she a lionhead mix?Screenshot_20210731-082730_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082715_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-083520_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082719_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082723_Gallery.jpg) You can see pictures below the baby is mostly white most like a "Charlie" because of some faint colouring on her nose, and has lopped ears like a Holland lop, and fuzzy body like her mom. I also attached photos of the mom who has fawn and white coloring. The breeder doesn't have pedigrees and also they going for 300 for baby and mom is 320. I live too far to travel to see them in person. I am wondering if I should adopt the baby or if should get an English Angora from another breeder. Also I feel looking the mom's photo I wonder how her wool/hair feels, maybe not as soft as an English Angora.

What do you think??Screenshot_20210731-082730_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082715_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-083520_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082719_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082723_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210731-082736_Gallery.jpg
I wouldn't touch that breeder with a ten foot pole. Neither of those rabbits are angora. They're most likely lionhead mixes. Angora is a recessive gene. Lionhead is a dominant gene. If the mother were really an angora (and also note: angoras don't come in that color and besides, she looks nothing like an angora), the HL x angora kit would have normal fur, not wool. These are overpriced lionhead mixes (those would be overpriced even for pedigreed show rabbits), especially selling them unpedigreed and at that price. People like this give breeders a bad name

With longhaired rabbits you REALLY want to get one from a reputable breeder, preferably a show or fiber breeder. Breeders select for wool qualities that make them easier to groom and less likely to mat (such as a higher distribution of guard hairs). An angora or jersey wooly from a reputable breeder can go for months without grooming without issue (not suggesting you try it). Wooly rabbits from poor quality lines like this are usually much less consistent with their coat (especially if they have normal furred breeds like holland lop mixed in). This means their fur is weaker and more cottony, and more prone to matting. A much more labor intensive coat.

If you are wanting a longhaired rabbit or an angora, I would suggest a jersey wooly or a french angora. English angora have the softest and highest maintenance coat of all the angoras. French angoras have the lowest maintenance coat of the angoras; jersey woolies probably have the lowest maintenance coat of all wooled rabbits, plus the small size of a dwarf that makes them easy to handle (though again, you have to make sure you are getting one from a good breeder; a lot of "jersey woolies" for sale are just longhair offshoots of netherland dwarfs, which have inconsistent and usually cottony coats)
Thank you for your input that was very helpful. I thought it was odd that the rabbits were advertised for that much and did not have any pedigrees. I will continue my search for an English Angora instead

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