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    Mini Rex

    SBR's Bijou, BEW Jr. Doe (Blue Eyed White) Ear# 1BW, DOB: March 25, 2007 Genotype: aa ?_ ?_ ?d ?e vv Winnings: 1 GC Leg for 1st in Class out of 5 on April 7th, 2007 I'll post more pics & wins from Bijou and other's when they occur :). ~Sunshine
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    Color Genetics

    No... REW's cannot hide anything in the C allele. In order of dominance: C c(chd) c(chl) c(h) c So in order for it to be a REW, it HAS to be "cc" - complete lack of pigmentation. If the kit out of this buck is indeed a REW, then the Buck cannot be aSeal as Seals are "c(chl)c(chl)"... it...
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    A. What do you breed? Mini Rex - Specializing in Lynx Rex (on a limited scale) B. How long have you been breeding? I seriously started breeding March 2004- but my general rabbit experience and knowledge dates back 16 years :shock:. C. Have you bred any other breeds? Years ago I had Mini Lops...
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    Color Genetics

    katt wrote: Ah! But if you notice in the picture of Toby... there's a ruby cast to his eyes - Black's do not have this. ~Sunshine
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    Linebreeding/inbreeding Question

    Linebreeding is more of breeding to a Grandparent or 1/2 related Aunt/Uncle - it's more "removed" than Inbreeding. Inbreeding is more of Parent to Offspring, Fullly related Aunt/Uncle to Niece/Nephew, Full and 1/2 Siblings. Basically closer in relation and more similar genetically than...
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    Linebreeding/inbreeding Question

    If I have a particular gene in my herd that I want to solidify, I will breed two full siblings together without any second thoughts. As Pam mentioned, you can easily "pull out" the genes you WANT from doing full sibling crosses, but also due to the limited gene pool - don't be surprised if you...
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    Preparing For pregnancy

    Personally, especially if you aren't experienced with palpating... I'd take her into the vet. What concerns me is the fact that she DID begin pulling fur right around her due date... I'd get her looked at for the possibility of a stuck kit. ~Sunshine
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    Construction and design of a "Bunny Barn" is entirely up to you - whatever you feel fits your situation. Me, I'm in the city and have a limited amount of space... so I justhave my stackers on the side of my house (in the back yard) with a plywood "roof" constructed over the stackers. The...
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    REHOME: So. Cal. (Resolved)

    PROGRESS!!! I think we've got it done!!! I have plans to go to the Bakersfield show myself... I am willing topick the bun up in Hesperia on my way to Bakersfield. ThenI've been able to secure a ride for him from the Bakersfield show onFeb. 10th to the Turlock show on Feb. 24th with a fellow...
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    REHOME: So. Cal. (Resolved)

    I'm still working on it from my end... don'tgive up just yet, Show season is gearing up and people are travelinggood distances to attend ;). There's a show coming up in Bakersfield on Feb. 10th and a FlemishGiant show in Oakdale on March 17th. If all else fails, I'msure there would at least...
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    this maybe a stupid question....

    naturestee wrote: Yes and No... I'm familiar with her breeder's website and recognizedher picture rightaway;), I can't say I've had thepleasure of meeting her in person though :(. ~Sunshine
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    A White Tan?

    That's too bad, I (and many others) would have LOVED to see this little one make it to adulthood and also see some kind of pictures. Someone on the genetics group suggested it could be a gene similarly relatedto White Doberman's. Someone else suggested a "Reverse Tan" (which sounds similar)...
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    this maybe a stupid question....

    Awe! It's Mardi Gras! I'm sure you'll be very happy with her! ~Sunshine
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    A White Tan?

    Ok... a bit of an understatement, but they are all very eager to see pictures of this baby on the Genetics group! They haven't been able to give any insight just yet, but if this baby does live and if you're friend decides she doesn't want to keep it -I've gotsomeone that seriously wants it.;)...
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    Mum and baby photos

    grumpybabies wrote: You're quite welcome! :) ~Sunshine