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    Hi! Welcome to RO :)You'll find lots of useful things here, and of course a lot of nice people :)
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    Hey! I havent been on for a while and im just lurking now.. But i was wondering if any of you know of any good places to get english lops. Im located not to far from seattle.. I want one as a pet though so i do not want to spend a ton of money for it to come with a pedigree or anything. I will...
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    March Madness

    Mannnn, i watched it last night and was really rooting for both my home team the Huskies and Syracuse (but i dont think i can spell? lol) and they both lost. I honestly think kentuckys gonna take it, im not realling rooting for anyone right now..
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    Piercing-do not read if your squeimish!

    I have my lobes stretched to twos but i thought that if you punch it out that it wont close down because the piece of ear was taken out instead of stretched. am i wrong? Either way, looks very painful! lol cant wait to see it when its all healed up.
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    Myia's Bunny Blog

    heyy just stopping to post a comment. I've read most of your blog but still havent ever posted in it. Just wanted to let you know i really like the pictures of all your pets and to keep them comming!
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    I really like microdermals, their so cool looking. How was the pain? Plus since you took them out, how did they come out since their under the skin? You have 00 lobes? What did they shrink back to, normal? or are they still a little stretched.
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    Does anyone else cage their bunny?

    My bunn is "caged" but she definatly gets her free time everyday. She's very destructive if she doesnt get out, she hates being in her pen alll day.. Do you let her out to stretch her legs at all? Is not hard to bunny proof, at least one room would do. I know my Evie really loves it.
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    4guage conch? Wow, never seen them that big. My lobes are two gauge, i cant imagine a conch at 4g. Make sure to post pictures. It seems very unique i want to see :) Oh annndd, lol If your microdermals are on an appropriate place of your chest, lol, can you post pics? I Really want to get...
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    I've heard 6-9 months too for belly button, went with my friend when she got it done and thats what they said..
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    NIC Cage Sizes

    Hmm sounds like a good set up, cant wait to see it! Do you have any idea how your going to do it already? Make sure you get pictures, i'd love to see more ideas.
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    NIC Cage Sizes

    I think the cages sounds good, but i think you should do 2 grids high because they should be able to stand up. If you could do 2 high, i think that would be even better.
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    I have my my lobes pireced twice, first whole gaged to a 2. I also have my cartlige and nose. And just today got my rook! :) Which surprisingly didnt hurt too bad..
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    Bossy Bunny

    Thanks :) So no new photos right now, but i will leave you with some old ones to hold you over. I took some pictures of Evie tonight during her time out, but unfortunatly she's not very photogenic as she moves too much and i dont have the cord so i need to wait til i can use my sisters...
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    Stray from Shelter

    this was 5 years ago.
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    Ohhhhhh. Wow, am i slow today. I get what you mean by points now, its whats needed to level up. So in that case i have coins- 721,786 cash-12 points- 79,630 Im on level 35 now.