What are possible breeds of my bunny? How to bond?

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Mar 20, 2019
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I have recently rescued a rabbit a few months ago. When I adopted him, they had very little information for me about him such as his age, breed, and even temperament since he was not with the shelter for very long. What they gave me was:

They had guessed he was about a year and half (full grown) but he has grown quite a bit since I’ve had him so he was most likely younger than they thought.

He was most likely a mutt, but they didn’t give me any sort of breeds to go on.

Although so far he’s been awesome, he litter trained very well and has become much more social with us than he was, he goes back and forth between being comfortable with us to being extremely skidish and hiding from everything and everyone. I was hoping that knowing a little more about the breeds in him would help with bonding.

As far as trouble bonding, he is sort of polar opposite ranging from week to week. I’ve thought this could possibly be from just the way he was cared (or not cared) for in his last home or homes. They had only told me he was dropped off at the shelter because of an allergy development of the owner.

If anyone has any ideas on any of this or how to help let me know!


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Breed makes no difference when trying to bond with him. Patience is all that is needed. Sounds like he is doing well already. All rabbits have their moods and there are times of the day when they don't want to be bothered. That's likely more what you are seeing when you say he goes back and forth between being comfortable and then skittish. It all depends on his mood at any particular moment. You can find some bonding tips here.
I don't know what breed but he's very cool. I also have this age question for my rescued rabbit, was wondering how can you identify age if you just found a rabbit and it was an adult.
When I adopted Fred we thought he is either very old or very ill, he was really quiet staying in his corner not showing any signs he can see or hear you firstly, also he keeps his head a bit on the right side so I wasn't even sure he will survive but now after two months he's great and active rabbit, and looks much younger than then just has some hearing problem probably there was an ear infection and he only can hear with one ear and you need to call him a bit louder, then he's very friendly and wants to communicate and all, excellent toilet habits and very good rabbit but I'd be interested to know his approximate age. He's fully grown that's for sure he acts as an adult, very placid rabbit maybe he's a senior would be nice to find out, can vet tell you more or it is just based on observation how he acts?
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Hope these links help. Our vet typically looks at our rescued buns teeth to speculate an age. We have rescued many or taken them in as fosters from high-volume, high euthanization shelters.

My avatar is a picture of Japanese Harlequin coloring Karla.

TaylorChristine, I understand the various surrender comments one hears at the shelter, and how many are surrendered. And getting little information on a pet someone surrenders.! I'm in Wisconsin, too, and have socialized buns at our local shelter and worked in the rescue network. Our harlequin Karla was a lovable disabled girl w/hind limb paresis from a DVM who injured her back/legs during spay. We have 2 harlequin rescues who have different personalities.
Learning to trust a human takes time. Thanks for the link, Blue eyes from Arizona. I wasn't aware of that site. Helpful information for all to have.

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