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  1. M

    Belgian Hare?

    Hi! Recently I was given these 2 bucks. I believe they might be Belgian Hares but I’m not sure. (I’ve had rabbits since I little, & have never seen rabbit like these before!)
  2. apryl

    What breed could my rabbits be?

    So, my two rabbits Lilith (my broken doe) and Behemoth (black buck) are said to be Rexes but part of me is thinking they might be wrong? They’re still a bit young, about 6-7 months for my doe and 5ish for my buck but they just seem to look different than Rex and even Mini Rex rabbits. Their fur...
  3. H

    What breed is my male bunny?

    I bought my bunny Barry at 8 weeks and was told he was a Lionhead and Lop cross, however he doesn’t have the usual characteristics or physical attributes from those breeds, he is amazing and I love him regardless but I would like if someone could give me some ideas of his breed 😊
  4. S

    What kind of rabbit do I have?

    I've had a rabbit for about 1.5 years now, and I'm still not sure what breed he is, and I'm curious as to if I can figure it out. (I apologize that it's a bit dark, but you can likely see his colors quite well) I think that out of all the breeds I've looked at, he appears to look most like a...
  5. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)
  6. Chantelmedz

    What breed is our bunny?

    Hey everyone!! I’m brand new here so first and foremost, hello!!! We just adopted a bunny from our local animal services. This little guy was found abandoned with 2 other buns. We’re hoping someone here could help us identify the breed! We tried clicking on the “what breed is my bunny” thread...
  7. MochiTheBunny

    How can I know if my bunny is a dwarf?

    Hello, I recently bought a bunny and I am new to the bunny community. I am having a hard time identifying the breed of my bunny. He is 8 weeks old and weighs 230g. I was told that he was a dwarf, but did not specify what kind of dwarf. Please help me and feel free to give any tips on how to...
  8. L

    Breed identification help

    Can anyone help me identify the breed of my rabbit?
  9. Abigail_Carolina

    Should I get a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop?

    I am going to be getting a rabbit in a couple months, and I have decided on a lop rabbit. I looked through different lop breeds, and I can't decide between a Holland Lop and a Mini Lop. This is the first rabbit I will be having as a pet. I have three siblings who are pretty young (4, 8, and 11...
  10. Savannahana

    New Bun Alert!

    Hey! I just joined this website because I just got a bun. I named him Charlie and I’m unsure what breed he is mixed with. The place I got him from did not seem to care at all what he was mixed with or about him so I adopted him. If anybody knows how big he’ll get or what he is exactly, or even a...
  11. Michelledukes

    Need help! What breed is my bunny?!

    I'm not sure what his breeding is. When he stretches out he seems rather long and muscular. I think he has a full arch. Hes got rather large hind feet. A broken herringbone going down his back and V shaped ears and black tail. His name is chewie and I think he's rather young. Probably 3 months...
  12. Rosy

    What breed is she?

  13. Shedua

    What Breed Could my Rabbit be?

    I've had little Mac here for about a year now. I've always wondered what kind of breed he has in him. He is the size of a dwarf rabbit, but he has the long fur around his face like a lionhead. He also has that black otter coloring. He is probably a mutt of some kind. Any ideas of what he could be?
  14. pingoose

    Rabbit Breed and Age?

    Hi all, I recently took in a rabbit who was dumped at my local park (keeping her separate from my other rabbit for now, intending on bonding them eventually), and I’m sort of bewildered on what her breed and age are. Pictures are attached. Her coat is completely white and she has blue eyes...
  15. MissActon08

    Does my rescue look like a White Flemish Giant?

    Hello Everyone, I rescued the rabbit below as I was told he is a Flemish Giant or Flemish mix. Now I've had 4 Flemish Giant rabbits one a mix, and he does not seem big enough nor have the right head shape. Can one of you help me to tell if he is a Flemish Giant or if he is an American or...
  16. Leely

    Please help! What breed is my bunny?

    I've searched everywhere, googled different guides on how to identify my rabbit's breed but nothing matches. If anyone knows what breed this is, I would be extremely grateful!
  17. Rosy

    What breed is he?

  18. Tes


    Hello everyone! I am new to this site as I haven’t had many questions concerning my bunny Pannacotta until now : I was wondering what kind of breed he is! The woman who gave him to me when he was 2 months old said he was a “dwarf angora” however since then I have realized there are many...
  19. Emma Walker

    Help with bunny breed

    Hi, I have 3 baby bunnies however have no idea of their age (they’re sitting at around 400g currently. They have been weaned but are small - around the size of a guinea pig) or their breed. They’re from the same litter. Could anyone help me with identifying them at all?! Thank you in advance...
  20. Emma Walker

    Help with bunny breed

    Hi, I have 3 baby bunnies however have no idea of their age (they’re sitting at around 400g currently) or their breed. They’re from the same litter. Could anyone help me with identifying them at all?! Thank you in advance! The white faced grey is Winter, the dark grey and gold tipped is Fidget...