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That´s his normal binky, he always does a twisty binky. Houdini binkies quite a lot but Bandy´s binkies and circuits are great, I am still trying to get them on film...he sure can move for his size but he runs with such abandon that I love it.
Ellie binkies and popcorns all the time. She does 500's around the whole kitchen and its hilarious. She can jump like 1-2 feet off the floor!

Houdini is just adorable!
Morgan, I look and Houdini still and think that him and Ellie would create havoc if we ever got them together. They would be the terrible two haha. He´s always planning naughty things and he´s always into everything but he´s got such a cute look that I forgive him nearly everything just like you and Miss Ellie :love:
I think that if Houdini and Ellie ever got together, a country would be invaded and taken over. OR they would make something explode. BUT it would be hilarious to watch them play together! If you ever want to send him stateside, send him to me! LOL He's such a cutie, I love his little sooty nose.
I think you´re right, these two would be a national security risk haha.

I love his cutie little face, he´s got a little white spot on his nose now, it really suits him.
I really enjoyed the pics of your sis with the buns. I guess because I have a flemmie I tend to picture other people buns as larger than what they are in my mind. I pictured your buns as bigger than they are. The pics with your sis really put their size into perspective. They all are so attractive.

OMG I do that too! It's like my brain can't process smaller bunnies. I still squeal when I see the tiny wild bunnies around my neighborhood, because they're tiny versions of Monty! I can't even imagine domestic buns being that small though, like I KNOW it, but I still look at pics of other people's bunnies and just think of them as Monty's size. Agnes always looks a lot bigger than she really is, and so does Bandy. Something about the fluffy ones just makes them larger than life, until I see them next to something and I get confused :p :shock2:

Great videos, Chris! I love the Houdini binky! I'd love to see any of Bandy that you get. He always looks so relaxed and doll-like that I can't even imagine him moving around with such energy
Missy, I am really going to try and get some of him as he is the best of the lot, his races and binkies are just so good, all that fluff shaking.

I´m the opposite, I see mine and then look at Monty and Thumper and they just seem enormous...can´t imagine having a bun that, mine eat enough between the three of them :shock2:
I keep thinking back to when the neighbors niece brought over the bun he got her. She was probably smaller than what Ellie is. She wasn't much bigger than Thumpers head if that.

I really like the video of the binky! I love when they get all excited and binky.
Well, my mom is a bunny convert. I´ve caught her a couple of times in the mornings saying hello to them and this morning she was trying to stroke them and pet them. I told her that if she puts her finger through the bars without moving her then Houdini will give he bunny kisses and he did and she was absolutely won over. This morning when we were having breakfast I got Snowy out and he´s such a sweetie and I gave him to her to hold and he was really good and licked her nose...she is so in love with them now and I caught her talking to them a few times.....yeahhhhhh.

Here she is with Snowy this morning, still in her pj´s....she did really well although I was right beside her just in case. He´s such a good little boy.

Awww, that's so sweet :) I love it when we make a new bunny convert. That's so cute of your mom and Snowy. I'm glad he behaved himself. That was cute of Houdini too, to give your mom a bunny kiss. Good job! You trained these boys right :)
Thanks Jenny, Snowy is a great with her and is such a laid back bunny when you pick him up so she was fine with him and she was loving it. So glad she´s enjoying spending time with them and she does talk to them all the time and follow them around.
Snowy is the only one who rarely binkies but he´s just a little sweetie. He sat with mom again this morning and was licking her face and she loves it. She was talking to them all this morning so she gave them a craisin each and they love her now haha.

I love seeing that she´s enjoying the buns and it´s lovely to see her making a fuss of them.
I love the picture of Snowy with your mom! He looks so happy with his ears back, enjoying being loved on! haha.
Its so funny that she likes them so much, thats a good thing though. You have such good boys, they're the perfect rabbits to get to know when you're older!

Ellie binkies and popcorns like 2 feet in the air, its so funny!
Chris, the video of Houdini escaping and rocketing away is just like Doc! Doc has a talent for never giving away his intentions and all of a sudden being on top of or over something he shouldn't be. Just the other day he was out and just standing around for awhile spacing out.. then he immediately made one giant leap on top of the cage. Where did that come from??
Lyndy, he is always looking and studying things and then he just goes for it when your back is turned. Another twice today as I keep forgetting to put the cardboard up against that one side.

Let them both out for quite a while today and they were getting on famously, at one point they were sitting side by side but they did have a little set too but nothing bad and then I put one away. Favourite place of all of them now is under the dining room table on the chairs....all fascinated so as long as they do not damage, I´m OK with that.
Well, I got a little video this morning of mom and Snowy. He is such a good little boy and he let her pet him for a while and didn´t move. Oh, he is such a sweetie and she just loved it.

Omg! Snowy looks so happy! Your mom is adorable! I laughed when she said "oh, you're going already?" Haha. I think a well mannered bun like Snowy would be such a good therapy animal for elderly people.
He is such a calm little boy and he will sit still for ages and he loves being petted and fussed over and he loves licking faces.

She is so liking him and the others and I hope she comes back to see the boys again. She´s only got a couple of days left, she goes back to England on Wednesday.

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