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Chris, I love the pictures! Your mom is adorable! She looks like so much fun, to get up on that bronze donkey!
Those donkey's are so dressed up and fancy!
You and your sister do look alike, such lovely ladies!

I love the picture of you sitting in the floor with the buns! haha. Houdini looks so cute.

I love the town picture, it looks so different there. It looks like a nice place to visit, I would love to go there! I want to go to Spain SO bad now!
Thanks Morgan, she´s quite spritely for her age but she is getting older so we have to go slower.

Houdini is a little carácter and he often looks at me like that, he is so nosey.

Me and my sister went down to the beach today for a couple of hours as it is such lovely weather. Not many people there but just nice to sit around doing nothing for a while. We left mom at home having a siesta.

The sea was very cold, you can see it on our faces lol.

This is my sister.

Here I am

Haha it probably wasn´t that cold but it certainly felt like it....very cold. It was lovely though being on the sand and paddling in the sea....feels like the summer is almost here. I got a bit suntanned as well...really need it as I´m white as a sheet lol.
Well, we´ve both got a nice glow tonight...a bit red but I´m sure it will fade by tomorrow´s to the start of the summer and a nice tan lol.
I love all of your pictures, the beach, your family and the buns. Happy Birthday bandy!!!:hearts: It is wonderful that you are close with your sister and mom. I think your Mom and my grandma might have got a long. My grandmother came to Germany to visit when I was living there. She stayed for a month with us and went for a walk every day, to church every Sunday even though she didn't understand German and toured four different countries while there.
Thanks gals, glad you enjoyed the pics.

The beach is less tan a 10 minute drive about a 20 minute walk so I´m really lucky. You do get really complacent about having it so close, I only went to the beach last year about 5 times in the whole of the summer.

I miss them both as I don´t see them that often. My mom comes about three times a year but my sister will probably be back in the summer this year as she´s not working at the moment. When they go back, it´s work as usual and seeing friends although all my friends know them so well, we all go out together when they´re here.

Denise, your grandmother sounds amazing. My mom is fit and healthy at them moment but is slowing down and I´m not sure she´d be able to find the town centre now, I´d be scared she´d get lost and no way can she use a mobile phone so we have to go out together but she loves coming here.

Wish I could send a bit of sunshine and sea to you all :wink
Wow, its only a 10 minute drive?! The closest beach here is 6-7 hours away :p.

I wish you got to see them both more often. It would be great if they both lived in Spain. Than you could visit them whenever you liked.
Chris...thank you! She was an amazing woman she lived into her 80's and was active up until right near the end. Although she was retired from nursing she helped another nurse and doctor open a clinic for those less fortunate as well as donating her time. All good memories though as she was such a good person and one of only two people that I knew without a doubt have loved me. :)

I already have my first sunburn of the season and 50 minutes from a beach although we only made it there once last year, hopefully more this year.
I got my first sunburn this weekend too! My shoulders and face and arms, I spent a little too much time in the directly sunlight on Saturday! It was pretty hot here. Its a 3 hour drive to the beach for us, well, to the beaches I like to go to.
My sister walked down to the beach on her own today, I caught the sun just under my chin, it´s really funny how I´ve got a half moon shaped does that happen !!!??? So, I did some work and just read for a while while mom had a siesta..she was up early this morning and we did a bit of walking around the market as I went to get the veggies for the boys and we bought some lovely fresh strawberries which we had after dinner with some ice cream.

My sister goes back to the UK tomorrow, I´ll really miss her. I´ve told her to come in the summer for a month or two as she´s not working so I´m hoping she takes up the offer.

Denise, your grandmother sounds like a real great lady and how good that she helped others by donating her time, bet you´re really proud of her.

I should feel lucky living so close to the sea, couldn´t imagine now living miles away from it but we do take it for granted and don´t go down there as much as we should. I´m going to try and go down more often this year, I´ll have to as my friend with the dog has moved so no more detached villa and swimming pool in the summer :cry4:
I'm sorry your sister is leaving tomorrow. I hope she does take up your offer and stay for the summer. I'm sure you two would have a lot of fun.

I wish I lived closer to a beach. They are so pretty and I love the sand and waves. We would like to get a pool this summer, I'm sure hoping we do! Does the beach near you ever warm up enough to swim in it?
I laughed at your cold water at the beach faces. :p I too am close to the beach! 10-15 minute drive. I went a lot last summer, it's so nice to just lie on the sand and be lazy. Our water isn't super warm, but in the summer it's doable, especially if it's a hot day.

Happy belated Birthday to Bandy! Looks like he had a lovely day of being spoiled. :)
It´s OK to go in the sea in the summer as it´s so much hotter so you warm up much quicker...I couldn´t lie on the beach without going in the wáter, it´s far too hot at that time of the year between 32 and 40ºC so have to cool off often.

Just a couple of pics of bunny feeding time. My sister was becoming quite the expert

Here is Houdini sister couldn´t believe he would jump until he did...he´s a little rascal

Here she is feeding Bandy...

And here she is feeding Snowy...

I am so glad she´s now nearly a convert, she was really getting to like them and they were jumping up on the sofá with her, it was so good that they liked her as well. I´m sure if she comes over in the summer, she´ll be a fully fledged bunny could she resist them.
LOL! I love the pics! But my favorite is the one where she is feeding Bandy and Snowy is in the back like HEY! NO That's NOT for Bandy that's for meeee!!! lol. Then he gets his piece afterwards lol.
Aww, I loved the pictures! They are all great! I agree with Katie my favorite picture is the one where Snowy is like that treat is for ME not Bandy!!!
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Double post. :)

Since I have a double post I might as well say more :). Yes how could your sister not love those cute bunny faces. Maybe she will adopt a bunny. :)
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