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I don't eat out much anymore because of gluten. If I can't get a body on the phone to assure me they can find something to make for me, or if their website doesn't offer some info on their gluten free offerings, I don't go there. Plain and simple, been through enough pain that I'd rather go hungry than risk it on someone else's ignorance.

I cook for myself a lot more now than I ever did before, and really feel like it saves a ton of money and feel good doing it. I use corn tortillas in place of bread and don't bother with gfree bread from the store. If you ever need to commiserate about it or have questions about how I've coped, feel free to shoot me a message here or Facebook :)
Jenny, yes mom loves my little boys now and she takes good care of them. She also knows Houdini so well and knows when he´s up to something.

Work is busiest for me in summer and drops off in the winter so I have a very long, busy summer and a quiet winter but the money has to last he whole year !!

Going gf has been a big change in some things. I do feel so much better but eating out is now so complicated. As you say Missy, you can´t trust most places and you have to ask so many questions it just becomes a pain in the neck so I will be eating out much less now and cooking at home. Having said that I found a place that does a fab dessert with fruits and merengue which is absolutely gorgeous, I could live on that. The same place is also really accomodating with other food. The other day they did some chips for me in fresh oil so there was no cross contamination from other food and they do an english breakfast to order for us. I have also found two restaurants locally who do gluten free items on their menu so I will be trying them when my sister is over again. I don´t find it difficult to find things to eat at home and although I do eat gf bread, I eat very little now and you do get used to it.

I may take you up on your offer, sometimes it´s good to have a moan to someone who knows how it is.

Bandy is back at the vet this morning, we will see how he´s doing and I am hoping we can move forward towards getting rid of his abscess. Yes, the medication and treatment are wearing us down now and the cost of them even more :nod
Not been on here in ages, just so busy with work and the boys. Bandy still doing fine, treating one of the secondary abscesses but is not affecting his appetite or his play time. He's back on penicilin again and we're hoping that it will move and soften so we can lance and put the antibiotic beads again, they have worked wonderfully on the previous ones. I feel like part of the family at the surgery now, it's been four months now so he's well used to going there and is the model patient. Love seeing the variety of animals she treats as well. Have seen parrots, canaries, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, snakes, a peacock, tortoises all shapes and sizes, lots of other bunnies and the odd dog and cat. Never a dull moment. The other two are as cheeky as ever. Houdini's favourite spot now is sitting on my laptop and Snowy is keeping both of them in their place.A few photos of them.



Glad to hear that Bandy, while still having abscess, is doing well. Your boys are as cute as always. :)
How can anyone resist a floofy bunny butt :p They look so chilled and comfy.

Wow! I can't believe he's been on his meds that long. Wish it would just clear up for you two, but at least it is staying under control.
They are all really suffering from the heat, so am I. Been really hot the last few days so have their fan running nearly 24/7 and their frozen water bottles.

Have now managed to get their food on a Spanish website as postage is free, have also ordered the dried dandelion which they love as well. I need to go back on there to see if they have good quality hay. Here's Houdini helping himself


Ages since I posted, a mad summer, working 7 days a week , juggling visitors and fitting in vets visits. Boys are doing great, Bandy still has his abscess but he is doing well and is a little star patient. Work just starting to slow down now so hoping to spend more time on here. Sad to hear some favourite buns have gone and see there are new ones. Will make a longer post over weekend but glad to be back


So nice to see an update from you and your boys. I was hoping Bandy's abscess would have cleared up by now, but I'm glad to hear that it's still manageable.
We're coping and have really nice people and some lovely animals over the months I have been going there. We have just drained another and he has one remaining which we are hoping will be ready to pop next week. I didn't want to go the surgery route unless absolutely necessary as it still isn' t a guaranteed cure. I hope that onevof these days, we will have cleared the last one.
CHRIS! Welcome back!!! :)

I've been meaning to post here to ask if your busy summer had let up yet, and how you and the boys are. You beat me to it :) I'm glad you get a bit of a break now. You must be a bit worn out. Time for your vacation :)

I can't believe Bandy's abscess still hasn't cleared up. Well, I guess I'm not overly surprised, with how difficult jaw abscesses can be to get rid of, but I was hoping for the news that it was gone. Darn :(. These abscesses can be such tricky things. I know of one girl that has been battling her buns jaw abscess for more than 8 mo. The vet finally implanted some abx beads and it is looking like this may be working. Hopefully Bandy's will start clearing up too. Is he still his happy self despite it all?

Well, glad to have you back! Haven't missed too much(been pretty quite) besides a few more buns gone to rainbow bridge :( Oh, and I finally managed to bond my little buns together. It's so fun to see them all snuggled up now. I'm glad to see all your boys doing well and still happily bonded together :)
Jen so good to see you here. It's been a tough summer but am happy as first time am going into winter without money worries. I joke I could have had a luxury holiday with what I've spent on Bandy but he's worth every penny. He's had the beads in his but that one clears and another one pops up. It's so difficult as they grow in compartments but he's still my big bun and never stopped eating and has maintained his weight. It's now been 7 months since his first visit but we are patient and hope that one day he will be clear. When she drains the current one, I want to video it as it's amazing how much crap comes out of it. He's back on Friday so we will see if it's ready. And I haven't had to separate them too much. He's also met a little girl bunny at the vets who he likes, we'll prbably bump into her again this week.

Other two are fine. Had Snowy on antibiotics for a couple of weeks as he was sneezing but no nasty mucus so just precautionary. Houdini never changes my little rascal.

I saw yours have finally bonded, such good news and I bet much easier for you.

I did see a few had gone to the bridge. A friend of mines went suddenly a few weeks ago but they have another cutie already. Makes me worry about mine sometimes and get a bit paranoid.

Anyway, great to see you again so to speak and will post some more photos this week.
I'm always wishing the best for Bandy, the poor guy, he must be such a good patient, putting up with all the draining etc. It's good to have you back around the place too :)

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