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  1. H

    Rabbit poop looks weird

    I went to feed my bunny and saw he pooped and it was not his usual pellet droppings and was very wet like. Should I be concerned?
  2. M

    Please help I'm concerned about my rabbits poo!

    Hi so today my bunny is acting completely normal, I let him out of his pen and he popped twice in a more liquidy big consistency. I've been trying to find a photo that mat he's so that I know but cannot figure out what is wrong. I put him back in his pen and he has been laying on his stomach...
  3. Jadoh89

    Baby bunny butts looks awful!

    Okay so I have a rabbit colony. Our latest litter has been a disaster from the start! This mom hasn't been the best unfortunately. Now I noticed two babies this morning not being very active and today I was checking the sex. I was disgusted and hurt by what I found, dry caked on poop and what...
  4. Mimira

    Help, my bunny is depressed.

    Hello! Recently I got a pure breed female dwarf that was 2 months old and few days after that I got her a female friend who’s a mix breed, also 2 months old. My first rabbit is Hoppy and the second one is Hazel. Hoppy suddenly passed away two days back when I left it for a day, my mom and sister...
  5. K


    Hi i just got home and I check my bunnies poop every jight and this has never been seen before I have no idea if i’m making this post in the right area so i’m so sorry i’m frantic right now and so worried I found this in his poop and I cant figure out what bugs they are or what and if this is...
  6. K

    Poop changes?

    Hi! I’ve had my bun for 4 months now and this is the first time there’s been a poop change so i’m quite nervous! I dug through all of his poop and the photos are my findings (I look at his poop everyday, always making sure there’s never a change since I was told it’s a big thing and so I have...
  7. Haru the Lionhead

    Oval poop

    Is this okay? it's oval,darker, and a bit bigger. i havent changed anything in her diet and it was fine this morning. what could this be from? pr is it normal? how can i treat her? i cant really go to a vet this week. should i worry?
  8. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny eating poop

    Guys my bunny just pooped, normal poop, the one we see everywhere not the ones that they usually eat. And she ate it!! Is that okay? why would she do that!
  9. C

    Please help me! Could be GI stasis?

    Recently i got my bunny. He’s two months old. today he’s been awfully tired and didn’t do much. He started grinding his teeth. He also produced a lot of cecothropes (very smelly) He’s still eating fine. I need help.
  10. Bvescobar


    I am very worried about my 5 year old rabbit. Everything has been good for the past two weeks , I switch him over from regular pellets to hay base pellets. Yesterday, he suddenly seems lethargic and I saw his poops have become hairy. He has not ate for 10 hours but he has been pooping, and...
  11. B

    Help! Bunny has irregular poops, plz tell me if this is a bad health sign? Image attached*

    Hi, my bunny is 3 months old and a mix between a flemish and a mini lop. He has been pooping fine till now but this morning I was surprised to see her poop was different. Please if you could tell me if this is a health problem and what may be the cause of such poops. Thanks
  12. Liung

    Cecotroph mess

    Hey guys, since the vet is firmly closed to nonemergency cases and hates giving advice over the phone... anybody have some insight? Starting in March, Delilah has been leaving what I’m pretty sure are cecotrophs smeared all over her favourite condo shelf on a semi-regular basis. At first it was...
  13. Season

    Advice on bun having accidents when out

    Hey everyone I adopted my bun about 3 weeks ago he is approx 4 years old and litter box trained. However the last two nights when he is out roaming around I have noticed that he goes over to my bedroom door (which is closed) and will poop/pee in the corner. He is usually good about using the...
  14. y2chloe

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    My male holland lop is about three years old and neutered who was once litter trained has begun to poop everywhere. I have three litter boxes set up in my bedroom where he is free range. I use newspaper in the bottom and fill the rest up with Timothy hay in two of the boxes. The third one has...
  15. S

    Habit of getting poop stuck on foot

    My rabbit who I’ve had for about 4 years has made a new habit of getting poop stuck to the same back left foot. It’s leading to a bit of a sore foot that has been seen by a vet, but I cannot figure out this behavior. He is healthy, eating and acting normal besides this weird habit. Poop even...
  16. JhonniRootCanal


    Hello, Jhonni my bunny is a rescue bunny. And I have to be gentle with him. I'm still reminding him he can trust me. It's tough. He is litter trained I bought him a play pen full of hay. At first he would eat the hay and I'd give him his pellets in the hay. Now he is pooping and peeing in...
  17. Floyd2019

    Cecotropes, extra lying around

    My bunny produces lots of healthy poops, I am pretty sure he is a megacolon bunny because he's always had issues with cecotropes. Currently he eats them but there's still smears all over his pen and around his mouth. Not a mega ton but enough that I feel I should wash his blankets daily. I've...
  18. Shannon Watson

    Wet/Watery Poop!!!

    This is never a post I thought I’d have to make, but here we are! Appa, my mini Rex buck, is about 3 months old and just had his very first vet appointment while in our care. The vet clipped his nails for us and did what seemed like every test under the sun to determine the status of his...
  19. S


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...
  20. R

    Baby Bun Not Pooping.

    I’m going to start this off by saying, I know that the best chances of this babies survival would be with a rehabber but I simply can’t get to the only one that is in my area. It’s way to far. I have experience with baby animals of many species and that is why I took this on. My little Honey is...