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  1. Lola56

    17 day old kit dragging back legs

    Hi, I have a 17 day old litter of buns and notice one of them is dragging his back legs. I did the pinch test and has feeling in one leg for definite, but I don’t think the other. He’s eating and drinking fine and still has bladder control. Is there any possibility of him regaining feeling in...
  2. S

    Ear Rash and lumps around mouth

    Hello all! Im am writing today in hopes of advice and knowledge any of you might share. Around Christmas I noticed a weird rash on my 3 month old bun Daisy’s ear. She is a half lop bun but the rash is on her upright ear and the lowered one seems perfectly healthy to me. The base of her ear was...
  3. AshleyM03

    Odd shaped rabbit stool

    Hi, I have a rabbit named boba she is a 6 month old dwarf papillon. She is free roam, eats orchard hay and 1/2 cup of oxbow young rabbit pellets a day as well as treats 2-4 times a week. Since I’ve gotten her I’ve noticed her stool is either oval shaped or very tiny and sometimes soft? I have...
  4. emmaskye

    Help, not sure what to do -- messy bottom

    Just saw my rabbit’s bottom today, never seen this before. Does anybody know what this is? And can you help on what to do
  5. M

    Looking for potential answers… (death related)

    My bun, Ainsley passed away yesterday and I just have no idea what happened. She was a 2 year old Lionhead mix (I suspect that she was mixed with mini lop.) She was really lethargic and stopped eating the early morning of December 21 (I noticed at around 3AM, and had brought her to her pen with...
  6. S


    My rabbit recovered from mites and cold last week. From yesterday, blood oozes out when he tries to eat anything. He can take fluids in small amount, only 5-10 ml in one go after which bleeding starts again. He is not able to eat any solid food. Bleeding occurs only when he eats. Vet not here. I...
  7. K


    Hi i just got home and I check my bunnies poop every jight and this has never been seen before I have no idea if i’m making this post in the right area so i’m so sorry i’m frantic right now and so worried I found this in his poop and I cant figure out what bugs they are or what and if this is...
  8. joanappereira

    Infected eye?

    So this is my 9 week old bunny, I went to the vet 4 days ago and talked to her how my bunny has tears since he arrived. She told me he didn’t have any conjuntivites and it is probably because of fur getting in his eye so yea but my bunny keeps having them and now i think it’s white. Help pls bc...
  9. V

    Please help! Runny bunny eyes and vets are stumped

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a forum website and it’s a bit of a long description so apologies in advance but I’m really hoping I can’t be the only person with a bunny in this situation... We had a pair of bunnies for about 4 years, they live outdoors in a bunny shed with a...
  10. elentari

    Thing in Eye

    So I noticed this thing in Mabs eye late last night and I couldn't tell if was a hair or maybe the start of a cataract; but does this look familiar to anybody? I put an eyedrop in her eye but so far I can't tell if anything has happened because whatever is in her eye seems to move.. Hopefully...
  11. H

    Bun eating less but is active

    Hello! I'm new to this forum stuff so I hope this thread gets posted lol. So, two days ago, I came back from a trip for five days and got my 10 month old bun from my friend's house. Since we came back, he hasn't eaten his pellets at all. He drinks less water and poops a lot less (his recent...
  12. K

    Poop changes?

    Hi! I’ve had my bun for 4 months now and this is the first time there’s been a poop change so i’m quite nervous! I dug through all of his poop and the photos are my findings (I look at his poop everyday, always making sure there’s never a change since I was told it’s a big thing and so I have...
  13. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys help me! I woke up an hour ago and my bunny was sitting and when she saw me she fixed her position but she didn’t come to me. I left her thinking maybe she wants to sleep. After that I took her to my room, every time i move her cage she always gets excited and jumps around because she knows...
  14. C

    Please help me! Could be GI stasis?

    Recently i got my bunny. He’s two months old. today he’s been awfully tired and didn’t do much. He started grinding his teeth. He also produced a lot of cecothropes (very smelly) He’s still eating fine. I need help.
  15. Liquidtravel

    Behavior Change

    Hello all, About a week and a half ago I got my 6 month old flemish giant neutered. Prior to that he was very active and rarely wanted to stay in his habitat. I would always let him out at regular intervals and he would run around on the hard wood floor like a race car driver sliding around...
  16. D

    Rabbit cannot lay down?

    I’ve had my rabbit for nearly 5 years, he’s healthy and nurtured the only time i’ve had to take him to the vet outside of a checkup is a scratch on his eye (which rendered him half blind). he is also a healthy weight, and very affectionate and loving. He has a problem that he has had all of his...
  17. elentari

    Scary Moment Last Night/Early Morning

    So I thought I'd share my Great Big Terrifying Ordeal that I had with my bunny earlier, in the hopes that if someone is going through the same thing they can find this post and figure out if the situation is similar or where to go from there, if it's not. Information and awareness ya know...
  18. elentari

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    So my rabbit has these two little bumps a few centimetres under both her eyes, and I don't know if they're new, or I just somehow never noticed them before and they're natural for rabbits to have. Anyway, they feel relatively similar in size/same placement, they're kind of like semi hard bumps...
  19. Morgan Mayon

    Depression of my rabbit.

    Some days ago one of my rabbits is dead. It was a male rabbit. Before, two rabbits were so playful and happy together. But i am noticing some strange behave from my female rabbit. She is hiding herself more than usual, she is either sitting alone or laying down. She is eating as normal but...
  20. Morgan Mayon

    Can't figure out the problem!

    One of my bunnies isn't moving that much than usual lately. He is either just sitting alone or sleeping. His diet is okay though. I mean he is eating as usual, but he isn't playing or moving than before. What are the possibilities for this? And what can i do if it's a serious problem?