My rabbit passed at age 6

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Emmanuel J. Win

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Feb 19, 2020
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Yesterday, my beloved Netherland Dwarf rabbit passed away at age 6 1/2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present when she went. My dad was and he said she seemed sad and uncomfortable the whole day. So he picked her up and held her as they both watched some TV. When he went to put her back in her cage, she started making crying sounds, her breathing altered, and then just moments later, she passed, looking at my dad.
She was fine the days before, however she seemed a bit thin, but I’m worried that she was sick and we didn’t know.
I’m worried that she was in pain in her last moments.
Why did she die so suddenly and young?
I thought rabbits’ lifespans were 10-12 years.
I’m really sad and would like to get a possible answer on how she died.

Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
She was usually a 5 but then these past few days she was like a 4 1/2
If you are saying she's been obese, that can certainly have shortened her lifespan. Rabbits generally live 7-10 years, but some can live into their teens. If she was obese, then 6 1/2 years isn't so bad... almost reaching 7 years.

It's never easy when they pass. Sorry for your loss.

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