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  1. S

    Is a Ragdoll Cat a suitable companion for a greiving mini lop?

    Hi all, Unfortunately I lost my baby Wallace over the weekend and I am completely and utterly devastated. His surviving brother Gromit has never been without him, and I'm worried about him being alone. They live in my room with me so he's not outside in a hutch or anything but I can't be with...
  2. A

    Rabbit Passing Causes

    Hello everyone, Overnight, my 3.5 year old neutered male rabbit passed away. About 10 days ago, I noticed one of his eyes/eyelids looked a little bit swollen, and there was a bit of discharge from his eyes. His nose was also a little wet, and over the space of a few days a bit of hair was lost...
  3. B

    I lost my soulmate

    About 4 days ago my rabbit Bambi passed away. She was my emotional support animal, if I had a panick attack, anxiety or anything going on she would help me. Last Saturday she started acting weird I could tell her stomach hurt so I gave her what I could to help her the next day she looked better...
  4. WingNut

    Unknown Cause Of Pregnancy Death

    TW:// DEATH, MENTIONS OF BLOOD, SEIZURE Hi, this is a really dark post. I understand this isn’t a professional vet group, but I’m hoping to talk to someone who is either in contact with a vet or has been through similar experiences to shed some light. My Holland lop rabbit, Chesnutt (Chessy)...
  5. M

    Looking for potential answers… (death related)

    My bun, Ainsley passed away yesterday and I just have no idea what happened. She was a 2 year old Lionhead mix (I suspect that she was mixed with mini lop.) She was really lethargic and stopped eating the early morning of December 21 (I noticed at around 3AM, and had brought her to her pen with...
  6. J

    What happened to my rabbit

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right area, I've never done this before. Sorry for the downer of question but my 6 year old rabbit died a while back and I just can't get it off my mind. I haven't stopped thinking about what happened to her since I lost her and I'm just wondering if...
  7. E

    Suspected Seizure?

    This morning I awoke to my bunny screaming and running around her cage. At first I thought she was being attacked, but there was nothing in there with her. After a minute or so, she flopped down on the floor and began breathing heavily, mouth open. She attempted to stand up a couple of times...
  8. D

    Sudden rabbit death

    I dont know what kind my bunny is although I think hes some sort of giant bunny anyways we found him abandoned by a field about a year ago And we fed him all the right foods and suddely today I was sitting on my couch and suddenly it's like he got stuck under the coffee table and freaked out...
  9. E

    My rabbit passed at age 6

    Yesterday, my beloved Netherland Dwarf rabbit passed away at age 6 1/2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present when she went. My dad was and he said she seemed sad and uncomfortable the whole day. So he picked her up and held her as they both watched some TV. When he went to put her back in her cage...
  10. N

    My bun lost her mate, should I re-bond her?

    So I have a tough decision to make soon.... We lost our 8 year old male bun this week during surgery. We were unable to bring the body home to help with grieving. Our 8 year old girl bun is doing ok right now - she doesn't want to be alone unless she is in a part of the house that still smells...
  11. A

    My rabbit died... help me figure out how

    Hi everyone, I’m new here um so I joined because my rabbit died today. He was around 6 years old. So last night my mom gave him a bath which is something we normally do when she cleans his cage and so I needed to hold him while he was drying and she was cleaning his cage but then I noticed...
  12. C

    Preparing for the worst

    So I have a bonded pair, one is 2 years and the other is 9 years. My younger bun has only ever known being with his partner and I fear that when the older one passes he won’t cope well. I’ve been on the internet for quite a few months trying to gain information on what to expect. My only...
  13. T

    Bunny passed away...

    I had a 6 month holland lop, her name was Berkeley. Berk and I did everything together, everything. She was my best friend, but my mom also enjoyed spending time with her. I’ve been bunny sitting another bunny named Snowball. My mom had Snowball and Berkeley in her office room with her, and...
  14. A

    Baby rabbit help

    So two of our baby bunnies died this morning, and I’m not sure of how to dispose of them. I live in an apartment so there’s no way I can bury them and I feel so guilty at the thought of throwing them away like nothing. So is there any other ways to dispose of them in a less harsh way?
  15. S

    Baby Rabbits are dying one by one everyday!

    Hi, my 1yr old rabbit gave birth to 7 babies, this is her 2nd time giving birth. but on the 17th day one of them started showing signs like rolling over itself like somersaulting, inabilty to walk without falling, next day it was lying down like almost dead, just breathing, with stiff straight...
  16. apryl

    am i able to get another bunny/what gender is my current one?

    hello, so i have a dwarf hotot bunny and i tried getting her a friend a couple times but they each died and it messed with me pretty bad. i think i might have figured out why but i’m not sure. so before, i had a black dwarf male. a year or two later, someone had found two wild newborn baby...
  17. D

    My rabbits suddenly died one after another

    I am really in a shock and depression right now, i can't forget them, every now and then i think of them. I had bought one pair of rabbit on 5th Feb 2019, this was my first rabbit purchase and first experience. I fed them fresh Bermuda grass and cauliflower leaves, sometimes carrots. On 9th Feb...
  18. Lizzie Wilson

    Disability... are we being fair?

    Hi everybody, First time posting here and it’s maybe a deep thread. I had 4 rabbits, 2 couples. 1 couple has been rocked by death and a sudden disability. Since May, blue has had health problems. I don’t know much about his background as he is a rescue bun. The most gentle and soft bunny...
  19. B

    My rabbit died a few hours ago

  20. pikadanny

    1 year old passed away suddenly

    My rabbit passed away yesterday morning very unexpectedly - he turned a year old only a week ago. He was behaving normally the night before, and even that morning a few hours before we found him he seemed normal. It's worth mentioning that he just experienced a long drive and move into a new...