Bonding two males??!

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Nov 14, 2017
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Hello everyone,

I have an almost year old Holland lop. I am in the process of deciding on whether or not to adopt a bunny from the local humane society. The bunny is around a year old they believe. I'm thinking he may be a Rex. He is very sweet and I have slightly fallen in love with the bunn. I have been wanting to get my bunny a friend that he can bond with so he doesn't get too lonely. The problem is I have never bonded any rabbits before. I was recently told on my last post that male to male is the hardest. My bunny is neutered and I would also be getting the other one neutered as well.

I'm looking for some advice should I just realize I'm in over my head with thinking I can bond two males? Again I have never bonded but I know everyone's experiences are different.

Thanks everyone I appreciate your time!!
It’s possible! It’ll just take a lot of time and dedication. Is your bunny kept in a cage? If so, when you bring the other bunny home, keep them in cages side by side where hey can see and smell each other, but not get to each other through the spaces. If he’s not in a cage, introduce them in an area he doesn’t stay in often, that way he won’t be territorial .
He has a very large permanent cage built into his room. I was thinking of putting the other bunny in a smaller cage next to him ( outside of his cage) I have read to not start the bonding process until long after the New bunny is neutered and all the hormones have subsided.
It really will depend on the two individual rabbits. Are there any rabbit rescues around? Their rabbits are already neutered making things easier for you (and less expensive). The rabbit rescues will also allow an exchange if a particular rabbit refuses to bond with yours. I doubt the local humane society will do that. Unfortunately they seldom understand what's involved with rabbits.

There's nothing at all wrong with trying to bond two males. It can be done IF the two males are willing. But that's the trick. It totally depends on the bunnies. You may get lucky and they bond with ease. You may get unlucky and they refuse to bond. That would be my bigger worry. What if they don't bond --- especially after you've had the second one for awhile and paid for his neuter? What happens if they won't get along? It could happen. If you are prepared to continue to house them separately if that occurs (and exercise them separately), then go for it. But if that idea doesn't sit well with you, you may be better off finding a rabbit rescue.