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  1. F

    Deciding on Dwarf Angora - Holland lop mix rabbit

    Hello, please help me decide I came across an ad for a baby white rabbit who is advertised as an Dwarf Angora - Holland Lop Mix. The breeder is a small scale rabbit breeder it seems from their Facebook page. The breeder told me the father is Broken Cream Holland Lop, and while the mom is the...
  2. O

    Holland lop or mini lop

    Hello, I got Oliver in December of last year. I got him from a woman who’s daughter lost interest. She bought him from a pet store but couldn’t find the papers. So I’m wondering which breed of lop he is. I also do not know his age. He has a vet appointment at the end of the month to be neutered...
  3. emmaskye

    Weird behaviour

    Usually my rabbit comes up from his pen and chills in the living room for most of the day. Last night he was thumping quite a few times, and we had no idea why… Nothing had changed in the environment except for the fact that my maid was over cleaning the house. This morning, he hasn’t been...
  4. L

    Identifying true dwarfs

    A question to those much more experienced breeders out there who work with holland lops and other dwarf breeds. After scouring the internet I haven't found much help on learning how to identify your true dwarf kits from your false. I've even contacted other local breeders in my area and was...
  5. A

    Mini/Holland lop colour

    Hi guys! I was hoping somebody could help me with bunny colours?? I have two girl mini lops (Aussie equivalent to Holland lops) they are sisters. When they were tiny tiny babies, they looked like they had different colours, but when teenagers they looked almost identical colour wise. Now they...
  6. emmaskye

    Help, potential drippy nose?

    Would this be considered a drippy nose? Should I go to the vet immediately??
  7. emmaskye


    Hello everyone! I was planning on getting another bunny, however it’s still a maybe. I currently have a male Holland lop who is neutered, if I was planning on getting a female, who I know will have to stay in a separate x-pen until they are bonded, would I have to spay her before eventually...
  8. A

    Need help identifying these Holland Lop colors from an expert!

    What colors would these Holland Lops be classified under? Two pictures of each bunny below.
  9. tokkibada

    Thoughts on getting a second bunny in a small nyc apartment?

    Hi guys! I currently have a 4 month old holland lop (his name is cal) who's reaching his teen years. I'm going to get him fixed at the vet in a few months and in the meantime I thought about possibly getting him a friend thats around the same size as him (2-3lbs). Although one issue I have is...
  10. E

    Predicting Lop Ears?

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a bunny (I raised rabbits growing up in 4-H for 6 years and have done lots of research over the past few months). I am hoping to get a rabbit with ears that will lop. Currently, I'm looking at purchasing the doe in the photos attached here (currently 4 weeks...
  11. misssara.k89

    Help!! Bunny breed sizes

    Hello everyone, I'm a brand new Momma and just got a half Holland Lop and half Blue eyed White Lion head 10 week old female. Does anyone know about the sizes of these breeds and about how big she will be full-grown? The owner said the mom was Holland Lop and dad was the Lion head so I'm not...
  12. trisho

    will my Lionhead/Holland Lops' ears flop ?!

    Good evening! I just recently got 2 baby girls; 3/4 lionhead 1/4 holland lop. They're both sisters, born on July 19th 2020! I found a post online to have them rehomed and I immediately went and got them.. I've had these girls for about a week now, and they're currently going on their 10th...
  13. MistyBun25

    Too Much Humping?!?

    So I just started bonding my pair. I have a boy and a girl bun that are both spayed and neutered. the boy was neutered about 4 weeks ago and the girl has been spayed for years.. My problem is, the boy bunny is humping a little too much and its his first time really doing that kind of thing. I...
  14. emmaskye

    Bunny fur looking spiky

    I’ve noticed today that my bunny’s fur is looking slightly spiky on her neck and head.. wondering whether or not this is normal/what it is?
  15. emmaskye

    Bunny hair

    Is this fur normal? To me it’s looking a bit greasy and spiky... any ideas? A bit worried
  16. Jmaner

    Netherland Dwarf

    My daughter brought home a bunny who was going to be sold for meat. We were not fans at first, but we have fallen in love with this- mini Rex- or at least that is what we are guessing. We’ve read that bunnies do best with friends. We are considering getting a bun friend. A breeder has Netherland...
  17. emmaskye

    New Bunny

    I just got my baby Holland lop last Friday. She is very active and loves binkying and running around, exploring. She comes up to me often to sniff and now she lets me pet her too. I really want to hold her and put her in my lap to snuggle but I don’t want to scare her. Many suggest letting your...
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    Bunny with Carrot Toy
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    Bunny under deck chair
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    Holland Lop