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  1. 20210207_144018.jpg


    Born on Christmas, they are brothers that need a home ASAP!!! They need a good loving family. I will not split them up though, they are soulmate brothers that do everything together and cannot be separated. They are very sweet bunnies that could be very loving pets to a loving family.
  2. K

    We need a new loving home.

    - black and white spotted { Inu }: NZ/French lop mix, neutered, brother to Koga, adult Male, excitable - black/brown { Koga }: NZ/French lop mix, neutered, Adult Male, cuddly/curious - white, gray, red eyes { Reina } : Mini Rex, Adult Male, cuddly and loving we love our buns with all our...
  3. A

    Five female rabbits need homes - MA

    So, I took in six female rabbits last month as a foster and am having trouble finding good homes for them. Taking them was kind of an impulse decision; their previous owner just didn't feel like caring for them anymore and was trying to give them away to anyone who'd take them, and I didn't want...
  4. C

    Adopting from pets at home?

    Im considering getting a rabbit and was initially planning on getting from a shelter, however i was in the pets at home the other day and met a lovely bunny they had up for adoption through a charity. I wanted to know everyones opinions on adopting from there or being strict about getting from a...
  5. R

    Needs home today/asap (MA)

    First off, I am located in Massachusetts. I have a 4 year old female bunny named Potter (play on harry/hare-y potter) that I need to find a home for asap. I wish I posted here earlier but I only posted on craigslist. Earlier this week, my dad told me I have until this weekend to move out. I...
  6. Rivka


    We have an adorable female mini-bunny called Thumper. She is eight months old and can be shy at first but is super loving. She is amazing with humans, and other animals. She loves to play, cuddle, and get massages. WE would love to keep her but my husband is allergic to her and we tried to do...
  7. M

    Need advice on which bunny for a bond? & trio questions?

    Hello, I have a holland lop spayed female named Runa. She's going to be a yr old in July & I'm in the market for a bond friend for her but now I have a dilemma.. My bunny Runa is generally pretty easy going, she often seems to not care about anything, she's pretty active & very mischievous...
  8. D

    Bonded-Pair of House-Rabbits Seek Caring Home (Raleigh/Durham, N.C. area)

    Thelma & Louise are a sweet bonded-pair of 2-year-old female (Lionhead x Holland Lop) house rabbits. They are life-long besties who have lived with a loving couple since 8-weeks old, but now the couple's new human baby demands all their attention, so Thelma and Louise are seeking a new indoor...
  9. M

    Monthly/Yearly Budget for Large Rabbits?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and am looking to adopt a rabbit from a local shelter. He's a lovely adult silver fox bun and is about 12 lbs. Before adopting, I've been trying to gauge how much I'd be spending per month/year, but can only find information on costs for owning smaller/more...
  10. F

    My husband is ill, I have to down size. In Edmonton,Alberta

    I'm looking to rehome 5 rabbits. 2 bonded groups. These buns have been together for years. So I am NOT willing to separate the groups. Four of the five were picked up off the streets throughout the years. ( by me ) So I can only give approximate ages. The first group is Porta- spayed female...
  11. Breezekoz

    Bonding two males??!

    Hello everyone, I have an almost year old Holland lop. I am in the process of deciding on whether or not to adopt a bunny from the local humane society. The bunny is around a year old they believe. I'm thinking he may be a Rex. He is very sweet and I have slightly fallen in love with the bunn...