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Oct 12, 2019
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Dad and i just finished completing Storm's condo roof. Now he cannot get outside his dorm at night.
We used natural walls from the two heat sources, one of which is never used and the other not used in warmer seasons when we're there, third wall is armchair lined with (floor cardboard?) And the last long wall is also made up of two sheets of that "floor cardboard" (dunno what it's called here, basically was used to line floors and rarely even walls of old houses. Our floor here is just painted floorcardboard. "Põrandapapp" in our language.)
Whilst the roof is now a 1.2*1.2 cm squares "pvc-coated rodent fence." The roll was 1.2*2.5m and we used up almost all of it, so i'd say the "apartment" as i like to call it is just comfy enough to spend the night in. He free roams when we're there and awake.
His "curfew" is at 22.00 when he gets his dinner and goes in. We go to bed right after that. He has no area rugs at the moment because otherwise he pees on them instead of in the box, he has hay toys in there for the night, other times he gets baby blocks, tossables, balls, hanging and hay toys. (We wanna sleep soundly at night so he wouldn't do way too much noise.)
I'll also replace the upper door with mesh so we could see each other.
If all goes well he'll also get a buddy-in-training by august.15951867489497395406284004971707.jpg15951867795935628821694505246251.jpg
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