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  1. JazzPizzazz

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Hi there! I have looked online and there is much debate over whether domestic rabbits belong indoor or outdoor. I personally think that it would be great to let my little Netherland Dwarf, Jazz, live inside (of course after I get her desexed). But, my parents, whom I live with disagree. Please...
  2. Blue eyes

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Each year we start a new thread to show off our rabbit cages. Not only is it fun to see everyone's cages, it is also useful for new bunny owners. Whether you've made a cage out of cube grids, exercise pen, xl dog crate, old furniture or any combination, we'd love to see it! (there is a...
  3. Blossposs

    Missing Fur and Dandruff

    I have a 3 year old indoor Holland lol rabbit who I noticed recently is balding and reddened irritation right above the tail with dandruff and patchy hair where I suppose it’s trying to grow back in. It’s not a large area, and he doesn’t have it anywhere else on his body. I’m currently in...