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  1. Poppythebunbun

    Bunny falling over! Help!

    Today I’ve noticed that my poor rabbit is suddenly very unbalanced, she has been moving around low to the ground and sort of wobbling around as if she’s dizzy trying to balance herself. When she tries to stand up on her feet to sniff around she instantly looses her balance and falls to the side...
  2. BunnySis

    What is wrong with Nova?

    Nova is hiding in her castle and wont come out. She is irratable and wont eat. We tried to feed her cranberries and crackers (Which I know we shouldn't be feeding her but she goes crazy when we eat them and we dont give her much) We took her for a nail trim yesterday and I dont know if shes...
  3. b.tate

    Can bunny's drink tea?

    Hi all, I had a bunny pass away from gastro as he became dehydrated. I have seen one of my bunnies has a bit of a runny tummy and now I'm freaking out about her becoming dehydrated! She is drinking and eating fine, maybe I am just being over dramatic. I saw online that if you would like to get...
  4. C

    My rabbit is ill and limping, Im so worried and i dont know what to do

    My rabbit is 8 years old this year. About a year ago, i noticed that he was having sneezing fits and wheezing when breathing. It was lockdown and I took him to a vet. They informed me that he had some respiratory issues and looked like he had a dental issue with the growth of his teeth which may...
  5. K

    Uneaten Cecotropes

    My Apollo has been acting strangely lately. He’s 4 months and he’s been flopping down, sleeping a little more and not always wanting to come out of his cage. I switched his pellets and he seemed to like them but now he doesn’t eat all of them like usual. Also his favorite snacks like blueberry...
  6. Nicole17

    Depressed bunny?

    My bunny Coco has suddenly become very depressed over these past few days. Before she’d just sit in her hiding space and not come out from under it for hours, now she’s barely moving around, seems very weak, eyes are almost closed- but there seems to be nothing medically out of the ordinary with...
  7. hxkev

    Stressed and anxious

    I've had my bunny, Dante for almost 2 months now and I don' know what to do. First of all i have no idea if he likes me or not, he lets me pet him when he's laying down, other times he just hops away. He usually goes on the bed and tries to pee there and when I try to move him to the litter box...
  8. xbject


    My bunny has a whole room to herself and when we take her out she’s usually happy to come out unless she’s a little sleepy but today was different. I would look in her tunnel and see if she just needed a little waking up to show her she can come out but every time i would check on her she would...
  9. Laur94x

    Worried about my 8 month old rabbits ear

    We have Poppy since she was 16 weeks and her health was generally fine. She eats well,poops and pees as normal and is very playful and gentle. The past two or three days I noticed she has a small bit of hair missing on her ear. When I moved the hair there was scratch like marks. She grooms her...
  10. allyxoxo

    Rehomed Bunnies

    Hello! So recently I had to rehome two of my baby bunnies in order to care for the other two babies, (they are very small for their age), and their mama who is still recovering from being sick. I had rehomed another one of my rabbits to the person who took in my babies and she keeps him inside...
  11. A

    Baby Rabbit Screaming

    I have five baby rabbits that are fourteen days old now, and while the mom was feeding them one of the babies started screaming so I took the mom away and checked all of them and they were all okay and moving fine. One baby opened their eyes for the first time at that moment too, so I’m not sure...
  12. A

    Help, rabbit babies not feeding !!

    June 1 my 5 month old rabbit had seven babies. She had made a nest in her cage, but I read that the nest should be somewhere clean and her cage was dirty so I moved them into a new nest in a clean cage for them. At first she would jump on them, but lately she just lays down near them and kind of...
  13. A

    Bunnies breathing fast

    I have three bunnies, two holland lops and a Netherland dwarf. The holland lops have a cage in their own room and I noticed that lately when they are sitting or laying down they are breathing really fast, almost like shaking a little bit. I know it’s normal when they are running around and...
  14. C


    My rabbit has some bald spots that wont go away. Her skin is flaky in those areas and the flakes come off with her fur that is newly grown. All the vets I've met tell me she's ok. Also in the last days her eyes started leaking. Anyone know what it could be??
  15. DracoDon

    Help! My Mama senses are in disarray!

    So today my bf and i were watching a movie. He knocked over a glass of 11% wine which had some vodka 40% in it. Some splashed on my bun because he was an awkward position. It spilt on the mat and my bun, Tubby. The environment was cleaned and stabilized. I spot cleaned my bun with a wet cloth...
  16. Hoptimist

    Young Bunny Acting Lethargic, Need for Concern?

    Hi! I'm a new bunny mom of a 3 month old little girl named Bean. I've had her for about 2 weeks. Since I've had her Bean is constantly following my feet, devouring any food put in front of her, and if I walk into her play area she'll always run right up to me. For some reason starting yesterday...
  17. blwinteler

    My rabbits are acting out of sorts. Please help!

    Hey, So, Buggs has been doing amazing. He and Groucho are getting along great and insisted on sharing a cage again. The abscess has been gone for a few months now. Anyway, I let them out of their cage for several hours every evening. During which, they run around, play, and enjoy a few...
  18. A

    There's something wronf with my newborns...HELP!

    Hey everyone, I'm a new user. My bunny gave birth just after christmas to 4 babies. I've hand rearing them because the mom isn't caring for them. I already lost 2 and I think something is terribly wrong with one of the surviving ones. It's poop is white with some green, it's smelly and sticky. I...
  19. Pennylane

    Bunny Pooping less Eating fine

    So Bunny is about a year and 6 months. Since i adopted her, shes had GI 3 times. Each time pooping way less and refusing food, not moving much. 2 times i was able to help her myself, last time i had to take her to the vet. Which was last month. She has a really healthy appetite right . If...
  20. C

    My bunny dislocated her hip, please help!

    Hi all, I just found out my bunny Georgie dislocated her hip. I noticed her leaning mostly on her right hind leg as her left one is the one dislocated. The vet told us we basically have same three options: They could try to pop it back into place which they said would basically not work at...