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  1. Missy Aimee

    Help! My rabbit has sludge

    Hello! My baby Marshmallow has sludge in his urine and hasn’t been wanting to drink water. He was at the vet the other day and all his vitals, bloodwork and exam were normal other than the sludge. I tried to encourage him to drink more water by putting some apple juice in his water but he...
  2. Rachel Hill

    Is this Bad????

    I've had Grey (Male//Lionhead) for about 6 months and I just adopted Millie (Female//Dutch) about 2 weeks ago. Is it bad that I have my cages set up so they can see and smell each other? I have to keep them separated for a while until Grey gets neutered at the beginning of next month, but I want...
  3. Melibuen

    Is there something wrong with my bunny’s skin?

    About a month ago I was petting my bunny and notice that his skin felt kinda weird. When I lifted his fur to see what’s up with his skin it was all rough and felt like scabs or something. I’m not sure how to describe it. But I thought it was cuz maybe he hurt himself and a scab was forming and...
  4. C

    Overdose on ringworm (itraconazole) medicine?

    Hi, This morning I accidentally gave my rabbit an overdose in ringworm medicine. After I gave him the medicine he still seemed to be acting fine, and didn't seem to have any symptoms (yet). I'm hoping he'll stay hydrated and drink lots of water so the powder will absorb in his system. I'll also...
  5. ILikeBigBuns

    Bunny eating less than usual

    Hello! My bun is about 5-6 months old. Around 3-4lbs. In the morning I give him romaine hearts and in the evening a 1/2 cup pellets. He has always loved romaine and would chow down the moment I filled his bowl. The past few days he has been eating less and less of it. It used to be gone before...
  6. O

    Bunny has myxomatosis - I need your help

    Hi everybody, This is my first post and, as you can see by the title, a very sad reason brings me to this forum... So my giant French lop has myxomatosis... Five days ago I went out to his cage and saw that his eyes were really red and swollen. I took him the vet and he had a full health...
  7. Stinkerbunnies

    Bunny vs meditation vibrations

    My parents recently came back from India, and brought back a meditation vibration bowl. I was calming down with it, and my sister asked if it was good for the rabbits ears, which we currently had in the room. Do you guys know if this is healthy for them? I want the best for my buns. Thanks...