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  1. Lola56

    4 day old kit bulging eye

    Anyone have this issue before? I have a 4 day old kit, when I checked the nest the day of birth there was a scratch close to the eye and I was advised that it would heal on its own and it has, but now one eye is visibly swollen and I’m concerned. Anything I can do? Thank you
  2. Touli

    Best Probiotic for Rabbit

    Hi! As of right now, I have taken my rabbit to the vet and he has a GI Stasis. He’s taken medicine and doing great, but his cisapride medication is all gone and I wanted to know which probiotic would be best for him. I found two probiotics that you are able to sprinkle on the rabbit’s...
  3. Lola56

    Help! Cat attack

    Hi everyone, unfortunately yesterday I had a neighbours cat get in and jumped into the rabbits pen, and jumping out with one of the 6 week old babies. Before any obvious harm was done I was able to frighten the cat to drop the bunny. Yesterday he was in shock, I put him on a hot water bottle in...
  4. F

    My rabbit is pregnant but i cant see babies????

    Can someone help please. My 3 year old rabbit got out her enclosure and with a male rabbit who also happens to be her biological brother on 2nd April in the evening its now the morning of 3rd May and no babies but she's made a big nest and I checked she has nipples ready to nurse. This would be...
  5. R


    My rabbit has not been eating her pellets. The brand is BMEG integra 3000, which is a multianimal pellet brand in the philippines. She stopped eating them since last month but is continuously eating hay and I'm giving her fresh veggies like romaine lettuce and fruits like apples. I've been think...
  6. A

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED Bunny Rehome Help

    Hi guys! I need some advice urgently. I have three buns, all desexed and bonded. 2 females (1yr 6months) and 1 male (2yrs). In my neighbourhood, there’s another mini lop that needs rehoming. The owner has four bunnies, two girls and the two boys, none of which desexed. She’s trying to get rid...
  7. L

    please help rabbit ate chocolate

    so i went to get something from my bathroom and i went back into my room and my rabbit had gotten onto my bed and ate about an ounce (1 square?) of chocolate from an easter egg, it was lindt chocolate if that helps. i immediately took him away from it and put it out of reach. i feel horrible...
  8. pinknstink

    *URGENT* Rabbit dangerously skinny

    My rabbit has been sick for awhile and it had mainly just been bad incontinence problems, but over the past month he has lost a lot of weight. He has always been on the skinnier side but now he is to the point where I am scared he is going to die from being too skinny. Since he is very fluffy it...
  9. Miffythebun


    Hi, just found a wild rabbit in the middle of a country road (he was lying floped so got out to move him and he just stayed lying there so went to pick him up to move him and he was so docile- obviously very sick so I couldn’t leave him and drove him home. Carried him in an old jumper and...
  10. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny very gassy and not eating

    My bunny Hawkeye has been really gassy since 11pm yesterday evening, around 12am I’ve given her baby gas drops and again at 1am, made a slurry of hay pellets/water and pumpkin purée and gave her some gas discomfort tea at room temperature. She has issues with chronic bladder sludge so she is on...
  11. lily stibich

    My 2yr old stopped eating URGENT

    My rabbit oak has always been good with eating plenty of hay, I recently got her cat grass from petco and a guinea pig that lived near her died a few weeks ago besides that there have been no other changes. She is drinking water but minimally. I can’t go to the vet for another 2-3 days since my...
  12. Nicole17

    Depressed bunny?

    My bunny Coco has suddenly become very depressed over these past few days. Before she’d just sit in her hiding space and not come out from under it for hours, now she’s barely moving around, seems very weak, eyes are almost closed- but there seems to be nothing medically out of the ordinary with...
  13. A

    Eye infection

    It’s been four days since Blondie has been put on antibiotic eye drop for her eye infection by her vet. I don’t see much of an improvement except that her eyelid isn’t swollen and her discharge has stopped. This is what her eye looks like and I don’t know what else to do. I had just put in the...
  14. A

    Does my bunny have cataracts? Please help! Urgent

    Two years ago my bunny had an eye infection, vet recommended some antibiotics that treated the infection. Just today, this happened to the same eye. Refer to the picture. There’s a lot of pus like discharge, swollen eye lids and a film of creamy textured thing on her eye. I’m taking her to the...
  15. xxBonnieBunnyxx


    My three-year-old rabbit suddenly started acting strange within a few hours. Before he was begging for treats as usual, but when I came back downstairs he suddenly refused to eat anything and turned his back on me before plopping down. Due to recent house renovations, he had to be moved...
  16. T

    Blockage in my girl..

    Someone please help me out here. My mini lop rabbit hadn't been eating or pooping. Her stomach had a very hard patch, and was making quiet gurgling sounds when I was massaging her tummy. I was concerned and took her to the only vet available, he told me her stomach had a blockage. He gave her a...
  17. Miffythebun

    2 Bunnies- should I keep them apart?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post ever on here so excuse me if I have put this up on the wrong place or anything just comment and I will sort that out ASAP! So.. I have a male bunny I bought in January and he is a lion head and his name is Wookiee (yes from starwars he looks like a Wookiee)...
  18. B

    (Graphic) Urgent; I believe one of our rabbits may have miscarried(?)

    We currently have three 3-4 month old(?) rabbits, 2 female and 1 male. We are new rabbit owners who got the wrong age from the breeder and only had the bunnies for a month. When cleaning out their hutch, we found red fluid surrounding something that looked like a piece of meat (Image attached)...
  19. V

    Help please large mass from rabbit

    AA2EEAFE-35FF-4692-A141-3466B258BCC0 by Victoria1357 posted Nov 28, 2018 at 10:40 PMHi. I have two 6 month old unneutered male giant continental rabbits. Both were in perfect health until this evening I went to feed them and noticed that one of my rabbits had a large protrusion from what looks...
  20. J

    PLEASE HELP! Urgent. Pregnant doe

    hi everyone. I’m very stressed out. I woke up to finding a large amount of blood in my pregnant doe’s cage two days ago, so I thought that the kits were arriving that day. She has not given birth yet & she has stopped eating. What does this mean??? I brought her to the emergency vet today and...