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  1. L

    New toys/habitat

    I now only have one bunny named Lily, her sister passed away in December. Lily currently lives in an x pen in the hallway. My parents do not like her and have been trying to convince me to rehome her for months. They are against spending a lot of money on new toys for her even though I pay for...
  2. Brie Prsnk

    DIY toys

    Does anybody know any good DIY toys I can make for Biscuit? I have made a few before like cardboard balls, cardboard squids, paper bag hay feeder, and a few others in the past. I'm looking for more to make. Biscuit is not so much into cardboard as my old bun used to be. He usually just throws...
  3. Brie Prsnk

    Toy recommendations?

    Biscuit is very picky with his toys and really only has a few he likes. He loves willow and things he can throw. His all-time favorite is those dried up water hyacinth balls. He isn't into cardboard as much as my other bun was. He likes things he can throw but also chew on. He isn't a big fan of...
  4. Katie94

    Any ideas for good toys/distractions when free ranging?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for ideas for toys that would be good to provide enrichment and distraction when free ranging bunnies around the house so they avoid chewing and digging carpets or furniture. I’m trying to avoid things that are too messy or filled with hay etc for outside of the cage...
  5. Rosy

    bunny toys!

    bored bunny? I think so. Timmy is an outdoor bunny who loves attention. Some times he needs more stimulation when I'm away and can't play with him. What are good ideas of bunny toys to keep him occupied? All ideas appreciated. Thanx in advance. :)
  6. G

    Cat toys for rabbits

    I see all these rabbit scratch boards mostly made of cardboard and I'm wondering if those are safe for buns. I could so see my bun having a great time with one but I want to make sure they're safe first.
  7. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching / Digging toys

    Has anyone got any ideas for any scratching / digging toys? My Rabbit keeps chewing and scratching at my carpet, then eventually sometimes pees on it! I've tried a card board box with shredded newspaper but he doesn't use it.
  8. Kale Passfield


    Hopefully this is in the right spot but what are some toys you make or get for your bunnies? Currently I have an amazon package of multiple types of balls, 2 tunnel, 2 tent, normal chew toys, huts and toilet paper rolls filled with hay. I'm also going to make my own wood version of maze haven...
  9. D

    Food help!!

    Anybodu know any good websites for rabbit food and toys that ship fast and are affordable??