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  1. Alder

    How do I get a rabbit to pass a hairball?

    I woke up this morning to our rabbit not moving from one spot for hours, even when I put food out for her. and I think she has a hairball. She is shedding crazily right now and it’s everywhere, no matter if I vacuum, brush her or anything. Please tell me!
  2. Eliana BV

    Rabbit paralyzed hind legs and bleeding

    By the title alone I know it’s bad. I wanted a second opinion from the community because I am not satisfied with the vet I took her to (im taking her there again today) but he’s the only option I have available. Since yesterday, my rabbit (4 year old female) has had her hind legs paralyzed...
  3. K

    sick bunny

    I just came back from a near week long trip and i came to see my two bunnies and at first they seemed fine. I was carrying one of them around like i usually do and he started to seem upset. my grandma was talking care of them and would let them run around at seperate times since they are both...
  4. K

    What did I do wrong?

    My baby bun, Peaches, passed away this morning on the way to the emergency vet clinic. It looked like she either had a stroke or seized. Last night when I went to check on her before bed, her hay bin was still full from that morning which is when I knew something was wrong because I have to fill...
  5. EclipseTheLionhead


    This morning I woke up and went to pick up Eclipse. For the last few days she haven't been her normal full of live self. I've been thinking she's probably pregnant because she has been making nests. And well I checked her bottom because I smelled something really bad. Her whole bottom and tail...
  6. C

    my rabbit is jerking his head and looks sad.

    i have a rabbit who is almost 2, but recently he has been acting weird. he keeps jerking his head when he flops. its not every time he flops but im growing concerned. can someone look at this video and try to help me with this ?? also , i only see him jerk his head when he is flopped by the...
  7. momochubbybunny

    Loose Stools

    About more than a week ago, my three-year-old holland lop's poops started getting really small, about less than half its usual size. I tried to give him some simethicone but that didn't really help. A few days after, he started getting loose stools along with the small poops so I decided to take...
  8. C

    Sick or tired?

    Hello, I have a rabbit that’s been lethargic but still eating hay when fresh hay is placed in the hay box and coming to us when we have a treat. She would only eat a bit though before going back to her spot to lay. Two days ago, I had introduced cucumbers (after reading that it’s safe). We’ve...
  9. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys help me! I woke up an hour ago and my bunny was sitting and when she saw me she fixed her position but she didn’t come to me. I left her thinking maybe she wants to sleep. After that I took her to my room, every time i move her cage she always gets excited and jumps around because she knows...
  10. Whiteyzebunny

    Help my 3 year old bunny is breathing heavily and sneezing!

    Hello! My rabbit Whitey has been having sneezing episodes over the last few days, she was also been more aware and alert than usual however she is acting like usual in every other sense! I have realsied her breathing is quite rapid and heavy it has made me wonder if she has anything up her nose...
  11. T

    sick bunny????

    hi guys this is my 4 month mini lop. it just came to my attention that there may be discharge around his nose. i was never worried when i saw it because i feed him a lot of greens and he’s all white but now i noticed it’s not so much green. he sneezes and i thought it’s pretty normal but other...
  12. R

    Baby bunny going backwards

    Hey! So my Lionhead doe gave birth 9 days ago... she had 6 babies but I pulled the nest because 4 of them froze after they fell out after feeding. I’ve been bringing mom in everyday at the same time to feed. Now her babies started out healthy, the 2 that I have are not growing, they are bony and...
  13. StephanieBBL


    Hi. So I have raised rabbits since 2013 and recently took in a 4 yr old Holland Lop. Well after his quarantine period was over, he began to have runny eyes. Just in one. Now he has it in 2 and some snot (milky colored) come out of his nose. He has also started sneezing. I worry that it is...
  14. Krissy

    Sick bunny? Bloated?

    Hi, this morning before I went to work I fed my rabbit, I didn't notice much wrong, thought she was chilling in her cage as usual, got home noticed she was acting strange, I always let her run around the living room for exercise she wouldn't let me pick her up. She was grunting and squealing...
  15. Celexis

    E. Cuniculi worries - any advice or information is greatly appreciated

    For those of you who have had a bunny with EC and was treated with Panacur and survived I need your help. I’ve looked quite possibly literally all over every bunny site/forum/article/etc for these answers but for some reason no one has mentioned them!!! My bunny got to the stage where he is...
  16. Lovey116

    Bloating,Gas or something else?

    Hello, So about yesterday I noticed that my 1 year old Himalayan rabbit was acting “off” She is usually gets very excited when I walk in the room. But now she barely cares. Her eyes fallow me across the room but that’s all. I hear her grinding her teeth, probably in discomfort. I can also hear...
  17. pinknstink

    *URGENT* Rabbit dangerously skinny

    My rabbit has been sick for awhile and it had mainly just been bad incontinence problems, but over the past month he has lost a lot of weight. He has always been on the skinnier side but now he is to the point where I am scared he is going to die from being too skinny. Since he is very fluffy it...
  18. Morgan Mayon

    Can't figure out the problem!

    One of my bunnies isn't moving that much than usual lately. He is either just sitting alone or sleeping. His diet is okay though. I mean he is eating as usual, but he isn't playing or moving than before. What are the possibilities for this? And what can i do if it's a serious problem?
  19. xbject


    My bunny has a whole room to herself and when we take her out she’s usually happy to come out unless she’s a little sleepy but today was different. I would look in her tunnel and see if she just needed a little waking up to show her she can come out but every time i would check on her she would...
  20. Fluffybunz

    Bunny behavior different after bonding

    I had just bonded my lionhead Bambino with another lionhead, Bunilla Ice that I adopted last week or so. Bambino is just turning 1 years old and Bunilla is 4, it was my first time bonding but both already appear to groom and sit by each other. I started to allow Bunilla free roam of the main...