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  1. Griffin Elfant

    New Youtube: BondingBunniesAllThingsRabbit

    I've recently created a youtube channel dedicated to showing viewers raw footage of the bonding process! Daisy my 2 year old dutch rabbit (spayed) is in search for a lovely mate for life (who is neutered). She just did her first speed dating session at our local rabbit animal shelter! This is a...
  2. LavenderLopLover

    What to expect at a rabbit show?

    Im wondering what should i be expecting when i go to a rabbit show to show my rabbits?
  3. Edward Jones

    Giant Flemish rabbits, at Ivory farms

    Helo we have been breeding Giant flemish rabbits on the farm for years here in Modesto CA. and wanted to introduce myself and show our beautiful rabbits. We usually have grays, white and fawn colors. Usually all year long. We rescue rabbits and guinea pigs. We are supported by a non-profit...
  4. Zoe Franchino

    Thoughts on my Netherland Dwarf’s conformation?

    2 year old black otter Netherland Dwarf buck Couldn’t exactly get him posed as we’re still working on him allowing me to touch him Hopefully this picture will be okay anyway
  5. CloverInTheField

    Bonding Rabbits

    Right now I have a 13 week old Lionhead rabbit. I have my eye on an 9 week old Lionhead to get my other bunny, Clover, a friend. Clover and I have bonded a lot but I’m considering getting another one for him since I am not always there with school and everything. Clover is very friendly to...
  6. FiniZep

    Rabbit pregnant at 2 months old?

    Hello, I need help please... We just noriced that our lionhead rabbit's tummy is bigger than usual. Our male one is fine and they've been fed the same food. I can feel oval shaped things in her belly..but she's too young to be pregnant right? She's just laying down although she's eating...
  7. J

    A Watership Down for hares?

    To mark (not celebrate!) forty years of campaigning for the protection of the endangered Irish Hare, I’ve just published a novel. In my childhood I read Richard Adams’ classic Watership Down, and was enthralled by it. That was about the adventures of a group of rabbits. For the past two and a...
  8. K

    4 days old kits

    I have a bunny she gave birth 3 days ago and on the day she gave birth someone grabbed her & almost 4 days later(yesterday) they brought her back but won't care for kits we have to flip her ans puts the kits except one kit is like a slow eater at beggining yes he/she goes crazy for the nip after...
  9. C

    Need advice!

    Hello, I recently found out that one of my 4 rabbits was actually a boy instead of what we thought was a girl. 2 of the rabbits are girls and 1 fixed boy. Everyone told and agreed that he was a girl. Anyways so we found out that he was a boy and we think that at least 1 of our 2 female rabbits...
  10. Reemy

    Two bunnies died at the same time!!

    I CANNOT BELIVE THIS! About 2 months ago my aunt bought two bunnies from a pet shop. They were so active and cute. They go outside and play daily for a few hours and if they are inside the AC is turned of for them because of the really hot weather in our country. Yesterday she went to the...
  11. DmitriBunny

    Unusual Shedding?

    I have two bunnies, both Holland Lops, but one is a chestnut agouti and the other is white with some broken light brown patches. I've noticed when brushing their coats that my white rabbit sheds a lot more hair than my chestnut rabbit. Not huge visible patches, but I'll brush her and I get huge...
  12. Reemy


    Hi! I just want to ask. My rabbits are starting to smell really bad and I dont know why, its probably from peeing alot on the hay and then sleeping on it. I am getting unconfortable with the smell. Is there any way that I can clean them possibly wash them a little with water or something...