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  1. brittanybunny19

    Kennel cough in rabbits?

    My boyfriends mom recently got a dog and it has kennel cough. I do not live with them, but I spend a lot of time at their house. I have three rabbits at home and I am really worried about my rabbits developing snuffles or pnemonia from this dogs kennel cough. I have been trying my best to change...
  2. T

    So i need some advice about humping and pulling fur

    We have 2 rabbits, 1 that we got like in 2019 or starting 2020? n one that we got in October 2020. They're.. Kinda adults? Idk. Both are females. Since we got them they always hump and such, we didn't do much about it.. But lately they have been pulling out each others fur out when humping.. I...
  3. L

    ACV For Receptive Breeding

    I heard that ACV is good to give to help with more receptiveness for breeding. I know it’s also a good health benefit too. But how long should I use ACV before breeding so my buck and doe are willing? One week? Five days? Three days? What do you think? How much ACV should I put in their water...
  4. L

    How to Sell Rabbits?

    Has anyone noticed lately that the rabbit market is HIGHLY saturated with bunnies for sale? I’ve noticed many rabbit breeders leaving or taking a long break because they are having difficulty with selling and finding good homes. We breed Mini Lops and have had the breed for over 9 years now. We...
  5. Bugie78

    My Rabbit has a Bacterial Ear Infection and I need some help

    Hi guys so my senior bunny has a bacterial ear infection and is on medication right now. And so I have her downstairs in my basement cause that is where I keep her. (it's a finished basement), and my brother is playing video games down stairs yelling at his game. Would this bother my rabbit more...
  6. C97A1A9D-DBA5-4996-940B-3A5FF555A3C1.jpeg


    hey guys i need some help with a bonding process. i have two males (both neutered and all healed) and i had them meet in neutral area today. it went great and they were grooming eachother and cuddling. i moved them to their intended living space and as soon as i did, they circled and fought. :(
  7. image.jpg


    this is my first post on here i noticed this little ball on my mini rexs lip today. it’s really hard almost like a scab. What is it?!
  8. I

    Mom, dad, and babies ready to be rehomed

    Two adult bunnies (one male and one female who were born late Feb 2020) and five cute babies are ready to be adopted! The male adult is neutered but not the female. The babies are about one month old and still nursed by the mom. I don't know the gender for the babies We are also including a big...
  9. Bugie78

    I need help trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam free.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I made a account on this forum specifically because I am stuck trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam outside her cage. She has been in her cage a lot in her life. And before you say rabbits shouldn't be in cages, I know. Mom bought me Daisy (my rabbit) at a...
  10. Toffeeismyrabbit

    My Mom Wants Me to breed my rabbit

    My mom wants me to breed my rabbit with her friend's rabbit. I know it is not good because of all the overpopulation and health problems. I keep telling her but she does not listen. She wants to because she can make money. All she wants is money. So someone please help me convince her not to...
  11. Bambithebunny

    Help with bonding...

    Hello, So I have 2 rabbits that I'm trying to bond. The first one is Bambi. She is spayed and I'd say that she has a defensive personality? What I mean by that is that even though I know she loves me and comes to me so I can pet her, she's also easily scared(or even annoyed) and sometimes...
  12. caseita

    Where should i put the wire?

    So i'm gonna have to put some wire mesh in my X pen because he was able to escape, and i was wondering if i should put in on the inside or out of the pen? Dont want him to get hurt or be able to escape either. Would appreciate some advice, thanks.
  13. Marsbar

    rabbit penis tip is grey and flat ?

    Hi guys, just wondering if this is normal or not. I'm currently trying to bond two neutered males (pop and kal) and it seems to be going really well. I never let them hump each others faces, but they are allowed to hump the right way round. so far there's been a lot of grooming and love from...
  14. Esthezyl

    Hello, here are my buns Mel and Chopper

    I'm French and I live in Japan, where I got my first domestic rabbit 15 years ago. My little Cinnamon (Lop Ear, unfixed male) is the reason why fell in love with rabbits and now need them in my life. Here are the two buns that enlighten my days, 2 years after Cinnamon passed away. Mel is a 2...
  15. BunnyCrazy

    Lops and a Tot❤

    I have never done anything like this before so I'm pretty clueless. I think I'm mostly writing this to calm myself down because something super awesome should happen soon!!!! Ok, I'll start from the beginning. I am Clara and I have five rabbits (for now:) Three Holland Lops, Sandy, Patty and...
  16. Jaimee

    Trying to Determine My Bunnies Breeds

    These are my two beautiful babies, Crumpet (brown) and Ari (red/brown). We know they are 6 and 5 months old respectively and that they are both girls but I'm unsure of their breed. Obviously it is clear that Crumpet is at least part lop, I was told she was a mini lop/netherland dwarf cross but...
  17. L

    Chemicals and Pesticides a BIG NO NO around Rabbits

    Hello PLEASE, PLEASE take great care and DO NOT use pesticides or chemicals in your backyard if you have small animals like Rabbits or Guinea Pigs. THEY KILL and it builds up in their system over time and it can not be seen easily. They simply appear as if they have the flu. Chemicals...
  18. Floyd2019

    Moist Poops!

    Hey everyone! So Floyd has had digestive trouble in the past so I get really touchy and picky about his poops! Last night I got stuck in a storm and had to get my pet sitter to drop by the house to change his litter, give fresh hay, and let him run around for a very short (unfortunately)...
  19. xxBonnieBunnyxx


    My three-year-old rabbit suddenly started acting strange within a few hours. Before he was begging for treats as usual, but when I came back downstairs he suddenly refused to eat anything and turned his back on me before plopping down. Due to recent house renovations, he had to be moved...
  20. Griffin Elfant

    Bonding Bunnies New Video

    Hey everyone! I just posted the second video up on my youtube channel! It showcases Daisy's second speed dating session at our local rabbit shelter! I am very excited to say we adopt Saturday! But who will we adopt?! I would really appreciate your support, if you have a gmail you can log in...