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  1. Z

    Bunny ate a lot of pellets and alfalfa?

    My 2 y.o. bun is an outside rabbit and last night we had a really windy night. It knocked over the alfalfa box and the bag of pellets and I guess she had the night of her life eating as much as she could. She normally gets only a few pellets every day (around 10g I guess) and a handful of...
  2. xbject


    I made a big mistake when I bought her, I never fed her hay. I bought her when she was a baby from a flea market and the breeder never said anything about hay, I also didn't do much research at the time. Trust me, I know now. She is 5 years old and honestly I have no clue how she's survived this...
  3. K

    Cost effective food links

    Someone shared this food comparison website with me ( ) and I am trying to price compare, but some of the websites only have ingredient information without a price. Does anyone know some cheap food pellets that are healthiest for a...
  4. B

    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    Hi everyone, My rabbit is almost 4 months old and he’s currently eating unlimited alfalfa hay and oxbow’s young rabbit pellets. I’ve read mixed reviews on when to start switching over to timothy hay. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to start easing your rabbit into timothy hay...
  5. Hartlea

    The Saga Continues... Rabbit doesn’t like new bag of food (same brand)

    hello. I am soooo frustrated this morning. My rabbit is still being extremely fussy after having a dental done this past Wednesday... only picking at hay, but still loves eating pellets, among a couple other things. I realized yesterday afternoon I was getting very low on his bag of oxbow...
  6. Kora

    Young rabbit diet?

    I’m getting a young (I think 2 months old) rabbit soon, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to need to feed her, as everything I see or read tells me different things. I’m going to be feeding her Oxbow Young Rabbit pellets for sure, as those seem to be the most highly recommended. But how much...
  7. Gelly

    Anyone else's bunny do this? *face palm*

    My rabbit loves peeing on his hay. I thought this hay rack would solve the problem but alas. It's wasting a lot of hay and I just don't get why he does this. His litter bedding is a layer of soft wood stove pellets and a layer of shredded paper bedding. I'm pretty sure he likes his bedding but...
  8. Gelly

    Litter smells smoky?

    I use Hardwood Stove Pellets from Lowes. Here is a link to the specific ones I use: Oddly, whenever I clean out my bun's litter box (every other day) it smells smoky, kind of like fire or a meat smoker. How weird...
  9. T

    Is this food okay?

    I went to this family owned pet shop across the road from me which is usually really good, cheap prices and good quality. But today I went over there to buy some rabbit food, I was in a rush because they were closing when I got there. I grabbed this food and when I got home I noticed there was...
  10. Gelly

    Here comes another litter question! YAY! U(´・×・`)U

    I've been posting litter questions all day and night, I know! I'm just trying to get a unified answer lol. Till then, the search continues. Would these pellets be suitable for my bun...
  11. Gelly

    Are these wood stove pellets safe for my bun's litter box?

    The company is called "Greene Team" and the bag is from Lowes. Here is a link to the product.
  12. Floyd2019

    Fecal Test Results have left me unsure

    So Floyd's fecal test results came back and are negative for parasites and coccidia and everything... I've heard they aren't always accurate but don't have another 200$$ to spend again so we have to go with those results. Now I don't know what to do because he still has issues with his fecal...
  13. V

    My bunny is not a hay eater

    Hi all, my nearly one year old male neutered Holland Lop, Mookie, barely eats his hay. When I originally got him at about 6 weeks he did, but gradually he just stopped. He does eat his high fiber pellets, and I round out his diet with leafy greens daily (mostly celery leaves). I have him...
  14. T

    Cat Litter in Litter Box?

    Hello everyone! I have an idea and wanted to run it by others who are well versed in rabbits. I have three rabbits; two angoras and a french lop. All three are litter trained and for my litter boxes I use several large "under-the-bed" storage containers. There is a shallow layer of horse...
  15. Ani

    Bunny diet question

    So I wanna give a bit of info as to what I experienced at the vet and hopefully someone can give me some insight here. I recently went to the vet to get my new bunny a checkup. I didnt really like how they handled her, the vet said she was acting abnormal since she wasnt allowing them to...
  16. Kate7654

    Should I decrease pellets for my rabbits?

    So I got two new rabbits. At their old home all they are are were pellets. They are holland lops and got a third of a cup of pellets a day. I am starting to feed them unlimited hay now which they really seem to like. Should I cut back on pellets or not?
  17. Kate7654

    Introducing a older rabbit to hay.

    I just got a new rabbit from a breeder and she doesn’t feed hay to her rabbits. I’m wondering how would I start to introduce hay to her?
  18. Jacob Goldis

    Can my bun have these pellets?

    Hello! I was looking at a local farm's rabbit pellets which they sell for cheaper than store-bought pellets, and was looking to get a second opinion from other fellow rabbit owners! I have been feeding Snowflake the Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food for practically years now and was wondering...
  19. Floyd2019

    Teardrop shaped pellets? Photo attached!!

    My rabbit was sick for a long time so I would normally consider these very healthy poops compared to what his poops used to be not long ago. BUT i have read things that say teardrop poo isn't great? He eats tons of hay all day. They are all uniform in size as well ‍♀️ just wondering what...
  20. M

    15 Day Old Bunnies (Feeding and Nest Questions)

    Hi there I am a new member and new bunny mom! I have recently adopted two bunnies one male named Beauford (Netherland Dwarf) and one female named Beatrice (Holland Lops)! The owners never notified me she was pregnant and I never really realized the signs she was showing until she gave birth...