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  1. BunnyMom2

    New member

    Hello, me and my siblings became new bunny owners and we joined here for tips to help raise our two female bunnies.
  2. BunnyMom2

    Help Me! One of my female bunnies are keep pulling out the other bunny’s fur VIOLENTLY!

    One of my female bunnies are keep pulling out the other bunny’s fur VIOLENTLY! The one attacking violently is 9months old and the other one is a 3month old. We just started taking care of them and I don’t know what to do. The 3month old is running away from the 9month old every time it gets...
  3. Dani13563

    Name ideas?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone had any name ideas for the little cutie I just bought! He is all black with one fully white paw. We’ve got a few ideas but nothing has really clicked. Here they are: Savitar (Savvy), Clover, Zorro, Zuko, Duncan, Mozart, Dip, Barry, Theodore, Thaddeus, and...
  4. Rorie and Rhysand

    Is this a ‘binky’ or is something wrong ?

    This is my first rabbit and I got him 3 days ago. I read about binkys but I read that it was a jump and twist thing but im worried cause hes shaking his head ? Idk. Any thought ? Also, I have aspen wood shavings in his dig box. I read that aspen was safe for bunnies but I just wanna make sure...
  5. NovatheBunn

    Greetings from super(Nova)

    Hello! My name is Megan and I am a new bunn mom. I have wanted a rabbit for more than two decades, and now I'm finally adding one to the family! Nova (short for supernova, because my boyfriend is a big space nerd), is a nearly 9-week-old holland lop buck that we will be picking up on Sunday...
  6. AshAndMaple

    Why Not Eating Cecotropes?

    Hi everyone, I've just adopted two 3-month-old lionhead bunnies from a sanctuary I volunteer at. Their diet there was meadow hay, adult rabbit nuggets, and whatever fruit and veg got donated. Now they're home I'm giving them timothy hay (high-quality, not pet-shop!), and they're getting small...
  7. PickleTheBunny

    beginning bunny owner! advice needed

    Just yesterday I had ended up getting a bunny for an early birthday present. He’s a 4 month old male holland lop who I named pickle. Pickle is doing pretty well so far, he’s zooming around my room and doing lots of binkys. I’m a new bun owner and I need a little bit of advice! I’m not...
  8. G

    Pls help with month and a half old bunny care

    Hello I was gifted a new 1 & 1/2 month old bunny. This is my first time taking care of a bunny so I need your help. Listed are the things I do and know about rabbits so please give suggestions or correct anything. I take him to my room everyday to roam around but at night i keep him caged in...
  9. Gigi34

    New first time bun Mom

    Firstly, Hello amazing bun parents or aunts, uncles, siblings, hell even friends 😊. I’d love to introduce myself aswell as my new baby rabbit Penny. I’m Gia and I have recently brought home a baby rabbit. (Today is day 4) Before conducting my own research I opted for trusting my local pet shop...
  10. D

    My first 4 months with Daisy Mae

    Morning All As a new bunny mum, I thought I’d share my first 4 months of learns and thoughts. Firstly I’d say this forum is so helpful for little questions that come up. Daisy Mae was 9 weeks when I had her from my cousins farm, I just fell in love with her. I was worried about her non stop...
  11. Reh

    New Bunny Mum Needing Guidance

    Hi! I’m new to this forum and super new to being a bunny mum! Alfie is a mini lop x Netherland dwarf and I got him at just under eight weeks old. Naturally in the beginning Alfie was nervous and not wanting to be around me, as time went on he’s definitely friendlier and knows I am his mum and...
  12. S

    Hi there! New Member here in need of a little help

    My name is Sandisha and my little bunbun's name is Pretzel, I got her mid May this year and I have no idea what breed she is but I will drop a few images for you all to see her, she's quite a cutie.
  13. B

    Hi some advice on things I might need additional to things I’ve already written down :)

    So this is my list of things that I Know my bunny will need. This is just the rough draft btw and everything here isn’t perfect and there will be some changes. ALSO: I have carpet and I would really hate to see it damaged and me getting my butt whooped. I know it’s natural instincts for bunnies...
  14. b.potter

    Bonding rabbits different enclosures but same room?

    Hi guys I’m new here so go easy on me! First time bunny owner did a lot of research for care and responsible bunny ownership. I have my cute Netherland Dwarf (Oates) and today I’m getting him a friend a Holland lop. Obviously I can’t put them together because the both haven’t been...
  15. K

    Help bonding please !

    Hi I’m Kc I recently bought my first pair of unbonded buns I have a small short hair bun and a medium lion head, they are different sizes and I am looking for help in the bonding process I have a start cage and a medium sized dog pen. I leave the cage door open and the pen is blocking off my...
  16. magicicada

    Bonding tips?

    Hello! I’m a new user and adopted my rabbits recently! My first bunny is Fargo, she’s under a year, spayed, dwarf lion head mix. I adopted her in October from a co-worker’s sister and she and I have really hit it off. About a month ago, I adopted an unaltered male (Californian I think? He was...
  17. Neurydius

    Hello!!! I wan't y'all to meet Luna & Theo!

    Welp and thats I how I ended up getting both Theo & Luna. I honestly saw Theo first and I perked up and immediately messaged the seller and I was so happy to find out that he was still available. Now I know what you're all thinking, why buy? why not adopt? well honestly it's a little hard to...
  18. Haru the Lionhead

    Barking-like noises

    What does the barking sound mean?I tried looking it up and I didn’t know what it’s called. When I first got her cage i was fixing it and there was alot of noises and she made that sound, I thought that she was scared. The second time she was in the cage and i was cleaning her litter box and that...
  19. Haru the Lionhead

    adult fur

    Hey guys, I just read somewhere about how would you know your rabbits fur color from their skin and they said that light rabbits skin would be white and dark rabbits skin would be dark or have dark patches. Haru has black/dark grey fur, but her skin is white and she looks alot lighter than when...
  20. Haru the Lionhead

    Litter box

    How do you guys set up your litter box?i saw a video and they said i can put a pee pad and hay over it and that’s it, and I’ve been doing that and it works fine. Today i saw a video of someone cleaning the litter box, it was the same, pee pad and hay, but the hay was on one side and the pee and...