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  1. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny eating poop

    Guys my bunny just pooped, normal poop, the one we see everywhere not the ones that they usually eat. And she ate it!! Is that okay? why would she do that!
  2. Haru the Lionhead

    Hay fever

    Is it okay if i wash the hay and let it dry before feeding it to my bunny¿ she used to sneeze alot and when I started washing it the sneezing stopped but I didn’t know if it was safe or not.
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    bunny peeing alot

    My bunny doesn’t drink much water and she pees maybe 3 times a day give or take and its always yellowish. Today i saw someone say that they put parsley on the water bowl and her bunny drank alot, so i tried it and put some mint leaves and while she is trying to get it she drinks. She drank more...
  4. J

    LED lights and bunnies

    I’m getting a bunny rather soon and in the room I want to keep her I have strip LED lights used as the primary lighting in the room. Should I be worried about these lights hurting her eyes or causing any discomfort? For reference, these are the lights I have...
  5. Savannahana

    New Bun Alert!

    Hey! I just joined this website because I just got a bun. I named him Charlie and I’m unsure what breed he is mixed with. The place I got him from did not seem to care at all what he was mixed with or about him so I adopted him. If anybody knows how big he’ll get or what he is exactly, or even a...
  6. Niko Lee

    Stingy Rabbit?

    Hello everyone! I have two lionhead rabbits. They have an unlimited amount of Timothy Hay always. In the mornings while I do my daily routine I cut up some veggies for them and put them all together (no separate bowls) and I noticed that one of them tends to grab a veggie and hops off a bit...
  7. C

    Do my rabbits dislike me?

    Hi, I've got two 11 week old mini lops, one boy and one girl. They live indoors with me and seem settled, flopping and binkying a lot. I try to pick them up once a day and sometimes they accept the cuddle and sometimes get fidgety and jump down but they also get quite jumpy and run away when I'm...
  8. B

    Help! New rabbit - doesn't even like treats/no bonding?

    Hello, I'm a new bunny owner. I got a 3 month old holland lop 2 days ago and he doesn't seem to like treats (1 freshly cut apple slice). He would sniff it and sniff my hand, then run away and hide. I think everytime I get close to his cage, he runs and hides. How do I get him to stop...
  9. Lois south

    Fleas from hay???

    Hi everyone. Today I took my new rabbit Cinnabun to the vet for the first time to get his vaccines. When the vet was checking him, she found 1 flea. She gave me xeno 450 spot on to treat it. She told me that since he is an indoor rabbit and there are no other pets in my house, that he could have...
  10. Lois south

    Flies and fly spray

    Hi guys I've been reading a lot of articles on fly strike mites recently and I'm terrified. My dad has been leaving our doors open for long periods of time and loads of flies keep finding there way into my rabbit room. I have taken all the precautions recommended online, his room is clean and...
  11. Lucy&Vinny

    What bunny do I have?

    Hello I’ve recently bought a rabbit which I believed was a Netherland dwarf. He’s just under 10 weeks. Although, I’m not sure if he actually is that breed he seems a bit big and his ears are larger than pictures I’ve seen of other dwarfs. Would anybody be able to help me out by looking at...
  12. Mooni the bunny

    Netherlands Dwarf Bunny

    Hello, Recently got a angel bunny yesterday, she is a Netherlands’s dwarf and a month old in two days. We have little knowledge on her breed and how to care for; not any bunny, but a dwarf bunny. We would like to know more. She is so sweet, she lets us know when she is ready to leave the...
  13. Briannamb310

    in shock?

    hello! Im still new to the bun world. I’ve had him about a year and half. Today I went outside and discovered my bunny was out of his cage roaming around my dogs. So instinctively I grabbed him. He started breathing heavily , painting and all. He didn’t calm down for about an hour and a half ...
  14. R

    Baby rabbit twitching

    Hi my name is Raymond I have two baby rabbit there like the size of your palm one of them is running in circle like crazy, twitching and licking my finger what do I do? Is something wrong? It running like crazy. Ugh I don’t want it to die at all I gave it water and put it in its cage I’m worried...
  15. S


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...
  16. M

    15 Day Old Bunnies (Feeding and Nest Questions)

    Hi there I am a new member and new bunny mom! I have recently adopted two bunnies one male named Beauford (Netherland Dwarf) and one female named Beatrice (Holland Lops)! The owners never notified me she was pregnant and I never really realized the signs she was showing until she gave birth...
  17. O

    New young bunny chewing very hard and biting shoes and pants

    HI Everyone I just got a new bunny last Saturday and he is really wild acting. He is a continental Giant who is 4 mos old. I know he hasn't been handled much so he was naturally scared at first but after just 1 day he has warmed up. I have him in a very large dog crate so after the first day I...
  18. Bella-Sophia

    How to get my newer rabbit to like being rubbed

    I have a newer bunny. She is a fighter. Never hurts anyone she just tries to defend herself. Anyways she doesn't like to to be rubbed. She will let you for a few strokes but that's about it. She isn't skittish and she responds to most of what I say to her she's just stubborn. Some days she...
  19. B

    I dont think my rabbits likes us! Please help!!!

    So we got Doris on 1/5/19 at 12 weeks and she acclimated very well to our home and was potty trained the first weekend. she was binkying and zoomin and seemed to really like her space. the following weekend we started to free roam and she ended up becoming 100% free roam and has been since. One...
  20. S

    Surprise litter - please help me!!

    Hello! I have what I was told were two female mini lops...however, it turns out that one was actually a boy after discovering a nest and some wiggling hay. :confused: Can anyone help me with what I need to do? I’m so scared the kits will die and am terrified of looking in case the mother...