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  1. Korah Stoddard

    Super fluffy lionhead or a mix?

    Howdy! I got this little guy, Otto, from the rescue a few years back at about 4 months old. They said he was a pure lionhead, but all of the other lionheads I've seen have just had a ring of fur around their faces and sometimes a skirt (I have also had a lionhead lop mix and he wasn't nearly...
  2. shoesnow

    Worried about my bigger bun hurting my smaller bun by mounting during bonding sessions

    I have a pretty small bun (M, 2.6 lbs) and we just got a bigger bun (F, 6.5 lbs) to be his friend. They are both neutered/spayed. We are in the pre-bonding stage and it was going well until we gave the bigger bun a bunny plushie that was the same size as my smaller bun. The big bun immediately...
  3. C

    Rabbit fur genetics - do rex, satin and lionhead combine?

    Hey all! I have combed through the internet, and have found very little information on the properties of rabbits with multiple recessive fur quality traits. Results I found include posts on why mixing a satin rabbit with rex results in a normal fur for all of the offspring, and I well...
  4. G

    Is my bunny a lionhead?

  5. L

    One stillborn and one live tiny lionhead baby

    I tried breeding my lionheads at all at once. The first doe had two stillborns and 1 peanut. I unsuccessfully tried doing feedings with his first time mom and hand feeding. He lasted longer than expected, but lost the battle. The does milk dried up completely and he didn't seem to absorb any...
  6. Simochi

    Lionhead breeding colour question! Help picking a sire.

    Hey, everyone. Totally new here, but I was looking around trying to figure out what lionhead colour(s) are best for breeding with my fawn lionhead, Penelope What the possible outcomes are and what are strong choices, I was hoping to lean away from trying to breed just fawn bunnies. I want a...
  7. Sarah rabbitry

    Lavender For Overdue Bunnies?

    Hi! My doe is 33 days pregnant, not even showing any kindling signs, but I am almost certain she is pregnant. Should I try giving her lavender? Is that safe?! I already tried tums and letting her be with the male for a little bit. But I watched them carefully. I’m worried the kits are stuck and...
  8. X

    How do I stop my spayed bunny peeing on my pillows?

    My 4 month old bunny keeps peeing on my pillows, I'm really confused as she's spayed which I thought would stop marking, She's totally free roam, I don't have a cage for her, and I can't afford one She normally sleeps on my bed at night on one pillow while I sleep on the other, she'll be fine...
  9. X

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    So a little background info, my bun is a 12 week old free roam lionhead (not sure if shes a mini or regular) and shes really good with using her litter box in the daytime, her daytime poops also look normal. She does eat her cecotropes but sometimes she might leave one or two in the litter box...
  10. T

    Months post neuter

    Hello , my boy bean was neutered back in July . He did really well with recovery and his testicle sack , now inflated looked great once it healed up . However I have just noticed some bruising and slight swelling on both the inflated sacks and it is now October . I check him out every so often...
  11. E

    Predicting Lop Ears?

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a bunny (I raised rabbits growing up in 4-H for 6 years and have done lots of research over the past few months). I am hoping to get a rabbit with ears that will lop. Currently, I'm looking at purchasing the doe in the photos attached here (currently 4 weeks...
  12. trisho

    will my Lionhead/Holland Lops' ears flop ?!

    Good evening! I just recently got 2 baby girls; 3/4 lionhead 1/4 holland lop. They're both sisters, born on July 19th 2020! I found a post online to have them rehomed and I immediately went and got them.. I've had these girls for about a week now, and they're currently going on their 10th...
  13. L

    Rehoming male lionhead, Gainesville GA

    Over the past few months I've come to the decision to re-home one of my lionhead rabbits, Graham. It's been really difficult, but the situation he is in right now is not ideal and I would rather him be with someone who could give him a better life. He and his brother live in my room together but...
  14. H

    Help in sexing my 5mo rabbit (pt 2)?

    I finally got some clearer pics of Hendrix's hindquarters. Still not sure of his (?) gender but I think he's a boy from these pics. I also think I can feel tiny testicles under his fur but I definitely can't see them. Is it possible to tell from these pictures? Thanks so much for your help.
  15. EclipseTheLionhead


    Hi there, My name is Lucas, I'm 21 years old living in Illinois, USA. This past Saturday I adopted a small female Lion Head that I just called Eclipse! I'm a brand new owner to rabbit in general so expect me to ask many question and tips along the way, I've been wanting a pet rabbit since I was...
  16. EclipseTheLionhead

    Bonding With Your Bunny For The First Time: Tips and Tricks

    Hi there! So my little bunny got home for the first time Saturday. I've been leaving her alone in her cage, just making sure she has fresh food, water and hay everyday just until her 48 hour adjustment period is up. She has really came out of her shell already and is running around, living life...
  17. H

    Can you guys help in sexing my rabbit?

    I've had Hendrix since early May- I got him when he was 7 weeks old! I've always just called him a boy, I don't know why. I didn't want to trance him to find out his real gender because I know that can be scary and dangerous for rabbits if not done by a professional. I was planning on waiting...
  18. H

    Is my 8-week old mix a carrier of the dwarf and/or lop genes?

    I was told in the pet store that he's a first-gen mix between a lionhead and a lop (whether this was a holland lop or a mini lop I'm unsure). He's a bit over 8 weeks old and his ears were super upright until about 3 days ago when they started to get slightly farther apart on his head and flop...
  19. BunnyLandia

    Help 3 rabbits with Really bad ear and fur mites

    Hey guys, so my 3 rabbits have ear and fur mites with have of them having severe ear mites with crust already sticking out of its ear. I just bought the horse wormer called Equimax with 1.87% ivermectin/ praziquantel 14.03%. Is it okay if I give a pea sized to my rabbits?? And if so, what are...
  20. Niko Lee

    Bunny has nose injury from scratching

    Yesterday I noticed that my bunny's nose looked kind of crusty but when I looked at it closer, it seems she injured herself from scratching it. I cleaned up all of their play areas and their food/litter area as well just in case it could be because of bugs. Could it be because of fleas or mites...