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  1. Haleigh

    My rabbit hates my cat. What do I do?

    Hi everybody! This is my first post on here and I really need some advice. I have a 2 year old neutered male Lionhead rabbit named Edgar. He has free roam of the house, only going into his cage to use his litter box and eat and drink. He’s extremely sweet to me, and always has been. He doesn’t...
  2. S

    Nervous about young Lionhead molar extraction

    Hi all,this is my first post but I've read some of the threads here over the last few months which have been very helpful. Our boy Simba is a 1 year old Lionhead with serious dental problems, and he's going into hospital tomorrow for a double molar extraction and I'm wondering if anyone has had...
  3. S

    Habit of getting poop stuck on foot

    My rabbit who I’ve had for about 4 years has made a new habit of getting poop stuck to the same back left foot. It’s leading to a bit of a sore foot that has been seen by a vet, but I cannot figure out this behavior. He is healthy, eating and acting normal besides this weird habit. Poop even...
  4. pinknstink

    Major Incontinence Issues

    Hello RabbitsOnline! This is my first post, as I am in the hopes of getting some advice for my rabbit's problems. My rabbit Cotton has some birth defects, such as a weird bite and only being able to see out of one eye, but he also has bad incontinence issues. He hasn't always been incontinent...
  5. Kier2912x

    Help with bonding

    Hi so I'd like some help I have a 3 month old male lionhead x mini lop. With me he's amazing, loves to be picked up and cuddled and is a perfect angel. With my partner he scratches, don't let him pick him up and wees on him. Do you know why? Any advice would be so great
  6. V

    How can I win over my bunny

    Hi, So I adopted a lionhead male rabbit in July. I don't know anything about his history. He is 2-4 years old and was found at a park in a box. At the shelter he was so friendly and let me pet him during our play session. He was not scared at all. Like a week later I was able to take him home...
  7. T

    Bonding Bunnies - when is bonding completed?

    Hi guys, I have been bonding my male lion head mix, Simba, to my female lop mix, Munch, for the past week and a half in a neutral space. I was just wondering when you guys would consider rabbits fully bonded? I am quite nervous about officially putting my two bunnies together in case they end...
  8. S

    Help!!! My rabbit won’t stop spraying me

    Just under a month ago I adopted a 2 year old unneutered lion head rabbit. The last couple of weeks he decided he like to spray me and only me! What does this mean and how can I get him to stop? For context: he has a large cage in the room that we leave open, we rent a room in a house with dogs...
  9. Kayla Johnson

    What breed is my new baby?

    I just adopted Eleanor from a shelter, and her tag said that she’s an American Mix, but I want to find out for sure. I’m not the best at identifying, but I think she may be an American and Lionhead mix, but I’d like other opinions. They say she’s a year old and about 4.5 pounds(Aprox. 2.04kg)
  10. Alyssa Allard

    Rabbitry Name ideas???

    I need healp naming my rabbitry! Currently we breed lionheads but will be breeding english lops. we have alot of lilacs where i live so I was thinking maybe something with lilac in the name?
  11. Laura stone

    Bonded Male trio...and a new arrival

    Hi everyone, I am new here and I am at my wits end on what to do with my 4 beautiful Male lion heads. Just to avoid confusion the hierarchy is as follows: Clive. (Castrated) Lionel (castrated) Winston (too young) Rufus (too young) We adopted Lionel and Clive when they were 14 weeks. They...
  12. baobeithebuns

    has your bunny completely changed colour?

    meet totoro, he is a siamese sable lionhead buck! he is not mine, but i do follow him on instagram: @nimbus_and_totoro i am fascinated with bunnies changing colour.. i personally love the surprise! i have a lionhead and a holland lop, my lop is moulting and her fur is almost coming back a...
  13. DeeDeeXxx

    Redness around the eyeball?

    Hi everyone,I’m a bit concerned about my 12 week old Lionhead. He seems to have a red spot around his eyeball. My husband says it’s normal but I’m still not convinced. Can anyone give me an ideal as to what this could be? Along side from that he is a very healthy happy bunbun. Thanks!:)
  14. Wintermoon

    1 year old lionhead

    That's him in the pic. Any advice on him? We are working on training him. Would like to be able to keep him out during the day and in his hutch at night. He isn't catching on to potty training too well. Right now we are using a kitty box with cage bedding as liter. Also we would like to keep him...
  15. Miffythebun

    2 Bunnies- should I keep them apart?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post ever on here so excuse me if I have put this up on the wrong place or anything just comment and I will sort that out ASAP! So.. I have a male bunny I bought in January and he is a lion head and his name is Wookiee (yes from starwars he looks like a Wookiee)...
  16. baobeithebuns

    bunny punishments?

    how do you guys feel about bunny punishments/timeouts? bei, my holland lop bunny has been so evil this last week, shredding up my carpet, digging into the hardwood, chewing up their pen matt, digging in the litter, purposely hoping onto my couch and looking me dead in the eye and letting out...
  17. Kale Passfield

    Concerns about hair

    I have a lionhead who had a fight with one of my mini rex. Some hair was pulled before I broke it up. Will she regrow the part of her mane back?
  18. S

    No bond with bun after 4 years

    I have had my oldest bunny about 4 years now and we still have not bonded. I understand bunnies are not cuddly and don’t like to be held and such but she won’t even come out of her enclosure if I’m in sight. I love her to pieces but she makes my life that much harder. I cannot get near her...
  19. D

    Bonded-Pair of House-Rabbits Seek Caring Home (Raleigh/Durham, N.C. area)

    Thelma & Louise are a sweet bonded-pair of 2-year-old female (Lionhead x Holland Lop) house rabbits. They are life-long besties who have lived with a loving couple since 8-weeks old, but now the couple's new human baby demands all their attention, so Thelma and Louise are seeking a new indoor...
  20. CloverInTheField

    Bonding Rabbits

    Right now I have a 13 week old Lionhead rabbit. I have my eye on an 9 week old Lionhead to get my other bunny, Clover, a friend. Clover and I have bonded a lot but I’m considering getting another one for him since I am not always there with school and everything. Clover is very friendly to...