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  1. ChrisNH

    Nothing happier than a binking bunny

    I have a couple bunnies that I’ve kept apart for well over a year…probably approaching two. I had a fixed male Netherland Dwarf but adopted a rather neglected unfixed female Lionhead. The Lionhead is much bigger, and I kept them apart fearing some sort of ‘fights.’ But over a month ago, I...
  2. Alek

    Skinny rescue bunny

    I'm adopting a friend for Sadie and am supposed to get her tomorrow afternoon. However this bunny friend came from a previously abusive home. The sister of said abuser is bringing her to me because she couldn't stand seeing the bunny being treated badly anymore. The abuser didn't give her proper...
  3. D

    Help! I need advice for a sick bunny with weird behavior! Not sure what to do!

    I have cared for sick bunnies before, but this is different. We have a rabbit savvy vet who has years of experience in both her practice as well as in rescues. She seems even stumped at this one. Ginger was diagnosed first with GI stasis. Then after they were able to get a poo sample, they...
  4. R

    One neutered female and one not.

    So Rexy-Roo our female rabbit was neutered on Thursday and has been inside in her play pen recovering. We have another female rabbit Mrs Bunnykins who in not neutered as we couldn’t afford to have them done at the same time! Mrs Bunnykins will be neutered at the end of the month. We’ve kept...